8 Reddit Religion Post Replies

This is a compilation of posts from Reddit that I wanted to answer in a grouping because they were similar in nature. I didn’t use the names of the posters because I forgot to add them. Sorry.

  1. Christians wouldn’t menace people, would they?

Menacing people can happen from anyone, anywhere, in any religion, organization, or group as we have seen in the news almost daily. Perhaps the better question might be: Would true faithful Christians menace people? My immediate response would be “no” but they would have to be true follows of Jesus, not just someone claiming to be faithful and then going against the Bible word.

  • My family and friends that are even somewhat religious are telling me this is magic.

I have to wonder what they are implying? Also, being “somewhat religious” leaves a lot of doubt as to whether they are “religious at all” or if at all. I also feel it is just someone’s way of explaining what they can’t explain. How do you define the things that happen spiritually? Divine intervention, mystical, magical, wonderment, etc?

  • Do you pray, if so, why?

Not sure why this question was asked if only to get responses for their Reddit profile. Why people pray and to what or who is a personal thought. There can be a multitude of reasons, but I guess that was really the reason. To get hits to the post and not about the actual question. Clever.

  • What if God of religion (Christianity, Islam, Hindu, etc) was actually the devil and his greatest success was convincing millions of people he was the one true Lord.

I love this question and the movie “The Usual Suspects” this is where Kevin Spacey said”The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. And like that…he’s gone.” – Verbal.

So, this question has an answer depending on what you believe. Do you believe the Devil is good or bad? Both? Not likely and I can explain. Good and evil are two completely different entities. I don’t need to explain that because you do it or see it every day.

The news is full of hate and a tiny bit of good news but if prophecy is correct the Devil will try to convince everyone he IS the one true Lord. So; your comment is correct but not yet. The Book of Revelations writes about just that comment.

  • The Bible was pro-abortion.

That is something you would have to show me the verses where that is said or even implied. You did read the Bible to find that out…right. Here are some of the verses you were probably told were pro-abortion: Exodus 20:13, Psalm 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:5, Numbers 5:27-28, Psalm 127:3-5, Numbers 5:19-22. Be sure to read it completely and understand its meanings. There is nothing in here condoning “abortion” only about miscarriage which is not the same thing and only when in context to the writings. If you know the passage(s) please let me know.

  • Pastors will take any opportunity they find to try and emotionally manipulate someone no matter the situation.

First of all, I want to say I am sorry for any pain or problems you may have had with the Pastor in question.

This comment is very interesting and I agree. Let me tell you why? Pastors are trained to turn people towards God and Jesus Christ in seminary. However, they are really supposed to help[ someone find their way out of the problem(s) that plague their life. They are supposed to focus on the repair and not the problem. Meaning, if you did something in the past that was bothering you, they wouldn’t keep going backward, but only move forward to repair the issue.

As opposed to a therapist or psychologist that keeps referring back to the past to keep you coming back. FYI: this is not a dig for that field but a true observation of those who went in that direction and are still going. On the other hand, those I know who have gone to a Pastor have had their issues put right.

However, not all pastors will be the same, so if you had one that created problems you should find another just as you would do a Doctor or Lawyer. Remember that Pastors don’t use hypnotism or spinning discs to sway your thinking. You can stay or leave.

But if the problem is serious enough don’t blame the Pastor, find someone else to help you move forward.

  • People are leaving their faith because of horrible experiences.

So if you left the church I am sure you had a very good reason or were you reading some of the surveys? This one is understandable to a small degree. People aren’t leaving their faith if they have faith, to begin with. They may be leaving the church because of the people, teachings, or beliefs of the parishioners.

But true Christians don’t leave their faith they just find a different church. I know, we did. We went to sermon churches, music-type churches, and music, and sermon churches. We decided on the boring sermon storytelling church.

Every person does not fit into every church for many reasons. It can take time to find the right fit, but a true Christian will keep looking.  Did you ever wonder why there are so many denominations? Simply put it’s because past members did not agree with what was being taught so they formed their own groups.

  • This is an insult to every former Christian who spent hours on their knees, begging through tears for the “God of the Bible” to show himself. I was one of them.

This is sad if it was true. A true Christian has the faith to endure and sure it can be very hard and most of all you need patience. Lots of patience. Sure, some fold because they want a quick fix. But there are a lot of reasons a prayer might not be answered quickly enough or not at all. It’s called faith. Without faith, you can expect the prayers to be heard but probably not answered.

If you want results you need to put in the time just as you would a job. I am sure your feeling was true but how was your faith? People walk away from their faith because they felt it was too hard to get the results they needed.  Most true Christians will deal with the problems and still keep their faith strong.

Giving up is much easier than fighting ahead.

Peace and love to all.

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