My Story Updates

I will be posting more insights about my journey designing the Divine posters. My thoughts as they happen will be described so you can follow along on my surprise destined road. There is no time period for posting the new designs and will be posted in groups as I complete them. I am also working …

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The Real Truth About Tithing – The Preachers Don’t Want You to Know

The Real Truth About Tithing – The preachers Do Not Want You To Know. The real truth about tithing is in the Holy Bible and not what the TV, Online, and church evangelists and preachers con you into believing. As Jesus said “You brood of vipers.” (Matthew 12:34) The original intent of tithing was calling …

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Volunteering Is Important

Today with everyone’s busy schedules, volunteering in not at the top of the list. But volunteering is important no matter what your schedule. You can volunteer at food banks, hospitals, churches, nursing homes and even for a neighbor. Of course, volunteering during Covid will change things somewhat. There will be the required masks and social …

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