Our Religious Claimer

What Our Site Is About and How We Think

Our Religious Claimer - Not Disclaimer

Our religious claimer will explain the thoughts behind this church website and to make it clear that we are not promoting or publicizing any religion or religious views.

We are Christians we believe that the teachings of the Bible and Jesus. Jesus did not advocate for any religion only love and compassion for each other. We follow in that thinking and are trying to help people become better at living with each other.

Jesus wants us to live in harmony with each other and be compassionate and caring.

Our world has become very divided even more now then in the past, You can’t speak without being chastised; you can’t listen to or read the news without getting angry and truth has become a thing of the past. Especially Biblical truth.

Social media started out innocent enough, but has become the gasoline that is purposely lighting fires to get people riled up even knowing the information is not true. Why? The almighty dollar.

We believe that the teaching of Jesus and the Bible are more important now then ever and the pages of Divine designs are a way to spread that information.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we believe we have a moral, human and scriptural obligation to follow HIS word not only because of HIS sacrifice but because of HIS love for us. Also, because it is the absolute right thing to do for our salvation.

John & Jean Johnsen
Our Divided World Church

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