Christmas Fun Poster

Just thought I would add some fun on the site since it is December and Christmas is not very far away.

The kiddies are getting prepared (their lists and getting snuggled – if they still do) and the parents are getting crazy looking for the perfect gifts.

Well…it’s been a long time since I was doing that but now I don’t have to run around since I already did that in the past…way past. I will admit at times it was really fun.

Aside for that it is still a magical and wonderful time if only it could remain for the rest of the year. Minus the decorations I think.

Christmas is the time for giving and receiving; although the giving part should be the only thought. Families getting together and some putting their differences aside. Some for just December and others forgiving and letting go of the past.

Anyway; I decided to put a poster I designed a few years back that should give everyone a little more of a look at my background.

Santas Spaceship

This one involved the actual space shuttle image and a snowy mountain pass. It was fun to do and reasonably quick.

I will be posting another one as soon as I find it in my external drive and posting one for Our Divided World soon after and before Christmas.

Our Divided World

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