A Christmas Past Poster Design

I have always been into art since I was a little kid. I remember entering a school art contest (not sure what age or grade) when I was young and receiving honorable mention. Of course my parents didn’t agree but I was happy with that award.

That was the catalyst for my drive going forward into art and design as an adult.

Very fast forward to this time.

I designed a few posters for each holiday and remember one that I thought was probably on every child’s mind whose parents couldn’t afford gifts. “Santa Never Comes Here”

So I decided to think like a child when putting this together and it worked out just right. Christmas is a magical time in a child’s mind and that was how I saw this concept. Magical…with Santa hiding and the child thinking of all those toys.

I did of course take a lot of time working on all the different parts but well worth it in my mind.

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