Don’t Believe the Lies

Don’t believe the lies you are told or that you hear from friends, social media or the news and there are a lot of them on a daily basis.

Here is a list of 6 items that have come up as questions or problems faced by younger people during several surveys about the Bible and the Millennial generation:

  1. God Doesn’t Care About Your Daily Decisions
  2. Christianity is a Cult
  3. You’re Not special
  4. You’re Generation is Lazy
  5. You Will Never Amount to Anything
  6. You’re Values Are Not important

I will do my best to help answer and allay any fears or misunderstandings about these comments. After all, you are here to resolve some issues and make things better for yourself, and that’s the best place to start.

There are many things said that are not the truth and some that are, so how do you separate truth from fiction? Hopefully here with no hidden agenda.

  1. God Doesn’t Care About Your Daily Decisions.

Now that would be true if you didn’t believe God exists. Why would anyone care about you if you didn’t know or acknowledge them? It’s easy to say something with nothing to back up the comment. I believe and my updated (today’s term) life is absolute proof that God cares for me.

  • Christianity is a Cult.

I guess if you don’t like a particular group or religion it is very easy to call it a cult. So, what is a cult in the dictionary definition?

According to Merriam-Webster, a cult is simply a system of religious beliefs and rituals. In general, a cult is a group that claims to belong to a specific religion but misrepresents any core teaching that would prevent a believer from being saved according to that religion.

Now that is the definition and it also explains ‘misrepresents any core teaching…” Well, Christianity teaches about the Bible and goes further into its teachings. Now there are those Christians who believe differently than the Bible, but are they true Christians? Some so-called Christians do not follow what the bible teaches after they leave the church. Others Christians claim to not believe in God and they are not true Christians since the Bible is about God’s word. So, how can you be a Christian and not believe in God?.

Is Christianity a cult? No. It doesn’t force you to be a member or control how you think; although there are those who would try to convince you otherwise. If that happens find out their personal agenda and you may be surprised at their reasoning. Sermons are not brainwashing tools because you can listen or not listen. Being a Christian is a choice and you don’t have to join or be a member. It’s all your own decision and don’t let anyone con you into thinking otherwise.

I’m considered a Christian and do not let anyone change my thinking just as I wouldn’t change their thinking. Before making any decisions about joining any “religious” groups do you homework and check them out thoroughly. Do the same as you would for a product or service. Yes, even local churches and Christian groups.

  • You’re Not special. This comment has been heard by just about every generation. Being special is what most Christians feel is because they were created by God. However, you don’t have to be a Christian to be special because God created everyone on this earth.

Being special is something that you were from the day you were born as one of God’s creations. Every time you look in the mirror repeat this to yourself, “I am special” and truly believe what you are saying. And, never let anyone take that away from you or accept what they are saying about you. People can tell you things but it is what is inside that is the most important.

  • You’re Generation Is Lazy. That is mostly said by the older generation because they had specific thoughts about jobs and living. My generation believes in working at one job until they have to wheel you out. But I personally know that is not good because it causes you to be stuck in one job you might not like but feel you have no choice because of bills and family. .

It is hard to find the right job when you are young and I know that personally. How do you get hired if you need experience and you are just starting out? I worked for several ad agencies before I found the right one and even then I moved on to another better offer.

I would have been called lazy because I took time off between jobs to get back on track. So, don’t be concerned with being called lazy, unless you are really being lazy. That means you are not bothering to look for work and unless it’s due to the Covid situation most people will understand because everyone is in the same situation. The best thing to do in this current health situation is to take on whatever job you can find until things change, even if it’s not your dream job.

  • You Will Never Amount to Anything. Once again everyone hears this statement. Ignore it and keep your mind in a positive state. Being and thinking positive is the one thing that will help you get through the negative comments. You will never amount to anything if you accept that into your thoughts. The devil (evil) is the one that will give you all the negative thoughts you can handle and make your life miserable. If you are ready, God can help you come out of those negative thoughts and into positive ones.
  • Your Values Are Not Important. Values are the one personal idea that everyone has but some ignore them when they feel it is time. For instance, you may have a value that says you won’t steal, but then someone gives you something you know is stolen. What do you do and what should you do?

You are in a committed relationship and your values tell you not to cheat, but you find yourself trolling the internet looking for some relationship because you just bored. And, you feel that is OK. Where are the values you put on that relationship or how you live?

No matter what you do, remember that your values are the one thing that separates you from everyone else. Keep them foremost in your mind and ignore those who say your values are not important. Hmmm… you have to wonder why they would say that unless they have an ulterior motive.

I sure hope this helps you to move forward if any of these items are on your list to be fixed. If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comment box below. Or, you can email.

John & Jean
Our Divided World

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