I’m Tired of Being Labeled a Christian


I’m tired of being labeled a Christian by anyone… including Christians. Those who believe in God and maybe Jesus Christ proudly wear the label, “Christian.” I always wonder to myself, “Are they really Christian if they go against God’s word in the Holy Bible?”

The dictionary definition of a Christian is, “Someone who preaches, announces or communicates the gospel and a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

Think about that for a minute. The word “Christian” came from the disciples and is only mentioned 3 times. Acts 11:26 / Acts 26:28 / 1 Peter 4:16

That tells me it is not such an important word in the Holy Bible, and Jesus didn’t use it at all.

However, Christians are required to pass on the word of God, but it seems that most are silent. Matthew 24:14. The world is out of control and many Christians are not trying to help, but actually adding to the world’s misery with arguments, fighting, name-calling, and hate speaking.

Today with computers, cell-phone, and TV we are bombarded with fake news, political and religious views, and rhetoric from all sides and everywhere.

But it seems the biggest rabbit hole Christians fall into is one of world views and politics. It actually used to be conspiracy theories, and I think it is still there but not as predominant with the takeover of fake news.

Christians and churches are more and more involved in arguing, in-fighting, and taking sides when it becomes political and against their party. They will even come storming out of the church pews to get into the battle.

The words fly and the resentment builds until you are no longer a Christian and going against your own biblical beliefs. That is… if you are a Christian to begin with.

Now, remember the only battle Christians are supposed to be involved in is the one against evil and the devil. The scripture says to put on the armor of God and fight your scriptural/spiritual battle. Ephesians 6:11

Do you call yourself a Christian when you hate, fight, gossip, steal and lie? Do you watch raunchy and out-of-control reality shows? Oh, that’s right, you watch them for laughs. I guess your TV network has no reasonably clean comedy shows?

I am not a prude by any means, but those shows go way beyond anything I would have expected to see on TV, but I could see it was coming with a slow drip.

Even TV commercials are now taunting more sex and subjects against God’s laws. My point is the shows are becoming more and more promiscuous making it seem like a normal part of life. How will that affect the younger generations and how they see the world? Accepting all the things, that we as Christians know as sins?

If you don’t know what sin is as a Christian, perhaps you should read the 10 Commandments. Exodus 20:1-17

It seems that the title, “Christian” is easily applied when you just go to church on Sunday, but you probably never read the Bible during the week, or maybe not at all. Or you read it, and then you are cursing, arguing, yelling at the TV news, and fighting with family, friends, or neighbors. That does not make you a Christian by any means.

Perhaps it’s time for the “Christian” to look at themselves inside, and see just how much they are not a true Christian.

Do you know what is a true Christian? And don’t just say “I am” or “Me”

A true Christian has faith, belief, and acceptance of Jesus Christ and will avoid the things that take them away from the Bible’s teachings.

So, you still think you are a Christian?

Think about the TV shows and movies you watch but mostly how you react to them. In politics, do you vote for those that have a proven (the keyword is proven.) Christian background? Look at them closely and see what they say and do to further their political agenda as Christians. Power is a tricky master and Satan will always steer you away from God’s word. So, do you really think you voted for a Christian in the elections?

How about this?

Do you allow your children to watch adult-rated films or shows that enhance their thinking away from the scriptures? As we all know, the TV is a babysitter but you wouldn’t hire some of the out-of-control TV characters to babysit your children in your home, would you?

Would Jesus approve of any of this?

The world has sunk lower and lower with the devil’s enjoyment, and it has been accepted by many Christians who seem to have lost their way.

It’s like a bunch of children (God’s children) being out of control. Look around, and if you can’t see it you will probably have to actually open your eyes.

You are aware of the phrase, “one bad apple spoils the barrel” right? Well, that’s exactly what’s going on. People call themselves Christians while lying, stealing, cheating, gossiping, and every sinful other activity that causes or creates hate and anger.

Religious Christian leaders fall by the wayside from scandals, mega wealth (while homelessness and poverty grow), and prosperity preachers trying to take your money in the guise of tithing.

(Not sure what prosperity preachers are? Here is a quick link that explains the prosperity preacher and even names several of them: The Prosperity Gospel – False Preachers (worshipinspiritandtruth.net)

All this while the younger generation is watching adult/parent so-called Christian actions as hypocrites. And I totally agree with them.

Even my adult daughter who is unsure of her belief at the moment said to me that she felt Christians are hypocrites. She hears how they speak to others, especially about the world and politics, as well as how they speak to people in general. And, they are constantly telling the world how they are Christian but do things that go against the scriptures.

The church is the biggest culprit of anti-Christian action by getting involved directly in politics. Everyone knows politics is a catalyst for arguments and anger.

The only work the church is supposed to do is the further the gospel and spread the word of God and the Holy Bible. Sadly though, the church has become totally inept as I continually hear from friends and have experienced personally But, I do have an article about “The Inept Church” if you want to learn more.

Unfortunately, I could not deny that fact since I know many Christians who just claim the title and not the actions of true Christians (Jesus Christ followers).

And that was when I realized, that the title “Christian” is no longer what it means. So, Jean and I are working on finding a new word for our faith and belief, but for now, it will be Evangeciples (evangelist and disciple) until we come up with a new term or something different.

Yeah, I like that, until the Holy Spirit gives it a new name.

Blessing to all believers and non-believers and those in-between.

John & Jean Johnsen

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