Feel Great Reading These!

The verses on these Holy Spirit inspired designs are directly from the Holy Bible. Each one can pick you up through a tough day.

Download and print out as daily inspiration.

Let your friends know so they can print them out and get a dose of scriptural wisdom!  John & Jean

Our Divine Designs

Well, the Holy Spirit is keeping me busy for God’s Glory with more designs!  The best thing we can do for others is to pass on the word of God just as the Disciples did. There are a few thousand designs for the years 2017-2022 but we have decided to put to post only the newest ones so you don’t have a lot of scrolling.

The Scriptural Divine Designs are FREE-TO-USE on your website, church site, newsletters, social media or personal items. Copy and text them to your friends, family, and those who are hurting or lost to help them find their way. Have a blessed day!

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