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Our Religious Disclaimer

This page will explain the thoughts behind this website and to make it clear that we are not promoting or publicizing any religion or religious views.

Although we are Christians we believe that the teachings of the Bible and Jesus were done to help people become better at living with others and yet it still does not advocate or promote any religions.

Jesus is Jewish and that is mentioned many times in the Bible but even He does not promote religion only caring, compassion, grace, understanding, help and giving to our fellow man.

Our world has become very divided even more know that in the past. You can’t speak without being chastised; you can’t listen to or read the news without getting angry or without knowing the truth.

Social media started out innocent enough but has become the gasoline that is purposely lighting fires to get people involved even if it is by lying. Why? The almighty dollar.

We believe that the teaching of Jesus and the Bible are more important now then ever and the posters are a way to spread that information.

This site is not about H John Johnsen but about the Holy Spirit guiding him to design and build this website to promote the posters only. His page has been added so visitors can learn more about his background and if you read the page The Next Greatest Story? you will better understand thoughts and motivation.

Our Divided World

This site was built & designed by
H John Johnsen for a place to host his poster designs to help stem the tide of hate, anger, prejudice, deceit, resentment and lies and also to let visitors know the Holy Spirit guided him through the whole process and continues to guide him.

You can visit John’s personal page to learn more about him and his graphic design work. There was purposely no menu link to keep the posters upfront.

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