Gain Incredible Wisdom!

These designs are given directly from the Holy Spirit. Imagine learning as you see and read! The eye remembers more than what the mind reads.

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Divine Thinking Designs 2020

It seems that for 2020 I am still working on the designs given to me from the Holy Spirit and I really love doing them. Of course, I have many more in my sketchbook as I continue to do more of them. I definitely know what my Divine path is so I will keep pen and paper handy and write down the ideas that come to me so I don’t forget them.

The Scriptural Designs on ALL our pages are FREE-TO-USE on your website, church site, newsletters, social media or personal items. Copy and text them to your friends, family, and those who are hurting or lost to help them find their way.

Have a blessed day. John & Jean.


How to copy images: Right click on image – Choose ‘Save image’ – Pop-up box appears where to save – Choose save location (left column) – Click ‘Save’ – Navigate to saved location to check image is there. Choose as many as you want and pass them around to friends and family.

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