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Our Good News posts are based on the scripture and how it applies to our lives today according to the written word. We cover a multitude of subjects and are constantly working on new material. Listening to preachers and hearing what they say we try to find out what is missing and how would we apply that information to our Good News Blog posts.

We truly believe in telling visitors the truth about prosperity preachers church and other subjects the clergy is afraid to tell for fear of loosing their parishioners or podcast listeners (which also equals a loss of income). But wouldn’t you want to know the truth or are you just satisfied with being coddled, conned and not really concerned with the TRUTH?

If you have anything of scriptural interest or would like to post some of your scriptural articles please let us know at: mailto:info@ourdividedworld.com

Blessing to you, John & Jean

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Evangelists John & Jean are a scriptural/spiritual couple determined to spread the Word of the Gospel to everyone.



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