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CHRISTIANS: Here are some Holy Bible Objections and Questions to help with anything you might still be trying to figure out about the Bible and Christians in general. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any questions. Let us know if you have any other Objections and Questions, and don’t feel like you shouldn’t ask. These come from various social media sites and emails to us.

NON-CHRISTIANS: It’s probably hard to wrap your mind around a God who is forgiving and also doles out justice to the wicked. you hear people talking and accept what they say without thinking for yourself. Think about this…Why would people tell you that God is bad and mean? That’s because they have Satan whispering in their ear. Do you really want to be conned and coerced by not thinking for yourself? 

Table of Objections to The Bible

Table of Questions For The Bible

I Heard The Bible Is Just A Book Of Stories

What you hear and know are two different thoughts. The Bible is actually a proven history book with some stories of life and living. But mostly about how to live your life according to Jesus Christ.

It's a Book to Con Me Into Being a Christian?

Wow! Con me. I am not sure how that started except to say it was said by those who hate the Bible to keep others from reading it. I read it for years but my accepting being a Christian only came in the last 4 years. Safe for me to say “I wasn’t conned,” nor do I know anyone else who was.

Evolutionist Say 1 day In The Bible is 1,000

It’s easy for them to say that to be able to back-up their unproven thoughts. The Bible indicates this in Genesis 1, that 1 day is 1 day. Night and day equals one day. Perhaps evolutionists should actually read the Bible.

It's A Dangerous Book of Religious Dogma to Oppress People.

If by dangerous it means that you will have a better life and not be caught up in evil, be vindictive, revengeful, hurtful, uncaring and just plain meanness then that’s correct. Whoever wrote that was most likely an atheist who wants to keep people away from the Bible. Think for yourself! It won’t brainwash you, and you can put it down if you feel some peace and goodness coming on.

I Heard Christianity Is a Cult

Once you know what a cult is that may help. But a cult usually will want their members to not associate with other religious groups or even family members who are not in their religious group. Many will not let you leave, or will convince you it is important to stay if you want to go to heaven. Christianity has no such hold. You can be a faithful Jesus follower without a religious designation.

The Bible Isn't Relevant For Today

It’s as relevant today as it was in the past. The Bibles words don’t fall into any time zone or period of time. It shows you how to live your life to make it better, and how to live with others around you. It’s about love, kindness, caring, and understanding, and those things are timeless (as is the Bible).

There's A Lot Of Violence In The Name Of Jesus Christ

There is a lot of violence in a lot of names but they are using HIS name to try to justify their agenda. The Catholics used the Church and the Knights Templar to help them gain riches and then had them killed (according to history). Many groups claim Christ but don’t actually believe HIS word Thou Shall Not Kill is one of the 10 Commandments. These groups use it to justify to the believers they are doing God’s work. The Bible, and history proves otherwise.

I Will Never Be Able To Complete Reading The Bible

I didn’t know this was a contest. Sure, the Bible has a lot of pages, but so do many books. The best suggestion is to just start reading. There is no right place to start, but to start. My suggestion is to start at Proverbs or Psalms. You can, of course, read any chapter you choose, and before you know it you will be through the whole book. And then you will want to read it again just because of the things that stayed in your thoughts. It’s an intriguing and fascinating book.

I Don't Believe In God Or That God Exists

Do you believe in good and evil? If you do then you automatically believe in God. Good and evil can’t come from the same place. Good comes from God and evil comes from Satan. Which are you? Good or evil?

I Don't Hear God's Voice

You’re not alone. Many people say they don’t hear God’s voice and, maybe it’s because they aren’t listening close enough. God speaks to the true believers in the Holy Spirit that’s inside you when you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. But you really have to get rid of all the negative thoughts of social media, news rhetoric from your mind, and listen closely. Everyone hears differently. Jean has conversations with God, and I get whisper that keeps me going, and helps me expand this website and the Devine designs. (see my Testimony on our testimony page).

I Was Told There Is No Scientific Proof Of The Bible

Wow. I would think most people would want to get their proof (and truth) through research instead of believing non-believers and atheist’s. There is a ton of proof both historical and scientific as well as some unproven truth to the contrary. But a smart person will compare these “unproven” ones to the historical and scientific to find the ‘actual proof’. Do your own research

I Have a Strong Skepticism About The Holy Bible

And, that’s not a bad thing. I was skeptical about the Bible in the beginning. I asked a lot of questions, and it took a lot of years before accepting Jesus Christ and finding the answer’s. I recommend you ask questions, but don’t just accept the answers…understand them. Understanding and accepting what you can’t see or at times even hear is very hard, but once you start (and you really have to start) reading the Holy Bible you will slowly understand the real spell Satan has you (and many others, including me in the past) under that only Jesus Christ can free you!

I Think Church Is Boring And No Fun

I guess that’s true if you think you’re going to a concert or party. If that’s the case, you are in the wrong place. Church can definitely be boring and even put people to sleep, but I guess that depends on why you are going in the first place. If you want fun go to the theme parks, but if you want a better life read the Holy Bible, and go to church. You may even make your life better. I pray you do.

I Heard That Good Deeds Get Me a Place In Heaven

That remark is usually told by those who have not really read or understand the Holy bible (clergy or parishioner) that accepting and repenting is the only entry ticket into heaven.

The bible states differently.  Read the bible to find out what is really true.

The Jews Killed Jesus

That’s the common remark for those who either hate the Jews or know nothing about Jesus Christ. Why did Jesus go to the cross voluntarily when He could have had a legion of angels stop the crucifiction before it even started. Why? To forgive our sins He had to suffer what we might have suffered. So, who put Jesus on the cross? He did. He took the pain, indignation, scourging and abuse for us. Now…who killed Jesus. Jesus did to forgive us our sins. John 6 / acts 4:27-28

Are Christian's Clickish?

Yes and no. Many are because they have been together for many years but getting in with them is possible if you have some meaningful thoughts, ideas or questions. All you can do is try. All they can do is say “no,” and that’s a good thing because it shows they are not true Christians.

Was Noah's Flood Fictional?

The flood has been proven by science and facts. There are many documentaries that prove this, and the one titled “Gandcanyonmovie.com proves it with stunning clarity, Take the time to see this for yourself.

Why Is Faith Just Regulated to Sunday?

That you can put on the early churches. They decided that the Sabbath was on Sunday. However, it can be any day you wish but it should be practiced all during the day just as Jesus and HIS disciples did. There is no cut-and-dry time for practicing your faith. It’s your decision (free-will…remember).

Who Wrote The Holy Bible?

It was written by men with God’s guidance and the Holy Spirit’s power in them. No other Bible or religious doctrine can say the same.

How Can The Bible Help With Everyday Life?

The Bible was written for help[ing with everyday life. There are many passagegs and verses that will help you get through tough times. The chapter “Proverbs” is filled with wisdom to help you through specific daily problems. Check it out and see how it can help you.

Are Christian's Uptight, Racists, and Homophobic?

All I can say is that…it depends. Each Christian has their own way of thinking even through they use the title “Christian.” True Christians are none of the above, and beleive and practice God’s laws. This concept came from ashiest and non-believers working through Satan to keep people away from the goodness the Bible gives to it’s readers.

Are Churches Really Inept?

Many are. Why? Because they are preaching to please the parishioners, not God. also; they have a tendency of leaving out things parishioners might not want to hear today such as sin, hate, lying, stealing, and much more. But the church is supposed to be the bearer of good and bad news. If your church is not talking about these subjects and the true path to heaven…repentance and redemption…go elsewhere because you will not be going to heaven.

Why Should I Care About Reading The Bible?

To put it in simple terms…if you are sinless, and having a wonderful pain and carefree life then it’s not necessary. If you don’t care about going to heaven ditto. If you like evil tasking over and controlling your life than OK. BUT if you want your life to be better, stressless, calm and somewhat relaxing then the Bible is your key. Your only key. Try reading Psalms, and if that doens’t calm you down your reading the wrong book.

Aren't We Reincarnated As Other "Religious" Groups Believe?

There are several groups that believe that reincarnation is part of their doctrine. To them I say…If reincarnation is true why then has the population grown? Reincarnation means you keep coming back. when did reincarnation actually start? did it start when there were 200 people on the earth. If so, there should be only 200 people. Even if they had new bodies…how long did they live? 

Who Is Jesus...Really?

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who was born of Divine intervention. He came to us to help direct us away from sin and to God, but paid the ultimate sacrifice of suffering tremendously and dying on the cross for our sins. He will eventually return to pass judgement on all who are not true believers and have not accepted God as their Lord & Savior. You can read more of what Jesus had to say in the gospel of John.

Is Church Still a Church If It Is In a Storefront?

Yes! A church according to Jesus is anywhere 2 or more people meet to discuss or share the scritptures. It can be a storefront, part, tent or even someones home.

Do I Have to Read The Bible If I Go To Church?

No. you don’t have to read it if you don’t want. Just be sure that what you’re hearing in church is accurate. Also, read the Bible for the things you won’t hear; such as redemtion, repentance, the rapture, tribulation, and what you truly need to gain entrance into heaven (surprise it is not what you have been told by many of the clergy).

What's The Deal With Church Tithing?

It’s simple. Jesus wants us to tithe directly to the poor (Deuteronomy 26:11). Many clergy and preachers will guilt you and give you verses that have nothing to do with actual tithing but to cause guilt. Don’t be fooled! Read the verses they quote and understand them before feeling guilty. The reality is that they need money to keep  the fancy building and more. Some preachers may use the “I am a biblically learned scholar” to make you feel inferior. Don’t let it affect you it’s jsut a ploy. However, some churchs do help the poor but be sure to check and confirm their actual help. We went and brought a lot of canned goods to a local church for their food bank and found out they were charging the recipients (not a lot but the idea is not to charge at all). We stopped giving to that church. And yes, there are chruch missions overseas that are a great eway to get Bibles in the hands of those who have never had one or know what they are. Lastly, you can also give to the local food banks, sharing centers and outreach programs directly. 

Don't All Religious Groups Have The Same Bible?

No. Many groups have a book written by their founders. The Mormons have the Book Of Mormon, the Jehovahs Witness have the Watchtower Bible, Catholics have the Catholic Bible, Muslims have th eKoran. these books are alterations of the Holy Bible, and God warned not to alter HIS word in any way (read Revelations 22:18-19). Other groups use the Bible and still others have no book at all. 

So What Makes a Group Non-Christian?

Having their own Bible, not believing about Jesus Christ, and coercing their members to remain in their religious group and even stay away from outsiders (also a cult or cultish).

Can The Bible Fix Emotional Problems?

That’s a question with a not-so-simple answer. Yes and maybe no. Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and believe in all your heart that He can and will help you? Or are you looking for a quick emotional fix? My suggestion is to read Proverbs or Psalms and see how you feel. You may be surprised at how God’s word can take a tough time and make it a little easier. If your not a true believer you should seek counseling from a therapist or even a chaplain.

We Will Be Adding More Objections & Questions, So Check Back Often.

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