5 Bible Questions Answered – 3 of 7

5 Bible Questions Answered – Part 3 of 7

We at Our Divided World Ministry have also been answering your Holy Bible questions in posts and in our Sermonettes podcast series in case you want to listen instead of reading.

You can find them on our Sermon/Sermonettes page. Click Here

There are 70 questions so far, and we are posting them in groups as we answer them in the Sermonette podcasts.

Some of the following are not very surprising due to the dilution of the Holy Bible by those individuals and groups that oppose it’s meaning of its Holy word.

Here is the continuing group of questions and answers:

14. What’s With The “We Don’t Question The Bible” Or “Just Have Faith”?

There is a simple response to this question. they don’t know the answer to the question you asked. I have been through that several times in my past with a minister, rabbi, priest, and Sunday school teacher (my cousin). I asked some questions and was told “We don’t question the Bible.”

I am not sure what the questions were, but I was looking for an answer to decide what I was going to believe. Unfortunately, I guess without the answers I went in the wrong life direction, but fortunately and eventually turned to God in my later years.

I do understand that many Bible questions may be hard or even impossible to answer but blowing off a person because you don’t know the answer makes you very foolish as a preacher.

As far as having faith, it is the preachers purpose is to teach people about faith. So, just saying “Have faith” doesn’t really help the person who seems to be questioning their faith.

And, as far a “We don’t question the Bible” comment is concerned I respectfully disagree. It is questioning things that makes us understand it better.

For example, a new product you just received has a manual, but some times they are hard to understand. So you go to or call for help from the manufacturer. Imagine your reaction if they told you “We don’t question our manual.” Wow, I would be floored!

It’s the same thing with the Holy Bible. You should ask questions. Why, because many things are hard to understand and understanding is the first thing to learning. Questioning and learning go hand in hand.

Don’t you think that the preachers asked questions when they were in seminary! Of course they did.

Even the disciples of Jesus asked Him questions because they needed to know how and what to understand that Jesus was teaching them. they questioned His parables in Matthew because some of them are not easy to understand.

I confess even some of the parables are hard for me to understand, so I have to read them several times.

My advice to you is to keep asking your Holy Bible questions. Find someone who will give you answers, and if you can’t email us at john or jean@ourdividedworld.com.

My advice to preachers is to be honest with questions by explaining that you don’t now but would like to find out the answers for them. This way you will even learn and the person asking will have a decision on their direction in life.

15. Why Are Mega Churches Greedy?

I think this question might have been a hypothetical one, but just in case it’s not I will answer the question.

When you have a regular size church your bills are small or reasonable. But when you have a huge church your bills are astronomical. Hence the term “greedy.”

The more people you can cram in the more money you make. Haven’t you ever wondered why mega church pastors have huge homes, expensive cars and gigantic bank accounts?

In case you are not sure, it is because you are foolish enough to go and pay for the pleasure of getting either a false or diluted gospel.

Many megachurch “pastors” are either “prosperity preachers” or “motivational speakers” they only want your money and will sell you a false gospel if you are foolish enough to believe it or not smart enough to know the gospel of the Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible goes into great detail about false gospel preachers and warns us to avoid them. 2 Peter 2:1 explains “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master…”

And, Galatians 1:9 reads “As we have said before, so now I say again. If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.”

How do you know they are speaking a false gospel? Remember what was said, and read the Bible for comparison.

16. Why Are The 2 Creation Stories About Adam And Eve?

There aren’t 2 stories. There are 2 sections of explanation.

Genesis 1 is the explanation God gives of creating the universe, heavens and earth, as well as man and woman. Genesis 2:4 reads “This is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created…” which is in much more detail giving us a better picture through God’s eyes.

The truth is that people should actually read and understand the Holy Bible before making comments that prove they have no idea about what they are talking or writing about.

Read and learn listeners/readers. You might be surprised.

So, Which Creation Story Do We Trust? Either one. They are the same, worded differently but with exactly the same meaning. Listen to me closely. “With exactly the same meaning!”.

A simpler way to explain is to say, one I consider to be a synopsis of creation and the other the history of creation.

Read and learn. Read And Learn.

17. What Happened To The Ark Of The Covenant?

The Ark of the Covenant is a legendary artifact that is said to have contained the original stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. It is one of the most sought-after religious antiquities in the world, but its whereabouts are unknown.

The Ark is believed to have been created by the Israelite’s in the desert after they fled Egypt. It was a wooden chest covered in gold, with two cherubim (winged angels) on the lid. The Ark was said to be a symbol of God’s presence among the Israelite.

The Ark is first mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Exodus. According to the Bible, the Ark was built by the Israelite under the direction of Moses. It was a wooden chest covered in gold and topped with two golden cherubim. The Ark was said to contain the stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments, as well as Aaron’s rod and a pot of manna.

The Ark was carried into battle by the Israelites, and it is said to have brought them victory. However, it was also said to be a dangerous object, and anyone who touched it without permission was said to be killed

There are many theories about what happened to the Ark of the Covenant. Some believe that it was hidden by the Israelites and is still hidden somewhere in the Middle East. Others believe that it was taken to Ethiopia by Menelik I, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Still others believe that the Ark was destroyed by the Babylonians.

When the Israelites built the First Temple in Jerusalem, the Ark was placed in the Holy of Hollies, the most sacred part of the temple. The Ark remained in the First Temple until it was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC.

After the destruction of the First Temple, the Ark’s whereabouts are unknown. Some believe that the Ark was taken to Ethiopia, while others believe that it was hidden somewhere in Jerusalem. There is also a theory that the Ark was destroyed by the Babylonians.

The truth about the Ark of the Covenant is unknown. It may have been lost forever, or it may still be hidden somewhere, waiting to be discovered.

But, recently it has been told by Israel it is hidden underneath the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, but is it really??

Only time or God will tell.

18. Why Are Many Congregants Leaving The Church?

There are a lot of reasons, but most have to do with TV news and politics.

Churches in the past read what was written in the Holy Bible no matter how soft or rough the reading. Fire and brimstone it was called.

In past years the churches would steer clear of divisive statements, but it seems that the preachers today feel empowered to say whatever they personally feel about the world or politics.

Politics, political affiliations, and elections are creating larger divides and upsetting and angering parishioners. Politics have always been a sparking point for arguments, and fighting no matter who you are or what you believe.

This is common knowledge. “Don’t talk about politics.” I heard it from my Father. So, why are the clergy speaking about divisive subjects? Maybe they feel like politicians and hope the congregation will cheer them on.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

I think the preachers feel that parishioners are stuck in the pews for service, so they can voice their personal views or ideology, but they are very wrong.

Once people hear something they don’t like or goes against their personal ideals, they will leave and not returns. I know many who have done just that, and preachers who were fired for spouting their own views.

Parishioners have used the excuse that COVID caused them to leave and not return. Perhaps COVID gave them the reason since they were probably going to leave anyway.

Also, many parishioners feel that the church they attend is personally theirs, and they should be in control of what is said. Of course, many have truly forgotten what the church is for to begin with. Preaching God’s word, and not making it fit personal agendas.

Originally, the preachers taught the gospel, and only the gospel while in church services. After all, that is what the service is for; to spread the gospel to all who will listen. But preachers have forgotten as time went on that their true role in the church is service only to God and His word.

If they want to spew politics, they can find another place for people to listen. Run for political office.

And, I’m not interested in hearing “The Bible tells us to go after evil and protest because they did it back in the early church days.”

For the ones who never read or read the Holy Bible there e is nothing in it that tells us to protest or create division.

That is from preachers who dilute the Bibles holy power.

Sure you can and should protest if there is something that goes against your true beliefs and ideals.

My suggestion, is for the preachers to get back to teaching the true gospel. All of it!

And, if the church leaders don’t want something said that is in the Holy Bible, like SIN, then you should leave; because God will guide you and keep you.

Yes, I have heard, under good authority that many preachers aren’t allowed to speak about sin or Revelations. Wow, the only way to salvation and redemption is being keep from parishioners!

Don’t let church leaders steer you away from the gospel just so they don’t annoy any parishioners. The parishioners should be there for whatever the Bible tells us, and if they can’t handle being a sinner then the y should leave!

Keep in mind, that Jesus taught the gospel and only the gospel without holding back. He offended those who needed to learn and wasn’t afraid of what they thought. He was crucified…right?

My advice is if you can’t find a church, you should start one in your own home with parishioners from your last church. I am sure many would want to come.

If you have any questions that have not been answered pleases email us at: john@ourdividedworld.com or jean@ourdividedworld.com, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer, and post your question on our website.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ

H John and Jean Johnsen
Our Divided World Ministry

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