7 Holy Bible Questions to Ponder


The 7 Holy Bible Questions

We all get here eventually, questioning the Holy Bible and its contents. We don’t question history, science, or other academic books. Why? Because no one questions their contents or validity.

So, who questions the contents of the Holy Bible? That is not an easily answered question, but I can say it is most likely atheists, some scientists, science enthusiasts, conspiracy theorists, other religions, non-believers, and yes…especially those who never read it.

I am sure there are many others, but I just want to show you the depth of those opposing its existence. Why? Probably lots of reasons, but it’s better to ask them than to speculate. Besides this is about the Holy Bible, not non-believers.

However, I will touch on one of the groups listed. Some scientists. There is a list of scientists that do believe in God, but I would imagine they need to temper their faith and belief for the scientific community. How would a scientist explain his long-winded finding if he just said, “God created it?”

Then there are the conspiracy theorist that believe it is a book that can hypnotize you into believing or oppress the readers. I wonder how that actually works with any book? Are you feeling woozy? Or ready to moo like a cow? Sounds absurd…right?

There will always be those that want their beliefs forced on others, and those who will bad mouth anything they don’t like. However, I do have to wonder whether they have actually read the Bible or the “hypnotize” concept has just been passed down?

I read parts of the Holy Bible years ago and it didn’t change a thing in my thinking. Why? Because I wasn’t ready for my life to be changed. Of course, not being a Holy Bible or Jesus believer at the time, I had no idea my life could even be changed.

I wish I had someone back then to help me change my life through Jesus Christ.

Now, I have some questions for you to ponder about the Holy Bible:

  1. Have you ever read any part of the Holy Bible? Even a single page?
  2. Do you believe in the God who created heaven and earth?
  3. How do you feel personally seeing someone reading the Holy Bible in public?
  4. Do you think it is just a book of words and nice stories?
  5. Do you believe it is a dangerous book?
  6. Do you know what the Holy Bible is about?
  7. Do you believe it is a book of conspiracy theories?

Once you have had the time to ponder those questions, I have added my comments to each question and hope that might clear up some confusion.

  1. I have read many parts, but not the whole book… yet.
  2. I do believe in God without a doubt in my mind. Personally, spiritually and scientifically.
  3. When I see anyone reading anything I don’t think anything. Why would I? It could be a newspaper or comic book and judging is not for me to do. But to myself I think, “I am glad that person is reading God’s word.” Of course, you will always have the non-believer who will make fun or have a negative comment to make, but that is to be expected.
  4. It is a book of chapters both good and bad actually. There are good times and times of suffering. It is really a book on how to live your life in the best way possible.
  5. Well, it could be dangerous if someone got hit with the Bible very hard I guess or, if your not careful and get lots of paper cuts. But, it also might cause you to do good things and how can that be bad.
  6. In general terms, it is a book of how to live your life from God written by men through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  7. I have what I think is a good response to that question. The Holy Bible chapters span over 1500 years with archeological and scientific proof. The stories were written in several different countries, by diverse people, in different languages, from different walks of life. And, many under threat of oppression, prosecution, and death. So, I am not sure how anyone can speak about “conspiracy theories.”

Now that you know my thoughts, you have the option of learning for yourself if you choose. So now you know, the Holy Bible won’t hurt, or hypnotize you. It is only there to make your life better. But you have to decide on your own. And, no, I am not hypnotizing you.

Each of us makes a conscious decision on how to live our lives good or bad. Of course, we all have the option of changing bad to good if we choose.

Remember, as I heard this said that “You have a choice and if you don’t choose you will have already chosen.” I am not sure who said it but it is true.

If you decide to know more and would like some assistance regarding the Holy Bible, please let us know and we will do our best to help you. EMAIL US or comment below. Thanks.

Blessing to all,
John & Jean


If you have any ponderable Holy Bible questions please let us know in the comments box. We would love to do a second post of more questions! Thanks.

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