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Who is Our Divided World?

We are H John and Jean and have been called upon by the Holy Spirit to bring these designs to anyone who believes, wants to believe or is a nonbeliever.

We are evangelists wanting to spread the word of God and Jesus to anyone who will listen and try to ease the pain we are all experiencing.

Can I purchase the posters?

NO, But You Can Download Them For Free! The posters are not available for purchase because you can freely download (right click and save) to your desktop to use in your personal spaces.  The posters can’t be sold or used for commercial or retail sales (see below), To copy or save them right click on the image you like and save to your desktop.

Can I download the posters?

YES YOU CAN! The posters were designed for everyone to read, learn and apply the thoughts and ideas in their daily days. You can use the poster for personal use only as greeting cards, screensavers, emails and messaging. To download, right click on the image, and save on your desktop.

Can we use the posters in our church?

YES. Churches can use the posters in their services and for newsletters only. Posting them on your website requires attribution for H John Johnsen. The posters can’t be used for sales or any money making events without the expressed written permission of H John Johnsen.

Why were the posters designed?

The way I see it is that God gave me the ability for design so it was decided to use me to help everyone and try to heal our divided world and especially including me.

As in my testimonial I was in a bad place in my life and needed to find God. I think this was God’s way of saying to me “Hi, I am here.”

Can we reproduce your poster for sale?

NO. They Are Free and Not For Sale.  You can only use them if you give them away. They can’t be used in products for sale. The Holy Spirit gave the ideas to me free for everyone.

Still Have Questions?

Please email us at info@ourdividedworld.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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