Why Bother Reading The Holy Bible?

The Benefits of Reading The Holy Bible



How to live a less stress and righteous life by reading Proverbs for a good start.



How evil really works, about sin, and it’s causes by reading Galatians 5:19-26 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11




Jesus Christ, His life, death, resurrection, and miracles as seen by many leaders, disciples and enemies.
Read John.



Sinning and help guide other sinners to Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. 1 Peter 3:8-9

“Peer pressure against reading the Holy Bible just proves they know nothing about it or never even read it. Keep in mind that Satan has his minions working against the Holy Bible every day without fail.”
H John J

Why Should You Care About Reading It ?


There are hundreds of proven scientific and archaeological facts about the Holy Bible. As science tries to prove it’s inaccuracy, it actually proves it’s accuracy.


The Holy Bible is an incredible book that explains, and helps you live a good life and free yourself of the baggage many of us carry unnecessarily through life.   READ PROVERBS


If you believe in Satan than you have to believe in God. Why? Because evil can’t exist alone when good is present, and God is good.


There are many people that will tell you what they want you to believe, and others who will mock you for believing against them. READ PROVERBS 1:10-16


Some will tell you the Holy Bible is bad, culty, and will control you. The Holy Bible is NOT a brain washing tool. It’s the only book of life, and how to live a good and righteous life.

Where Would You Start Reading It?

The Holy Bible may seem like a cumbersome book when you look at it, but it is still just a book. There are many chapters and each has a specific theme.

For instance, Psalms is about songs by David made into the gospel regarding God, and what makes a better life.

John is about Jesus and his life, and the words HE spoke to the disciples (John was a disciple). The verses with Jesus speaking are in red (in most Holy Bibles).

Proverbs explains how-to live a good and righteous life, and about all the evil that surrounds us daily.

Genesis provides the history of the world and man, and women as said by God (to men).

Don’t be misled by those who say, “It’s hard to read.” That would be an older version but the King James version makes it easier. 

So, where should you start reading? Some would say at the beginning. Others would say pick a chapter, and we would say start with Proverbs.

Why? Because it is simple, and gets right into the best ways to live your life, and how to deal with many emotional problems. Also, try to truly understand what you are reading, and re-read it again if you are unsure.

Someone suggested reading a chapter over again until you understand it completely. I started in a chapter, than another, and in no particular order. My wife on the other hand starts at the beginning. This is her 4th, 5th or 20th beginning. Yes, of the whole book. She said she lost count of how many times she read it.

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“Atheist’s and non-believers will mock you, and talk you out of reading and understanding the Holy Bible. Why?
Because that’s Satan talking through them”.
H John J

Here Is What Other New Believers Say About The Holy Bible

Here are a few testimonials to GOD’s help and divine power. Testimonials are events that happen to Christians, non-believers, atheist’s, and non-Christians, and are told so the whole world can understand the power of the Heavenly Father.

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A Little More Inspiration To Get You Started?

Here are some of of our Devine Designs should give you a little inspiration about how the Holy Bible.

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