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Everyone is welcomed to enjoy our wisdom and guidance whether you are a believer or non-believer. Here is where we hope to make a small start with changing the world and how people think about themselves and others.

Who We Are

We are believers and we know first-hand how the Holy Spirit is working with guidance and wisdom through us by keeping us focused on the work involved with the Divine posters and this website.

We have faith in God and the Holy Spirit. We pray daily and do as much as possible to help those less fortunate and watch over our family and neighbors…especially the elderly, handicapped and shut-ins.

What Can You Do?

Everyone needs to take the time and look around themselves and see those that need help.  Reach out to say “Hi” to let them know they are not alone.

Also; you can pass the word (thanking you in advance) about our site and help others find their way or just make their lives better without the stress, anger, frustration and hate.

And…Thank You For Visiting.

“My life has been changed for the best since accepting the Holy Spirit.”

H John Johnsen
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John & Jean are a spiritual couple determined to spread the Word of the Gospel to everyone.

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Thank You For Visiting
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