9 Millennial Survey Answers

9 Millennial survey answers and thoughts (According to Barna Surveys 2019) are responded to here in a way we feel can help explain some of the thoughts and questions.

These are some of the reasons, and thoughts of how this generation thinks about the Bible. I am hoping to help answer these and hope it might change some thinking, or at least give it some thought.

1. The verses are used naively or out-of-context. This is somewhat confusing. The only way to know if a verse is used that way is to actually read the Bible. How else would anyone know?

2. Find it irritating & assume posting Bible verses is being judgmental. Well, this is easy to explain. I can go in two, different ways. The first is to say that if you post something about a politician, actor, or business that you don’t like, are you also being judgmental? The second way is to say why would it be irritating, unless you don’t like reading it, so don’t read it and move on. I’m sure you find a lot of things online irritating, and so do I.

3. Posting person is trying to evangelize. Well, that’s an immediate problem. Sort of like the Covid it must be catchy so my advice is to avoid it so, you don’t catch it. Also, if, you are afraid of the Bible it would be a reason to make that thought. Even if the person is trying to evangelize it would only be for those interested. Are you concenr3ed because you might really want to know more? So, my advice is to move on.

4. Don’t feel encouraged or inspired by social media scripture. And why would you if you weren’t looking to be inspired or encouraged? But if you were, it would be better to read the Bible first, then see if the social media scripture works.

5. The Bible has ancient myths, but not literally true. I take it you are a science or history person and believing the stories are not how you were raised or not what science proves. Right? Well, you would be wrong because science has proven most of the stories in the Bible. Do more research on scientist’s thoughts and you may be surprised at what you don’t know.

6. Believe that God is unconcerned with their daily lives. This is only half true. God cares about ALL his children but is more concerned with actual believers. So, if you want God to care try believing.

7. Jesus resurrection – unsure. Well, that is probably the majority of Christians, but faith helps them to believe, and accept it. And the Bible indicated that crucifixion would be carried out on Jesus hundreds of years before it happened. Think about that. Crucifixion was started during Jesus life even though the Bible told of it much earlier.

8. Feel condemnation (from people, and the Bible) of homosexual behavior doesn’t apply. There are two sides to this and I will start with this: People have no right to judge, especially believers because they know only God does that. Also, when it comes to sin, all sin applies. I guess if we said stealing doesn’t apply or killing doesn’t apply we would be in real bad shape. When it comes to sin we can do what we want, but the time will come when we all have to pay the bill.

9. Want churches to be entertaining. Admittedly, many churches are boring and sleeping worthy. But if you are looking for bands, dancing and real entertainment you are better off going to a concert. However, churches really need to rethink their sermons and make the work with today. Instead of the old reading verses, the clergy needs to show how to apply them to today.

We know everyone has an opinion on one part of this or another. Feel free to make your comments in the box below. Please keep your comments nice and helpful because any ranting or nasty remarks will not be published.

Be blessed,
John & Jean
Our Divided World.com

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