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December 2018 Update

Well, the holiday is over and back to the regular days of designing the posters. After a few weeks of family events and several weeks of bronchitis I am back to writing and designing the Divine posters.

I did lose a lot of time working in Photoshop but always am writing or sketching the ideas in my book. I also use Inkpad on my phone to make notes if I can’t get to my sketchpad.

I am behind in my Photoshop Divine poster work but will quickly catch up in the coming weeks. I already added more images in the Scriptural, Social and Spiritual pages that you might want to see.

Below are a few of the December posters and the rest are on the other poster pages.

Please let me know what you think of the posters and comments and critiques are always welcomed. I feel that any critiquing of my work can only be helpful but as in this case it is also critiquing the Holy Spirit which is probably not a bad thing I guess.

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