John J

Why Do We Hate?

Why we hate seems like a complicated subject but in my thoughts it is simpler. Think about babies. They are always laughing and smiling. Why? Because they are pure. There is no hate or anger in them. So how do they learn it? From older children and adults. Even their own parents. That’s right. If …

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Our ODW Site Updated

It has taken some time but an update to the poster pages has been completed (well, almost) and we have separated the poster years into their own pages for better loading when viewing. In others words our past page for Scriptural had 2017-2019 on one page. Now we have 2017-18 on one page and 2019 …

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Christmas Fun Poster

Just thought I would add some fun on the site since it is December and Christmas is not very far away. The kiddies are getting prepared (their lists and getting snuggled – if they still do) and the parents are getting crazy looking for the perfect gifts. Well…it’s been a long time since I was …

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