A Promised Land, But Promised To Who?

A Promised Land, But Promised To Who?

Don’t you think it is interesting, that a very tiny (Rhode Island tiny) area of land could be “promised”, and that same land gathers so much world attention… mostly bad? At one time, I knew very little, if anything about this country. However, once I started reading the Holy Bible, I became more interested, and as I read this book with prophecy, I was actually stunned.

That’s right…stunned!

You know stunned. It’s when you are driving somewhere, and finally realize you are going in the completely wrong direction! Stunned.

Of course, it took some time before I was stunned that I started putting the pieces together to know the prophecy’s of the Bible. Many are spread throughout different Holy Bible chapters, but all point to the similar things. A Messiah. A Promised Land.

But, you are probably wondering, “Who promised the land?” The answer is God. Yes, the God of the Holy Bible, and creator of the heavens and earth and everything on it. Of course, I wanted to know more, and when I read the prophecy about a group of people being exiled from their homeland, and returning in record numbers, my mind was swirling.

Boy, was I surprised, NO SHOCKED, because I read that on May 14, 1948, people returned to the land they had occupied over two thousand years in the past to form a new government.

You could hit me with a bolt of lightning! I’m glad it really didn’t hit me.

Lightning Bolt

And I am not being dramatic, well maybe slightly. Why? Because many people blow off Bible prophecy, and read it their own way so it won’t make sense because, I believe, they don’t want to believe it anyway. And, if you don’t believe something why would you then validate it and realize you were wrong?

But this prophecy is undeniable no matter who you are or what you think or believe.

Keep reading to learn more about how the Promised Land of the Holy Bible started. I have explained it in a simple terms, but to add an “I need to think about this more” moment.


A land that had numerous battles in centuries past, won and lost, but finally lost the last time.

A land that was bustling, and then became so desolate that no one wanted, or chose it to live on.

A land where the people who lived there became slaves, free people and slaves again, and this time by choice.

A land where the people were despised by many other groups, because of their unusual behavior and beliefs. Surprisingly their beliefs, and what haters would call unusual behaviors, continue to this day after thousands of years. Unfortunately, so does being despised and hated.

A land where the people were dispersed by God to many different lands and separated for centuries.

A people whose native language all but disappeared from their vocabulary.


This land is written in Holy Bible in many prophecy’s, to indicate a regathering of descendants of the original people, from many different countries in the future, and to grow quickly into a newly formed country.

The land where all the original people were exiled, and their future generations have finally started to return. Once again, it became a renewed country as it once was, but no longer divided in north and south, but one government.

A land where prophecy came to pass that they would return to the desolated land, and become a nation once again.

The land where, after thousands of years of being desolate and barren, suddenly became “the land of plenty” in the literal sense, with an abundance of crops and plants.

A land where agriculture (techniques that have helped to increase crop yields, and improve food security in arid regions, including drip irrigation), medicine (non-radiation instrumentation to detect breast and ovarian cancer), and technology (the USB dive, the Pill Cam, a digestive tract camera, and the Waze app to name a few) has helped their people and the world.

Israel Agriculture
Lettuce Fields in Israel
Israel Medical
Israel Medical Advances
Israel Technology
Israel Technology

A land that has not only unearth oil, but also natural gas, which is unavailable in the surrounding countries.

A land where their ancient language has reappeared after almost being lost for thousands of years, and is now being taught to their children in school.

A land where many nations wanted to take over through force or wars and lost.

A land where many countries today don’t recognize it’s country, people or government.

A land where many surrounding nations hate or despise it because it is not Muslim or Arab, even though many of the inhabitants are Arabs.

A people that are still persecuted, hated (and killed by many) by a vast majority of the world.


First, ask yourself… “What other countries have been unoccupied, and desolate for thousands of years only to come back to re-organize and prosper?”

Map of Israel
Map of Israel

Israel and the Jewish people.

Surprised? A little tiny land sandwiched between Jordan, Egypt, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, and is approximately 12,000+ square miles is hated by many, despised by more and wanting to destroy it by some.

This is a land that was “chosen” for a very specific group of people, by God since it’s inception from the beginning of time that started with Moses.

Are you wondering what verses in the Holy Bible speak of the rebirth of Israel? Well, you should be. It’s only natural and smart to wonder, and ask questions about Bible scriptures.

Here are some old testament verses:

The rebirth of Israel is mentioned in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 37, where the prophet has a vision of a valley full of dry bones. The Lord tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones, and they come to life and become a great army. The Lord explains that the bones represents the people of Israel, who will be brought back to life and restored to the land He promised them.

Another prophecy is found in the book of Jeremiah 30:1-3, where the Lord declares, He will bring His people Israel and Judah back from captivity and restore them to the land He gave their ancestors to possess. Also, in Jeremiah 66:8, the Lord says, “Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children.” Zion is Israel.

Rebirth of Israel
Rebirth of Israel

The rebirth of Israel in 1948, was a sign that the Lord’s faithfulness to His promises, and His plan for the redemption of His people, both Jews and Gentiles alike.

And, most recently, Israel discovered it had a vast amount of natural gas underneath it’s land, with many foreign governments considering how to divert it from them.


There are many who dislike or disapprove of the Holy Bible. Other who don’t believe it words, or chose to pick the words and verses that fit their needs. Others say it was written in a more recent times than in an AD period.

But how can you explain, even if it was written more recently, how a prophecy managed to find it way in a book that many say was altered? How do you explain this particular prophecy that explains that Israel would raise up again from nothing?

The only way anyone would have known Israel was going to reform was if it was written in the 1900’s. Think about that! The Bible was written in the early 100’s BC and AD.

There is only one way, in my opinion. God! The Holy Bible is the ultimate word of God no matter what you think or believe. It is God’s words that were written.

And to me, this one simple prophecy has shown me that I am reading the true word of God, written by man through His Holy Spirit. And this prophecy is from the Old Testament, which is the Hebrew Bible, in print before our new testament was added.

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H John Johnsen

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