Finally…Find the Posters You Need

Finally…Find the posters that you need to guide you.

A new page has been designed with over 90 categories for guiding you; instead of looking through over 400 posters.

It has taken quite a while to design the page but also figure out the settings, categories and which one fit what posters.

Reclaim Your Life
A screenshot of the new page

Of course; posters are being added on a regular basis; since it will take quite a while to add all of them. Plus adding the new ones as they are posted.

Whew! Just those sentences wore out my thinking for now.

Now you are able to click on a specific issue or problem you would like to understand; through scripture or in many cases common sense.

Please keep in mind that these are for guidance only.

IMPORTANT: these are not to replace any serious physical or mental issues. Please seek professional help or even a Pastoral Councilor.

Here are a few professional site to refer to:
Mental Health:
National Alliance on Mental Health:

Hopefully these posters will guide you or someone you whether religious or not. We are all here to help each other no matter what you believe.

The work for me with the Holy Spirit continues every day.

Designing the new page and sketching down new posters ideas is giving me more of a sense of being on my Divine path. It is refreshing and at times consuming but I am not sure where I would be otherwise.

I pray that you (if you are a believer) can find you path. It makes a big difference in life.

Our Divided World

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