Exposed: More Biblical Misdirection to Fool You Again

Exposed: More Biblical Misdirection To Fool You Again

I just found this in my news feed and needed to respond. I am not sure if this Bolde is a Christian, Atheist, Mormon, Jehovah Witness or of any religion at all, or a person or persons. Here is the actual page if you want to review it yourself:

15 Biblical “Sins” You’re Totally Free To Commit – Bolde

As I read these, I realized that many of the 15 items are Bible words altered to fit the article and what social media writes about. I am not even sure if Bolde has even read the Bible, or has any real knowledge of it Words.


After reading the bio on Bolde, I realized they are just writing to fit millennial and Gen Z’s. So, in my personal opinion, I feel this is just to get them to read the articles, and not advise about the Bible or being a true Christian. Don’t be misled by false teachers or writers.

Never the less, I am going to refute their words, and write the true words and meaning directly from the Bible.

If there are any millennial or Gen Z’s reading this, you will now be introduced to the actual truth, not fitting the words into the generation, but fitting the generation into the truth.

Read it and decide for yourself. Are you a really a true Christian? Do you want to know the biblical truth?

I have kept the words just as they appear in the article, and have added the Biblical truth after. NOTE: the numbered items have NO Bible actual verses attached to back up the comments by Bolde. Why? Because there aren’t any!

It is so easy to change the Bible to fit “societal norms” when you don’t have any verses to back up what you wrote! So, let’s get into this biblical mess:

1. You can totally get a tattoo – and piercings tools

A verse in Leviticus gets misquoted a lot to condemn tattoos, Huffington Post explains. But contextually, this was likely aimed at specific pagan religious markings of that era, not your cute butterfly tattoo. Your body is a canvas, and God appreciates your self-expression more than judging your artistic choices.


OUR RESPONSE – OK, let’s straighten this one out. Some use Revelations 19:16 that reads “Jesus has a tattoo on His thigh, “And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.” So, because the Lord has a tattoo that makes it all right for everyone else? Now, who on earth thinks they can do the same thing as the Lord can do! Only a true non-believer.

So, what does the Bible say about tattoos?

Leviticus 19:28 as it reads: “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo and marks on you: I am the Lord”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20: “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s”

As a Christian, don’t ever think or believe that God “appreciates your self-expression more than judging your artistic choices,” as stated by Bolde person or persons. I guess it would be OK to use your artistic expressions to go around spray painting everything, or using your self-expression to spew hate?

Being a true Christian is not listening to those who don’t know anything about the Bible, but only want to cause you to fall and leave your faith and Christianity.


2. You can absolutely work on Sundays (or any other holy day).

Remember, the Sabbath was created for our benefit, not as a divine burden. Rest was a radical idea in those times! If your job requires Sunday work, God understands modern realities. True “Sabbath” is more about making space for intentional rest whenever your schedule allows.

OUR RESPONSE – God already knew about modern realities when the Bible was written. Rest is not a radical idea…it is reality. He wanted us to rest after days of work, but once again Bolde got it wrong. The Sabbath is actually Saturday. Ask any Jew who follows the Torah (the old testament) which is a day of rest. In Genesis God rested on the seventh day…Saturday. Sunday is really the beginning of the week.

Besides, the Sabbath is the 4th of the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20: “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy”; which you can choose to obey or ignore. As a true Christian you already know the answer.

3. It’s okay for women to wear pants.

A Deuteronomy verse about cross-dressing was aimed at blurring societal roles in ancient times. But let’s be real, God doesn’t have a fashion police department. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and powerful, whether that’s a flowy dress or a power suit.

OUR RESPONSE – Sure, now get ready! Deuteronomy was aimed at “blurring social roles.” I can hear the scribes thousands of years ago speaking” Hey, let’s write about the future of cross-dressing so they know centuries ahead of time.” Yes, the comment from Bolde is only to fit their own agenda. Of course, this fits into number 13 below.

4. You can question your faith; God can handle it.

Some of the greatest figures in the Bible wrestled with doubt and questioned God directly! Faith isn’t about blind obedience, but an ever-deepening relationship, and that includes the messy, questioning parts. God welcomes your honest wrestling more than any performance of perfect, unquestioning belief. Your character will evolve as a result, as well, PsychCentral notes.

OUR RESPONSE – Now, this is one we agree with. Asking questions is always a good way to learn more, but always confirm what you hear or read.

5. It’s fine to have a drink (or two) responsibly.

The Bible warns against drunkenness, which is very different from enjoying a glass of wine with dinner. Jesus’ first miracle? Turning water into better wine at a party! Clearly, He understood the value of good times and celebration.


OUR RESPONSE – I only partially agree with this one. Jesus didn’t understand the value of good times and celebration. He understood that in his day clean water wasn’t easily attainable, so they drank wine, but to get drunk would be unholy to the Holy Spirit. Jesus also turned the wine to water without notice or fanfare from anyone as you can read in John 2:1-12, not a big fanfare as indicated by Bolde in #5 above.

6. It’s healthy to express a full range of emotions, even anger.

The Bible itself contains verses about anger, but like any emotion, it’s how you manage it that counts. Sometimes righteous anger against injustice is a powerful force for good! Remember, even God Himself shows righteous anger in the face of cruelty and oppression.

OUR RESPONSE – I agree with this only partially, because anger, if not controlled can quickly get out of control. If you have anger issues get professional help. If your anger is not about hurting people, praying to Jesus can help remediate something unstable into something more stable. Keep in mind that God can do whatever He wants, and is not comparable to us in any possible way. Don’t be deceived.

7. You can be wealthy without being condemned.

The Bible includes verses that warn against the love of money, not against wealth itself. God rejoices in our success! The important thing is generosity – what you do with your blessings matters far more than the dollar amount in your bank account.


OUR RESPONSE – This one is half OK and half really wrong. God doesn’t rejoice for anything involved with money. You read what Jesus did at the temple with the money people in Matthew 21:12-13. Also prosperity preachers would like you to think praying for money is good it isn’t. Our Lord said you cannot serve God and riches as in Matthew 6:24.

8. There’s no sin in enjoying intimacy within a loving relationship.

Sadly, a lot of shame around intimacy gets projected onto the Bible, but that’s just distortion. God created intimacy and declared it good! Mutually fulfilling, consensual intimacy is a gift, whether you’re married or not. Abuse and exploitation are the true sins, never pleasure itself.


OUR RESPONSE – Wrong again. God created intimacy between a man and a woman and the Bible has many verses. Don’t be misled by false preaching and writings aimed at steering you away from Jesus Christ and towards evil. Consensual intimacy is a gift as a man and a woman, as God tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 and 7:2-3. Romans 1:24-27.

9. It’s okay to swear if you stub your toe (but maybe not all the time).

A “don’t take the Lord’s name in vain” verse was likely focused on serious oaths, not frustrated exclamations. The occasional swear word when you’re in pain probably won’t bring down divine wrath. However, it’s good practice to find healthier ways to express yourself in the long run!

OUR RESPONSE – Read your (if you have one) Bible Bolde! Using the Lords name in vain is a sin and cursing to the Holy Spirit is even worse, and you can hear it constantly in TV and movies. The tongue is the root of all evil as explained in James 3.

10. You don’t have to constantly be happy and joyful.

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it’s just plain hard! Trying to force constant happiness, especially when you’re struggling, is harmful. God understands and embraces the full spectrum of human emotions – sadness, grief, frustration, they’re all part of being alive.

OUR RESPONSE – God only wants us to love one another, Him and His Son Jesus Christ. God understanding human emotions is never mentioned in the Bible, so how can anyone know the mind of God? This Bolde person or group surely doesn’t. Jesus also said our lives will be full of turmoil as Jesus followers as in John14:1 and 16:33.

11. You’re allowed to break religious rules in order to genuinely help others.

Jesus repeatedly challenged the religious leaders of his day when their focus on rigid rules got in the way of compassion. If a “rule” prevents you from truly helping someone in need, God is siding with the compassionate act every single time. Love always trumps legalism.

OUR RESPONSE – I’m not even sure what this really means or is about! What…Jesus suffered and died on the cross to stop all of those rigid rules. The only rules we are to live by are the 10 commandments. To love, and be compassionate towards others.

12. You absolutely don’t have to agree with everything in the Bible.

The Bible was written over centuries, in different historical and cultural contexts. It’s okay to realize that some passages are products of their time and don’t reflect God’s eternal truths. Grappling with the text and focusing on its big-picture messages of love and justice is far more important than blind adherence to every single word.

OUR RESPONSE – The Bible is the Way and the Truth. The words are Gods words given to his prophets in the old testament. If you truly knew the Bible you would know that many of the prophecies have come to pass. Plus the scrolls that have been discovered are proof in itself. As far as blind adherence, it is reading Bolde’s writing and agreeing.

13. You won’t be condemned for being LGBTQ+.

Verses used to condemn the LGBTQ+ community are tragically based on mistranslated and misunderstandings of the original language and context. God is love, and that love extends to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Any interpretation of the Bible that encourages hate contradicts its core message.

OUR RESPONSE – Actually, this is specifically written to pander to the LGBTQ+ audience. NOW, here are just a few of the verses from the Bible that Bolde left out of the article just to appease and to garner readers, which apparently is much more important than the Biblical truth:

1 Corinthians 6:9-10
1 Timothy 1:10
Leviticus 18:22 – 20:13

Now, I will also say that hating any LGBTQ+ person is wrong, because we need to help them find their way to Jesus Christ to be forgiven for their sins. That is one more true meaning of the Bible and it’s core message.

14. You don’t have to go to church if it’s harmful to you.

Unfortunately, some churches can be toxic spaces instead of sources of healing. God isn’t confined to a building. If your spiritual community is causing you pain, God absolutely understands if you need to take a break to protect your well-being.

OUR RESPONSE – I can agree with this one since I don’t go to a church because of dissension, hypocrites and politics, however I do surround myself with true Christians to help me should I drift in the wrong direction.

15. It’s okay to love yourself – a lot!

The Bible tells us to “love your neighbor as yourself,” which actually implies self-love as a starting point! God created you with unique gifts and inherent worth. Treating yourself with kindness, celebrating your strengths, and forgiving your flaws – that’s as holy as any other commandment in the book.

Need some verses? Here’s a few:
James 4:6
Psalm 10:2-11
Psalm 36:2
Proverbs 8:13
Proverbs 16:18
Isaiah 2:11
Isaiah 5:21
Zephaniah 2:10
Matthew 23:6
Romans 3:27 – 4:2
2 Corinthians 10:12 – 11:30
1 Peter 5:5-6
1 John 2:16

And, these are just the ones I know of and can find. I am sure there are ton more verses. Why, because God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble as in James 4:6. So, as a Christian do you really believe that God wants you to be proud or accept the words written by non-Christians?

The Final Comment

In the end the decision is simple. Are your a true Christian or a false, or make-believe Christian? Are you concerned with salvation? Do you truly believe the word written in the Holy Bible as God’s words? Are you or have you repented from your sins as the Bible declares?

It’s now up to you. You have free-will to decide, but even if you don’t decide, you will have decided. And, we look forward to any comments, corrections or remarks. You can leave them in the comments box or email us directly.

Blessings to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

H John & Jean
Our Divided World Ministry

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