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What We Believe

This project originally started with a few poster designs and quickly turned into many. But the reason for the designs is really about how the world is becoming more hostile and divided. The poster story is on My Story of Faith & Belief page.

Watching the news, seeing social media and the protests and fighting has proven that although we have free will we really don’t know how to be with our fellow man.

According to God we all need to get along and help each other. There was a time like that although it seems very long ago and it was a time when there were still a lot of problems but nothing close to the one’s today.

We watch the news and get angry. We listen to politicians and get angrier and read social media and blow up. The fuse has been lit and we are hoping to cut it off or at least slow it down so everyone can take a breath and who knows maybe we can all get along…hopefully.

About Us

As a couple we are religious and believe and have faith. John had stepped away from his belief but the divine posters gave him that extra boost. And over several years he has began praying daily and growing stronger in his faith.

Jean has always been a faithful believer and reads the Bible and prays daily. She even helped and encouraged John to return to his faith.



Who Is John?

John was an advertising/graphic designer for many years before retiring. He worked in ad and corporate agencies as an Art Director and then Creative Director.

He is also an artist that works in pen, acrylics, makers and airbrush. He is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

After retirement he was freelancing and working with non-profits to help them with their graphic design needs and to give back to those in need.

His design work was in the retail, industrial, banking, direct mail and corporate industries and below are just a few project examples:

Our Divided World

This site was built & designed by
H John Johnsen for a place to host his poster designs to help stem the tide of hate, anger, prejudice, deceit, resentment and lies and also to let visitors know the Holy Spirit guided him through the whole process and continues to guide him.

You can visit John’s personal page to learn more about him and his graphic design work. There was purposely no menu link to keep the posters upfront.

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