Why Is Nobody Listening?

So, why is nobody listening? We go to church and hear what the preacher(this includes pastors, reverends, priests, and other religious leaders) speaks about and hope we hear something we can use in our daily lives. But are we listening?

You might be wondering “Listening to what?”

It seems that the preachers today are reading verses from the Bible and not really telling us what is happening in the world today that is related to the Bible.

Some preachers are motivational speakers and give us ways to get through the day and fight off our fears and physical problems.

Then there are the ones who just read the Bible. We could actually do that at home ourselves.

So what should we really expect? How to deal with the world as it is today.

If you look at the past (not living it) and compare it to today you will see how much different it is.

Sure the past has racial problems but things were relatively good and of course, that is just my opinion. But families were together and friends were real and not “Facebook” friends. But I am not going to get into the nuances of the past.

I am just going to write that the present is filled with hate, anger, fake news, fake Facebook friends, division, purposely created distancing (not social distancing), and a lack of respect for anyone especially elders.

There is also a lack of knowledge for the Bible. You had to know I was going there.

Blame that on the past generation, your parents, boring church services, and a too-busy schedule, and those would be absolutely true. But as an adult or almost adult, you have the ability to do things on your own. After all, isn’t that what you have been fighting to do your own thing?

The elders didn’t create the current atmosphere in this country or the world. The younger generation did this by accepting everything; even the things that are not morally good. Why? Because we want to be loving to everyone and that is very acceptable.

But when things are forced on others the younger generation fights to make them accept it. But when it is thrust on them they scream and protest.

When was our freedom from speech and religion removed? Why was it removed? Who removed it because it was definitely removed and if you don’t see it look again.

The one thing that kept past generations together was religion. Sure there were evil preachers and they will get their judgment, but there were good ones too. We have a bad tendency to clump everyone into groups. If one preacher is bad they all are and so it must be the same with cops and lawyers. If one is bad they all are…right?

Besides, we shouldn’t be judging anyway; that’s God decision.

Surveys show that many don’t attend church because they are too busy or they don’t like a particular preacher. Well try another church or just bring your family together to read the Bible or talk about God in general.

You must be wondering what this rambling is about…right? Please keep reading.

I wasn’t a religious person growing up although I did go the church as a child and tried to understand the Bible more as I got older it didn’t go anywhere.

It wasn’t until later in life that I was re-introduced to the idea of prayer and true belief. Don’t worry I am not going to sell you anything and I am not a preacher.

So, what am I trying to do? Save just one person and now you are really wondering what I mean.

There are those who believe in the writings in the Bible and God and those who believe in science only and a supreme being. I always wonder what would the science believers do if they knew that God influences scientists?

Think about that for a minute. If God created the earth or didn’t create it but resides somewhere and is a supreme being (beyond our minds to image how supreme or powerful) then he would have the power to influence all our thought and ideas.

As a matter of fact, God would be able to give us ideas for technology, science, and warfare. Why? So we could go on developing new ideas to use for good and not bad. But God also gave us free-will and most believe in the free-will part so they can do what they want.

The free-will part allows us to make the decision do I do this for good reasons or bad? and we all know the difference between good and bad. But it seems to me that having his free-will has created more bad in many of the past years and is continuing to grow.

But there is a solution. Change your own direction from bad to good and don’t believe the TV movies and politicians that want you to make the wrong decisions. They only care about the bottom line…money.

The truth is there is nothing that is going to change the current landscape in our country or the world except…

A New World Order has been talked about and is quickly happening because we think (erroneously) that it will give us peace on the planet.

A new world currency is slowly happening and will happen here since the dollar is falling.

A one world leader. To the religiously thinking…the anti-Christ.

BTW. The new world order is already in the Bible and is warning us that it will be the start of the end times many Christians are aware of but have no idea how close it actually is in our time.

This leads to my next comment, which is there is still time to change your life for the better. Am I preaching doom-and-gloom? Well, actually yes and you can find all the proof you need in the Bible.

As you may or may not know scientists have found the Bible to be extremely accurate in its prophesied writings. The Bible’s timeline is extremely accurate to the day with actual events that have already occurred.

But I am not trying to scare or frighten you into believing, but am trying to make you aware that you may want to really consider the path your life is on currently.

The Book of Revelations reveals the events to come if you have the inclination to know.

And according to the scriptures, the events are already happening and being hidden by the press, politics, governments, and the Catholic church. Many of the events include earthquakes that are actually not be reported in the mainstream media because geologists don’t want to create a panic type situation.

It is time for you to look out for yourself, family and friends and ignore the rantings of fake news and political rhetoric. If you haven’t done it yet, pick up a Bible and try reading it. Don’t worry it is not contagious but it is revealing how to live a good life.

If you have any questions or thoughts let me know below or email me at john@ourdividedworld.com

Bless you,
Our Divided World

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