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We are glad and excited that you are here and want to learn about the Bible and Jesus Christ. The discussions can be personal reflections, testimonies, Bible questions, or world event issues related to the Bible. This is a no-judgement zone even for atheists.

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We will be starting Zoom Bible discussion meetings. The days and times will be posted on our calendar. Please fill out the form so we can send you the free Connect to Zoom code. Also, if you have a Bible subject you would like to discuss let us know in the sign-in form.

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We are a new group of True Christians spreading the word of the gospel as it is written. No make believe scriptures, prosperity preaching or false gospels where they actually change God's word to fool and confuse you.

We don’t need flashing lights, rock music, spotlights, huge auditoriums or screaming speakers/preachers. Just people who truly want to know more about Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.


We are currently hosting on-line prayer and Bible conversation group through Zoom. Watch our social media for updates or just go to our website calendar to stay closely informed.

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Please fill out so we know who you are and what you are wanting to know and learn. Please check one button. John & Jean

John-Jean Johnsen

Evangelists John & Jean are a scriptural/spiritual couple determined to spread the Word of the Gospel to everyone.



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