The Real Truth About Tithing – The Preachers Don’t Want You to Know

The Real Truth About Tithing – The preachers Do Not Want You To Know.

The real truth about tithing is in the Holy Bible and not what the TV, Online, and church evangelists and preachers con you into believing. As Jesus said “You brood of vipers.” (Matthew 12:34)

The original intent of tithing was calling for crops and not money, and to give to the Levites (Israelite’s from the tribe of Levi), strangers, fatherless, and widows so that they may eat within your gates and be filled…(Deuteronomy 26:12). How convenient when they leave out this verse!

The calling for tithing today is to pay for the elaborate churches, expensive homes, and vehicles. So how did so many preachers get so much money? From everyone tithing to them. I’m not saying they are all rich but I am saying most are dishonest regarding the use of Bible verses about tithing to con you.


Each one battling for your hard-earned money. Many freely give it thinking it’s their way into heaven. Why would they think that? Because they are told that by the clergy.

The clergy is using modern-day advertising techniques to scare you into parting with your money. What techniques? Try this one. It’s an old advertising copy trick (old is also me and my background in advertising/marketing) that works like this: “Are you still using that old refrigerator when your neighbor has the newest and best one on the market?” It’s a simple guilt trick that we have all fallen for and many continue falling.

However, I do get it. Advertising needs to sell products and sometimes you need to outsell the competition. And so it goes with churches. They need to get money any way possible including guilting you into paying up for the building, electric, ac, heat and salaries, and the occasional trips to evangelize.

Old Appliance Ad
Be the first. Go out and buy it now!

I get that also but here is where I walk away; when they start lying about what happens if you don’t pay your tithing. Sort of like a bookie that says “Pay up or else I’ll….” I know you probably think that is harsh or untrue but I know someone who stopped going to church for a time (couldn’t afford the required donation) and wanted to get their child baptized. The clergy head told them that he wouldn’t do it because they missed several weekly donations. I always thought the church was supposed to pass forgiveness on to everyone. I guess not when it comes to money.

Church door. Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s me, Satan. Did you collect ALL the donations?

Now the clergy or preachers tell you that you must tithe or lose the blessings of the covenant with God. WOW. How arrogant that they decide what God has freely given they can take away.

It is true that Jesus wants us to tithe but to do it in a way that is beneficial to those who need it. The poor and homeless. If HE was here to see what the church is teaching HE would be very upset. But wait. Wasn’t he upset with the Pharisees so much that he called them “a brood of vipers”? (Matthew 12:34).

Brood of vipers
Brood of vipers

HE did and did so many times according to the Holy Bible, and HE does know what is going on because HE warned us many times about false prophets and preachers but were/are we listening? 2 Peter: 2

Some of The Clergy/Preachers Coercion Verses:

A. The Lord wants you to tithe.

B. If you don’t tithe you won’t go to heaven

C. Tithing helps the Lord with your financial situation

D. God say prove that you tithed

E. Not tithing disconnects you from the covenant of blessings

F. Tithing opens the door to blessings

G. God created tithing for our benefit

H. The tithe belongs to God

I. The tithe is the 1st 10%

J. You are not tithing in faith

Now each one of these, and I am sure there are many more that can be explained away in the Holy Bible but the false prophets reword and alter the true meaning of the Holy Bible’s word. That should not surprise anyone since that has been going on for hundreds of years in the churches.

“Please let me know if you have heard anything different in the comment box below. We appreciate your taking the time to let us know”

Burgundy Holy Bible

So Let’s Break It down

A. The Lord wants you to tithe. That’s correct if you have a farm or produce as in the verse that is usually attached. HE does however want you to tithe DIRECTLY to those in need. HE never said to the church.

B. If you don’t tithe you won’t go to heaven. This is absolutely not true. No one except God can make that decision. You can tithe even the last penny and your chance to go to heaven only rests on your faith and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

C. Tithing helps the Lord with your financial situation. Darn. I knew I was going to the wrong accountant.

Antique Abacus

I do know however that God does know extreme math or something like that but I don’t think he is worried or concerned about your finances. As a matter of fact, the Holy Bible indicates nothing about getting back money if you give it but it does say your reward is in heaven. The only ones worried about finances are the prosperity preachers who need their own prosperity…from you.

D. God say to prove it. What? Somehow I don’t think God needs any proof of anything…do you? HE knows all so that statement is very silly.

E. Not tithing disconnects you from the covenant of blessing. WOW. I guess God Himself wrote that. It still seems that preachers feel they know God and have to ultimate power to change anything HE says. The covenant is guaranteed if you accept Jesus Christ and has absolutely nothing to do with tithing.

F. Tithing opens the door to blessings. This is true but it can be to anyone and it doesn’t have to be to the church. You will receive a blessing if you tithe to those in need. That means the poor, homeless, elderly, and those without.

G. God created tithing for our benefit. I can’t answer this but I can say if it was that important HE would have included it in the 10 commandments.

H. The tithe belongs to God. This is very misleading. What Jesus said was “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” (Matthew 22:21).


If you take that literally then you have to give the money back to Washington and your crops to God. Again another twist of the truth.

I. The tithe is the 1st 10%. Yes and the Holy Bible mentions that you should give 10% of your harvest to the people, and that includes your money. So take 10% and give it to the shelters and food banks.

J. You are not tithing in faith – quoting Hebrews 11:6 which reads: “But without faith, it is impossible it is impossible to please HIM, for he who comes to God must believe that HE is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM.” Absolutely nothing about tithing. What a twist of the Holy Bible!

This is a good one since they apparently do not know what faith is about or how it works. It is complete trust and confidence, and a strong belief in God. Not sure what tithing has to do with faith but my guess is absolutely nothing. Never tie your scriptural faith into anything except God our Heavenly Father. Apparently, these preachers and clergies have no idea about true faith or they wouldn’t try using it as a guilt tactic to get your money.

I’m sure you have something to say about tithing. Thanks for being nice and staying true to your faith when commenting. Besides, it’s moderated.”


These come from online preachers and I can’t say for sure they wrote them but they should know what’s going on unless they are like politicians who can use plausible deniability. I’m sure you have heard other comments and you might want to let me know in the comments box below. For me, that doesn’t work for someone who is supposed to be espousing the Holy Bible, and these are well-known preacher/”evangelists” names.

  • Here is a small list of tithing verses in the Holy Bible: Hebrews 7:8 / Hebrews 11:6 / Malachi 3:10 / Malachi 3:11 / Deuteronomy 14:22 / Deuteronomy 26:2-3 / Deuteronomy 26:11 / Deuteronomy 26:12 so you can read them yourself and decide what they mean to you.

Here is a little interesting event we were involved in at a local church regarding our way of tithing. They have a food bank and we were purchasing large amounts of boxed and cans goods as they suggested. We did this several times. One day my Wife ask the person running the food bank how it works. She said the people come in and we charge only a small amount for the food.

Well, we were shocked. Charge the needy!? Even if they prepared a meal there should be no charge especially when the food was donated and simply because it is a church. People go to the church for help and shouldn’t have to pay. Needless to say, we stopped that practice and only give to specific places.

“So, what do you think? Should a church charge the needy for food? Let me know in the comments box below and thanks for taking the time to comment.”

Churches and preachers will say anything, and yes even lie to get your money. Don’t think they would lie or change the truth because they went to seminary or Holy Bible school? Don’t believe it. They are human and Satan has found his way into most of them especially when it comes to money.


Here Are A Couple of Questions For You

1. Why do you tithe (if you tithe at all)? Because you want to or can? You feel guilty? Want to go to heaven? Do something to help others? Support the church? Clergy/preachers said to (with stipulations)?

2. Why should you tithe? Because the church says to. To get credit from God, help others in need, look good to others, the Holy Bible tells me to, it will honor God with the generosity of giving. This last one should be the only reason.

The answers to these questions are good but missing some important facts:

1. Tithing doesn’t give you a free pass to heaven no matter what the “clergy” tells you. The only free pass is in accepting Jesus Christ and true faith. Romans 10:9

2. Don’t ever tithe if you feel guilty. All you are doing is something you weren’t going to do in the first place. Only tithe because you want to and leave guilt out of it. God knows if you are being honest with your feelings.

3. If the church has to tell you to tithe it’s because they want your money. Greed has infiltrated the church and the clergy so be careful you aren’t tithing to Satan and don’t ever believe Satan can’t go into a church. Why? Because Satan is the ruler of the earth as told in the Holy Bible. John 12:31 – John 16:11

“I know you have a thought about these questions so please comment below. Thanks for commenting.”


Now The Most Important Question:

Who(m) should you tithe to? To me, this one is very simple. The poor, elderly, sick, and homeless, and not necessarily only with money. Tithing is also about your time and help to those in need. The Holy Bible tells you this in Deuteronomy 26:12. We live comfortably but far from being well-off or rich and we tithe to groups and organizations constantly. Shelters, food banks, special hospitals, and sharing centers. Why? Because the Holy Bible tells us to help the needy and that is the only reason. We don’t tithe to any church and won’t because we want the money to go directly to the people.

We did give at a church food drive but only directly to the people coming for the food.

Food Pantry Helpers

The church had a list of the recipients in their computers and their income status so they knew that who was in line could receive the food and anyone new would simply be added to the list. I won’t explain what we did but the people receiving our gifts were very happy and mostly surprised because they didn’t know what it was until they got home after receiving the food donations. A little holiday surprise to make a smile (hopefully). The church did receive letters from several of the tithing gifts and that made us know the gift was greatly appreciated.

And that is why we tithe directly to specific organizations. We know they received it and we know it helped right away. Now that doesn’t happen with every donation but we know it goes to the right place and helps those in need.


“Have you ever given to a worthwhile organization? Please let others know which one so they can donate as well. Thanks for being so thoughtful to others!”

My simple Advice: Do What You Know In Your Heart is The Right Thing To Do

Never let it be influenced by the greedy or those with their won agenda. The Holy Bible gives you the answers if you read and follow the words of truth. There are many organizations that can use help all you have to do is some research to find the right one(s). Charity search sites have a lot of information (try Charity Navigator to start) so take the time to do your own research or you will just be throwing your money away. There are a lot of charities out there that are not honest or legit so be smart and careful. Don’t just fall for any TV commercials or spam emails or phone calls. Check with your friends and neighbors to see if they have given.

If you need extra help just pray and ask HIM.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God, and fellowship of the Holy Spirit with you.

John & Jean

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