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We know that many of you are visiting from a distance, and we sincerely hope you’ll spend some time looking around our website for Holy Bible insight, inspiration and spiritual guidance. 

If there is anything we can do for you while you’re with us, please let us know.  We also hope that our Holy Bible discussion meetings will be a blessing to everyone who attends!

A Message From H John J

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We are H John & Jean Johnsen, Evangelists & Disciples for Jesus Christ

With our Lord Jesus Christ’s guidance, we have decided to help those who have questions, confusion and/or concerns about the Holy Bible
to help them find their way to Jesus Christ!

We look forward to helping, and guiding you through the Holy Bible, and having Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit’s blessings flow into you. We are all sinners who should be helping each other find their way out of sin and into God’s Glory.  So, if you want the real Holy Bible truth you are in the right place.

The Grace Of The Lord Jesus Christ and The Love Of God Be With You.

It's Time For Us To Be BOLD And Accept Jesus Christ In Our Lives!

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We will be showcasing our Facebook and Instagram reels and stories here for those that are visiting our ministry website. We will be adding more on a regular basis to show how we reflect our belief and faith in God and Jesus Christ in social media. So, come back or sign-up for our ministry newsletter for updates. COMING SOON!

More Coming As We Update Our New Ministry Site!

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