Is The Holy Bible An Outdated Book?

Is the Holy Bible really an outdated book?

The purpose of this sermon is about what has been said about the Holy Bible being irrelevant in today’s world according to Barna Surveys.

Of course, a friend of mine would disagree with that comment, if he reacted differently when given a gift of a Bible that came with a HUGE surprise, but not what you think!

I’ll get back to that story soon, and I will have a question for you at the end, but first I want to address this comment: “The Holy Bible is an outdated book with no relevancy for today”

This survey response seems to be coming from those who have never read it, or even picked it up. They probably get that idea from others who say the same thing. You know “monkey see, monkey do.”

So… is the Holy Bible really irrelevant?

Think about that for a minute. Irrelevant?

And, what is the definition of “Irrelevant?” Well, according to Webster, it is “Not applicable or pertinent.” Or in simple terms, “Does not apply.”

I don’t think the Holy Bible “Does not apply”, especially in this sinfully out-of-control world. As a matter of fact it is needed more now!

One question I have to ask is, “Why would anyone say that the Holy Bible is irrelevant?” And, I think you’re also wondering, “Who are the people that call the Holy Bible irrelevant?” It was a survey, so no names are provided, sorry.

To me the reasons for calling it “Irrelevant,” are simple, understandable and here are a few types I think fit. Let me know if you agree or have other ideas.

Non or Anti Christians. Atheist, sinners, agenda pushers, haters of God, Christians, Jews and Jesus.

Basic Haters. This one falls into the “I hate anything good or righteous.”category. Grew up that way?

Angry at God. You are angry because God did not help or answer you when you asked. I’m curious. How did you ask, exactly?

Sin Ignorers. A simple response. You love the sin of the flesh, and evil and ignore the consequences, if you even think there are any consequences for your actions.

The Lawless. You flaunt all laws including God’s, which you don’t feel there are any consequences, but the laws of man will put you in prison. God’s laws in your opinion don’t do anything.

Non-Believers of God’s Laws. God produced these laws in Exodus and many completely ignore them or figure it is OK to break just a few… like eggs. God wrote the 10 Commandments to help guide us through our lives and avoid sin. Are there consequences for sin? Oh yeah.

The Proud and Prideful. We take pride in everything we do, but it has gone to the extreme of taking pride for every single thing you say and does not matter what the results.

Gossipers. This is a doozy! We don’t like people talking about us behind our back, but don’t mind doing it about others!

The So-Called Helpers. We all acknowledge the poor and homeless but simply ignore them, and avoid helping them with donations or our precious time.

False Preachers. Here is an area that many get caught up in believing, even when the Holy Bible warns us to be vigilant about false preachers, and tells us that there will be many.

Social Media Dictators. Social media has bullies who easily informs us that anything that has to do with the Holy Bible is not for our generation or time in history.

The Easily Entangled. This is how easily Satan can tangle you into acting with sin and evil! And he does it with ease when you are not even aware, as he did with all the types mentioned.

And even me before I realized his clever little tricks. That’s right, even me.

Are you easily entangled by Satan?

Romans 12:21 tells us “Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.”

We have several articles that deal with Satan on our website that will help you understand how he works to fool you everyday. Yep, that was a plug for our website! Our Divided World Ministry.

Now, let me tell you that story I mentioned in the very beginning.

A friend was left a modest inheritance, and a very old, dusty, and well used Holy Bible from a relative who was financially well off. Of course, he spent the inheritance, but what did he do with the Bible you’re wondering?

Well, being neither religious or a true Bible reading Christian, he was going to discard it, but decided to put it away in his overstuffed closet.

He forgot about the Bible for years, sadly, just as most Christians do today.

Many years later he had no job, was without any money, much older, and going to live with relatives. Packing up his belongings, he emptied the closet, threw the Bible in a box, and a $50.00 bill fell out onto the floor.

OK. I’ll leave it there. JUST KIDDING.

As he picked up the bill, he noticed other bills hanging out of the Bible’s pages.


He opened Bible, and was shocked to find a $50.00 bill stuck between EVERY PAGE! THAT’S RIGHT! A $50.00 bill stuck between every page!

His UN-willingness to open and read the Holy Bible kept him from having a much better life. But don’t expect to find money in your Bible unless you put it there, but you will find the riches of life and living.

Is there a moral of this simple story? ABSOLUTELY!

An unread Bible leads to an unfulfilled and empty life. I said an unread Bible leads to an empty and unfulfilled life, so you never know what surprises wait for you between its covers.

Next, let me explain why the Bible is NOT irrelevant! Because of the rampant growth of sin plaguing us everyday, we need the Holy Bible to strengthen our faith and belief.

Proverbs 4:14 tells us “Do not enter the path of the wicked and do not proceed in the way of evil men.”

So, how is the Holy Bible RELEVANT?

It is full of divine scripture, and sayings that apply to the past, present AND future about how we can live our lives to the fullest, and how-to’s that help us navigate our way through all the hate, anger and evil in this divided world.

Joshua 1:9 explains “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage. Do no be afraid; nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

The Bible guide us with how to live our lives free of sin, to become more righteous, find salvation and tells the story of Jesus Christ death on the cross for our sin, and about the mercy of God towards us sinners.

Read Galatians 5:19-26

It is a book of love, mercy, death, hate, anger, wrath, judgment, knowledge, justice, wisdom, and the history of Jesus, the church, Jews and Christians.


For me, everyday, I uncover something new, wonderful and surprising that guides me on my divine path through life.

My suggestion to you is to ignore the bad things people say about the Bible, and read it for yourself. Stop following social media Bible haters, and follow Jesus Christ, who will never lead you astray.

Read 1 Peter 5:8-9.

And, to answer your lingering question “Can the Holy Bible help me with MY issues and problems?”

YES! It can help you with your issues or problems, if you take the time to read and understand it.

So, my helpful hint will be to start reading Proverbs first, because it is the easiest book to quickly apply, and start your journey to a more righteous and faithful life.

Here’s the last question I mentioned in the beginning: Are you reading the Holy Bible daily?

Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ.
H John J

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