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We all have the drive to help others and there is a lot of talk but not much action. So put your love and compassion on the poor, homeless, elderly and spiritually lost.

H. John Johnsen

Our Divided World

How To Inspire Others

Be Loving & Caring to Your Spouse Everyday

Demonstrate To Others Your Caring Attitude

Tell Friends and Family You Love Them

Give a Struggling Family Your Hand of Graciousness

Give a Young Person True Spiritual Direction

Mend a Broken Relationship Before It's Too Late

Help An Elderly Neighbor That Is Alone

Inspire Others With Your Love & Understanding

Help Those In Need By Volunteering In Shelters

Motivate Others With The Stories Of The Gospels

Show Your Forgiveness To Everyone

Be a Friend To Those Struggling With Their Faith & Belief

Share What You Have With Others

Teach Others How To Pray

Bring Your Separated Family Together

John-Jean Johnsen

Evangelists John & Jean are a scriptural/spiritual couple determined to spread the Word of the Gospel to everyone.



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