Christians Idolize The Word Christian

Christians Idolize the Word Christian.

Are you a Christian title idolizer? Did you know the word Christian from the Greek Christianos, means “Christ follower?”

Everyone wants to be associated with a group or bunch of people. We are, by nature, people that require others to keep us together.

As kids, we wanted to be part of groups or gangs to feel wanted, even if we weren’t members. The same is true as adults. We associate ourselves with groups even if we aren’t a member by title only.

“I am a ———-” and it doesn’t matter if you hold a membership card.

With Christians it like this “I am a Christian.” Ask them why and you may hear crickets. Is it important that they know why? YES!


Using the terms Christian if you are a big sinner makes it not so.

But when you ask them what it means to be a Christian, they most likely will have no response. I always hear stories about Christians protesting and then fighting with opposing view sides. Or Christians in public meetings screaming and cursing. How many are behind the Christian (still using the covid mask) causing or inciting violence.

How about the Christian who just goes to church and then steals, cheats and lies at work?

Or the Christian who hates other people, and goes out of their way to show their hatred for others to see.

So, what is the big deal with the word Christian? Why do so many want to use it as a title?


It started in the Holy Bible when in Acts 11:26 and 1 Peter 4:16. From that point on anyone who was a believer and accepted Jesus Christ was called a Christian. Out of all the groups in the whole world, a Christian had power and meaning. I’m not sure when it happened but that word has been quickly diluted of it’s meaning.

People call themselves Christians just to add themselves to a once powerful group that was able to make changes in the world; mostly for the better, but that has also been lost to society and social media.

Today many Christians cling to the title because they are true Christians, but those who only use it for personal gain are making it hated and unwanted. Being a Christian even in the past meant ridicule, and hate from other religious groups or society in general.

Bad or sinful Christians creates problems for good ones, just like a bad apple in the barrel scenario, and perpetuated the hate and at times anger for the group. You can see it in social media about how Christians are making life difficult for good people; even though it’s not true.

Persecution of Christians continues today, and will continue in the future, according to the Holy Bible. But true Christians will eventually depart the earth, and leave the remaining people to deal with the Tribulation that will cause great grief, pain and destruction.

So, if you are a true Christian, have faith, repent, and keep hope in your redemption and the Lord Jesus Christ who will rapture you into heaven “in the blink of an eye.”

Blessings to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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John and Jean

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