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This Is My Unbelievable Short-Version Story


Even to me this story seems hard to believe and if someone else told me it I might wonder if it is true. Believe me it is true and you will see it in the hundreds of posters I designed and the Holy Spirit created.  The best way to explain it is Divine intervention and my growing faith and belief.

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1. The Beginning

The things I remember about growing up was drawing and going to church on Sunday with my whole family. It wasn’t far just a few blocks to walk and no; not in 6’ snow drifts (they were only 3′. Just kidding).


I can’t say I remember what the sermons were about but some things must have stuck in my thinking that became helpful as I got older.

I do vividly remember a grade school poster drawing contest where I did a poster of a policeman with a silver foil star badge as a crossing guard and won an honorable mention.

2. My Crazy Life

As I mentioned I got into advertising but also had a chance to go to a very prestigious business to start my career but I decided to do it on my own. In hindsight I should have gone through the door HE opened for me.


Anyway eventually I got married and had a beautiful daughter but the marriage was not to last.  I was too distracted and all over the place.

Unfortunately; I didn’t have the Lord in my thoughts so things just got out of control. 

3. Design & Advertising

I worked at several advertising and corporate ad firms to develop my advertising skills. After many years I stopped doing it and learned construction from my Dad.


So the construction was actually remodeling and building and I liked doing it since it was something where you could instantly see the results of your work.

4. My Belief Warms Up

Several years ago I was re-introduced to prayer by Jean and I felt a little closer to the idea. In time I asked the Lord what my purpose was and where was my path (if I even had one).

For some unknown reason to me at the time I started designing a religious poster that required a lot of serious work and some knowledge of Photoshop I didn’t have at that time. I am not sure how long it took to design but it was at least a week. Then a 2 more posters.


5. Nothing At All

After those posters there was nothing. Not a thought or idea for any posters other than the ones I was doing for myself just to learn more about the Photoshop program.

I never gave the posters another thought and my life went on as before with the addition on my praying and trying to be more like the Lord wants us to be.

Still, it made me wonder why I even designed the 3 posters to begin with.


6. The Accident


I am not sure if this was enlightenment or just what happened but in 2017 we were in an auto accident where the car was totaled but we walked away with some serious injuries.

The unusual events that transpired during and after the accident were extremely unusual and made me realize we were protected by the Lord because it could have been much worse.

7. Rethinking Fatih & Belief

The accident made me realize I needed to get back to my faith and belief and with the help of Jean I was able to find myself in a much better place. I continued to ask the Lord about my path and if I had one let me know.


Now I started down a new path of strengthening my faith and belief and trying to become a much better person (not that I was a bad one) to everyone around me…even strangers I meet.

8. The 6 Posters

Once again for no particular reason I was aware of I started designing 6 new religious posters. What was the reason or purpose? To sell them, look at them or put them into a folder for prosperity.


I had no idea and received no direction I was aware of at that time. Then once again…nothing. It was getting a little weird in my thoughts but I just went on with my life.

9. Strengthening My Faith

Saying prayers before bed was a ritual growing up and my Mom would be sure we included all the relatives and even the “Now I lay me down to sleep…” prayer that I never really thought about till several years ago.


So I started praying at night before bed not sure if I was even doing it right. What do I say, how do I say it and how long do I pray for?

10. Very Slow Poster Trickle

They say He works in mysterious ways and I can attest to that. I started doing a few posters here and there but once again a drought of ideas. It is like a faucet you turn on very slowly and you get a trickle of water. Same thing except is was a trickle of ideas.

So once again (actually more than once) I asked God to reveal my path and once again I waited a long time for an answer.  Hmmm. I think I am still waiting.


11. The May Surprise

They also say He won’t give you more than you can handle but it seemed as though He gave me a truckload of words and design ideas.


Suddenly I was working on at least 2-3 poster designs a day and being in design I know that is extremely difficult because  coming up with the ideas is the hardest part.


12. My Path?

It seems as though my path is being revealed to me in slow terms. That’s OK because slow is fine as you get older but this is not to say I don’t have the stamina…just don’t want to use it up too quickly.


As my path becomes seeming open to me I still have the issue with home repairs and yard work. So I have to step off the path to do these things which I guess is OK but not sure.

13. Ideas Stopped Completely

I have come to a crossroad trying to figure out why the design ideas just stopped. Nothing at all. Did I stay off the path too long? Should I have ignored all the work in the house and yard?


I’m not sure nor do I have enough knowledge of the inner workings of the Lord. Suffice it to say “He does work in very mysterious ways” and leave it at that. Or come up with your own thoughts that work for you.

14. Finding My Path...Again

Well the ideas have started flowing so much so that I started quickly and roughly sketching them in a drawing pad so I would not forget. I also have a pad on the nightstand to write things down in the middle of the night when they come to me. I know I will forget those if I go back to sleep.

I am getting 2-6 ideas at a time and it seems like an almost impossible task but I am persevering to do the work and stay on the path.

15. The Website Idea

From the beginning I was wondering why I am designing these posters. To give away (but how?) to sell (for what purpose?) to show others (how will they see them in my computer?). Now I was given the idea of designing a website to show the posters to the world…for free. I know some readers are wondering why free? Sell them.



Well the way I see it is that the Holy Spirit has blessed me with these poster ideas and I would guess it was to give them away to help heal everyone.

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