3 Ways the Bible Can Help You Grow

There is no denying that the Bible is the world’s bestseller and there are 3 ways the Bible can help you grow. Almost every family on earth owns at least one Bible. According to the Guinness book of world records, there are more than 5 billion Bibles in print. And that is not counting the Bible apps on mobile devices. The Bible is not popular without good reason. The Bible is very practical and even non-Christians like referencing it for various reasons. Here are 3 interesting ways the Bible can help you in your life

  1. The Bible can help you to grow emotionally

Emotional intelligence is the ability to harness one’s emotions as well as understand and respond positively to the emotions of others. People spend a lot of money on books, pieces of training, and workshops trying to attain emotional intelligence. But did you know you can get it free from the Bible?


 No other book will train you on how to handle your emotions better than the Bible does. And not just that- the Bible also has an added advantage of divine power that will enable you to achieve it. For instance, if you decided to follow the steps outlined in the word of God on anger management, you can count on the Holy Spirit to help you do it. So, the Bible is more than the ordinary self-help book. Other books will inform but only the Bible can transform.

  • The Bible can help you to grow spiritually

Blaise Pascal, one of the greatest French Physicists of all time, once said, “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing but only by God the Creator, made know through Jesus.” What a profound truth! Spiritual growth is an intrinsic need in the heart of every human being. Even those who claim not to believe in God still have a longing for some higher power. And even though there are lots of religions and religious books, there is no book that can truly connect you to God more than the Bible.

In fact, the Bible is the only book that can help you to have a true relationship with God. That would explain why most of the world’s religions borrow heavily from the Bible. In the words of Jesus, “I am the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through me” (John14:6). Jesus made it clear that the only way to reach God is through him – and the Bible is the starting point.

  • The Bible can help you to grow morally

We are living in the perilous times that Paul warned us about (2 Tim. 3:1).  It’s a time where even the best of us are easily getting corrupted because of peer influence (1 Corinthians 15:33). And as society gets more permissive by the day, we will continue to see moral degradation of epic proportions. But amid all the moral decay, we can rely on the Bible as the compass that will keep us true on our journey.

The Bible will help you to be a moral person and that will help you to lead a more productive and peaceful life. It not only teaches you to be a better person but it also gives you the impetus to say no to all ungodliness.

Think about it – Do you have a good relationship with your Bible? Do you read it daily?


Father in heaven, thank you for the transforming power in your word. I pray that you will help me to be more committed to the study and application of your word in my life. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.  

Blessings to you,
John & Jean
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