8 Bible Questions Answered-Part 4 of 7

8 Bible Questions Answered – Part 4 of 7

We at Our Divided World Ministry have also been answering your Holy Bible questions in posts and in our Sermonettes series in case you want to listen instead of reading.

You can find them on our Sermon/Sermonettes page. Click Here

There are 70 questions so far, and we are posting them in groups as we answer them in the Sermonette podcasts.

Some of the following are not very surprising due to the dilution of the Holy Bible by those individuals and groups that oppose it’s meaning of its Holy word.

Here is the continuing group of questions and answers:

19. Was Noah’s Flood Fictional?

Well, that is a good question that seems to have answers and then no answers. It was decided that the Ark would have settled in the mountains in Ararat in the mountains of Turkey. There is a claim it was found, but no definitive proof has been brought to light until a recent video of the geography of the Grand Canyon. It’s called the gandcanyonmovie.com.

I watched it an it makes sense. At least to me. I guess it depends on how someone perceives the geography and video presentation.

The one thing I do know is that the Holy Bible tells us in Genesis 7 & 8 that it was a global flood because it rained for forty days and nights, but some say it was an area flood. But if it was indeed an area flood how is it that the food could just stop at, say, the border of North America’s highest mountains and not go any further? that is basically impossible for water always finds its own level.

Plus in the Holy Bible it tells us in Genesis 8:5 that “the waters decreased continually until the tenth month. In the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains were seen.” How is that for a serious global flood! Ten months later it still wasn’t even close to ground level!

So, I truly believe it was a worldwide flood as told in Genesis 7.

Some question where would all that water would come from? To me the answer is easy. If God can make water, He can make as much as He wants anytime. Of course, those who don’t believe in God, most likely don’t believe in the flood of Noah, so there’s no debate there.

Non-biblical believers also can’t believe in the flood either. Why? Because they don’t believe in the Holy Bible, so no debate here either.

So, where is the Ark, you ask?

Considering it was over 5,000 years ago, and the actual wood should have rotted away long ago, except for the pitch, that covered and sealed the wood. But, I’m not sure of the scientific length of the time pitch will last on wood, so it is possible to still be discovered in the mountains of Turkey where the Bible tells us in Genesis 8:4 “Then the ark rested in the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat.” Ararat is located in eastern Turkey.

So, there have been many claims over the years of it’s discovery, but no solid proof that I am aware of.

Time will tell us or God will… in His time.

20. How Can The Bible Help Me With Everyday Life?

The Bible is full of verses written that can help you navigate this sinful and out-of-control world, and Proverbs or James is a good place to start.

This is, of course, my opinion about a how-to-live your life chapters that can help you become a better person, and help you avoid things that create stress, anger, hate, pain, anxiety, hurt and sin.

Hold on!

I am going to read a few verses from Proverbs so you get the idea of why I mentioned this book.

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…”,

Proverbs 4:14 “Do not enter the path of the wicked…”

Proverbs 10:11 “The mouth of the righteous is a well of life”

Proverbs 12:1 “Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.”

Proverbs 15:1-2 “A soft answer turns away wrath…”

Every Proverb has a nugget of wisdom, knowledge and more. Read and learn. This is what you can do, since wisdom will keep you away from sin and sinning.

Unfortunately, many preachers only read the Bible, and don’t actually explain how to fix the problems in our lives. Each Christian must take hold of the Bible and read it for themselves.

Think of the Bible as a self-help book. You wouldn’t have a problem picking up a self-help book… right?

The Bible is the same thing… a self-help book, and as with all books you have to read it to help yourself.

It’s not magic. Just miraculous.

21. Why Should I Care About Reading The Bible?

Reading the Bible is a total free choice. Reading it should be your decision and not a decision made by others to keep you from reading it. Or from those who want you to read it. Decided for yourself.

It’s not going to be a “life shattering decision”, but it will be a “life altering one”. A decision that will benefit you in so many ways I can’t list them here since there are many.

So, why should you read the Bible? I can give you a few simple reasons:

1. You want to learn how to live a more sin-free and righteous life as a Christian.

2. What most preachers leave out is salvation and how to achieve it, so you actually need to read it if you want salvation in your future.

3. It can help you get through many of life’s problems if you read Proverbs and/or James.

4. It explains how to the future will be affected by the world and it’s inhabitants today.

5. The future is revealed in Revelations for the believers of Jesus Christ and non-believers.

But the most importation reason as a Christian is to be able to tell others about the hope in Jesus Christ for the future that will be bad for those still left on earth after the rapture of the true and repentant Christians.

22. Why Don’t I Hear God’s Voice.

I really like this question, and I have the same thought! Does anyone hear God’s voice. I have been told by my wife Jean that she speaks to God each night and she hears His voice.

Glory to her and those who hear.

I pray daily and through out the day, but don’t think or know if I hear His voice. Some say it is like a whisper and others have said it sounds like their own voice. To that I say as long as what is being said is not bad or evil then it must be Gods voice.

If you do hear an inner voice, and are not sure if it is God or Satan, know this, God would never tell you anything bad, or mislead you into doing something evil or sinful.

God’s direction for you is simply… good, no matter what others tell you.

Still not sure? Pray to God for guidance, and He will direct you towards righteousness.

Of course your prayers may not be hear as quoted in James 4:3 which reads “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.”

And, of course, Proverbs 15:29 “The Lord is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayers of the righteous.” Meaning if you are sinning and praying He won’t hear you.

So, whether you hear God’s voice or not, know that He will be with you daily if you have faith, belief, repentance and acceptance of His son Jesus Christ.

23. Is A ‘Church’ Still A ‘Church’ Even In A Storefront, Park Or A Home?

YES! the Bible tells us to preach God’s word where ever we are or travel. We are so used to going into elaborate, and not so elaborate building, but it we remove the “CHURCH STUFF” it’s still just a building.

Jesus tells us in Colossians 1:24, “I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ, for the sake of His body which is the church.”

We can gather and speak about the Glory of God, and it can be anywhere we choose. As a matter-of-fact, why not start a “Bible Conversation” group with neighbors or other church members in your home?

I’m sure you will get a lot out of it than you do sitting in a church listening to the preacher. Listening and speaking will cause your mind to react differently. when you hear someone speaking you may get distracted and miss some important points. But when you talk about something you have to focus your mind to help guide you along your path.

Also, when we talk about God’s word, the Holy Spirit helps us build our wisdom and knowledge of the Bible, faith, and Jesus Christ.

Then you can all go and spread the gospel to others.

24. Can The Bible Fix Emotional Problems?

I am not a doctor, so my advice is to seek medical help if you have a serious psychological problem,

but if we are talking about basic hate and anger… did you get that “basic?” I would say yes.

The Bible can help you with many problems such as anger, hate, jealousy, greed, pride, prejudice, adultery, sexual deviations and much more if you take the time to read it. Most Bibles come with a concordance or index in the back where you can look up many problems and find ways to help

yourself out of them by reading the scriptures.

But you have to believe in the Holy Bible, just as you would any self-help book, and accepting Jesus Christ can make that process a little bit easier once the glorious Holy Spirit comes to you.

25. Why The Lack Of Gratitude From The Church? (Jean’s Story)

Unfortunately it’s called greed. Many churches need to pay for their buildings and staff so some money is needed, but others use the money for lavish items they bestow on themselves, such as cars, vacations, etc. Why? Greed, of course.

I know someone who was going to church on a regular basis, but eventually couldn’t afford to give e weekly donation. So, when it came time to have their child baptized, the clergy told them it would cost them since they weren’t giving their tithe.

I have heard very similar stories from other church parishioners who have stopped going for similar reasons, and especially when they are told “I didn’t get your donation this Sunday.”

I guess churches expect 10% tithing because the Bible tells us to tithe. However, it does not tell us to tithe 10%. It never give a number, except to say to give to God. And, that tithing is to the storehouse to help the needy and not the church.

26. Why The Unnecessary Church Showiness?

That’s easy. The church leaders are concerned about attendance and donations to the church.

People are leaving in record numbers, so the church wants to get anyone they can inside by having music and rock concerts in the hopes it will help gather more donations or at least keep donations at the previous levels.

I am actually waiting for amusement rides before or after services.

Unfortunately, the rock concerts will only last so long, and the people who attend are not there for the scriptures but for the music.

Consequently, the church claims many new converts, but they are only temporary converts who forget about the scripture after they leave, but remember the music.

There are several large concert venues touted as Gospel or Jesus festivals, but these dilute Jesus and the Bible to promote an easier and more loving God. Unfortunately, for the attendees, they have not even touched the surface of Jesus Christ and redemption because the so-called concert preachers are preaching a false-gospel.

They are leaving out sin, repentance, acceptance, salvation, the rapture and tribulation. All the things that you need for acceptance into heaven.

I am not sure if the attendees even care about the scriptures or salvation. I pray they do for their sake.

If you have any questions that have not been answered pleases email us at: john@ourdividedworld.com or jean@ourdividedworld.com, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer, and post your question on our website.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ

H John and Jean Johnsen
Our Divided World Ministry

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