A Difficult Interview With Satan

A Difficult Interview With Satan

I wrote “difficult” because I needed to relax my faith, and belief just enough to decided what questions to ask. It was difficult because I wasn’t sure if Satan would try to snare me in his devious traps so I needed to be partially open and protected.

I knew the Lord would be watching over me and keep me from evil, and He did. There were probably many more questions but I was trying to concentrate on the most important ones. Not sure if the answers are truthful, but you can decide for yourself as you read Satan’s answers.

Why Are You Here?

Well, I was having a problem in heaven and tried to do what I wanted and it didn’t work out. So, I was cast out. That’s what happens when you try to control something. Anyway, here I am, happily in charge of you sinners! Now I can really do as I please to gain more non-believers and atheists.

Are You Alone?

No! I have a legion of angels who work with me day and not creating chaos for God’s believers and trying to change them into non-believers. That’s pretty easy with those who faith and belief are weak. At this point I have a pretty vast army of sinners working tirelessly without even knowing it to make this world completely sinful!

Even god sometimes gives me permission to try to turn people to see if their faith is strong. I did that with Job and made his life miserable, but he never faltered, unfortunately for me even after taking just about everything from him, and pounding him with lose after lose.

So, in the end God gave him much more then he had to start with, I’m sorry to say. I was successful with Judas Iscariot in attempting to get rid of Jesus but in the end that didn’t work sad to say.

I do have God helping me from time to time for testing peoples faith, and I am glad when their faith fails and they fall from God.

What, If any, Humans Do You Like?

I especially like non-believers and atheists because they have been fooled into thinking they were even believers to begin with, because true believers don’t just walk away from God. They are weak and feeble and I control them, not God.

Of course, sinners are my true army, and today there are many more than in the past when more people were faithful. I am finding it real easy to convince humans that they can do as they please without any regard for others or their future, and they fall in line like cattle to a slaughter.

I also like the fools who like to recite the words, “The greatest act of Satan was that he convinced the world he doesn’t exist”. I came up with that one not any human. The best one is when they say, “Go into the church where Satan can’t enter”. What a bunch of fools, I can enter anywhere, and do, well almost, except heaven, at this time until I take it over.

I especially like scientists, geologists, and archaeologists who think the world is much older then it has been said. I like their ego and pride to not want to admit they learned from those in the past that were completely fooled by my words to them. I love proud and prideful people to grow my army of sinners to take over God’s kingdom!

Are You Feeling Good About Your Plans?

I am working tirelessly to undermine all of God’s words and laws. this was much harder in the past when many were not able to communicate so easily.

Now it is easier to spread hate an danger very quickly without many humans even having any idea of what is happening to them! The inventions have made it easier for me to spread discourse and provide false doctrine to those who don’t know the difference.

It will also be much easier to turn people from the truth than ever before with false preacher and false stories of the past. Yes, I am feeling great about being able to turn and deceive many people so quick! They are also fooled into thinking being around me is just so much fun and in hell it will be easy.

But, they don’t realize because they mankind is stupid, and that hell with be the worse experience they will ever know!!

Is There Any Way that You Could Lose Your Grip On Humanity?

I do not want to reveal these things, but to simply say yes if too many true Jesus followers change the minds of non-believers and atheists. Hopefully my grip on those is strong enough to keep them from even thinking of becoming faithful believers of Jesus. I hope more and more humans fall into sin so I can destroy what I hate…mankind!

What People Do You Dislike?

All of them! They are just too stupid to know of my battles against God and His people or His favorites. But, mostly the righteous. they are very hard to turn back into sinners, very hard, but I keep trying to find one little opening in their faith to flip them back into sin.

If You Can, Tell Me How Your Manipulation Works

I would rather not, but since I believe many will not believe this I will tell you, plus my pride and vanity compels me to. I make mankind believe they are thinking for themselves, but it’s my sinful thoughts that are in their heads. In the end they will find out how stupid they really are.

Is It Easy To Manipulate Humans?

Absolutely, and I am surprised at how easy and much easier it is becoming. It was much harder in the past since many were true believers, but I have convinced them that they are wrong! People are stupid and think they are doing things under their own thoughts.

Here is a secret. You are either under God’s guidance or my hell! Hopefully you will come to my hell of extreme death, pain and destruction. And the false church and preachers are really helping my war on God. They go to church and think I’m not there, but they should realize it is just a building and the preachers are false doctrine speakers to please the masses and not God!

Do You Target Specific People or Groups of People?

The Jews mostly because they are God’s chosen people and have to exist for Jesus to return, so I have done a ll I can to eliminate and eradicate them from the earth. All the wars against Jerusalem in years past didn’t work and the holocaust helped but not completely since my side lost.

But many of them have survived, but I will keep trying to bring hate and death on them because many have no idea of what is too come. Glorious turmoil and death. A literal hell on earth for a time being…my favorite.

I also target true faith believers and the preachers. The preachers because they are easy to convert and they want riches and lost their faith in the past.

Do You Have a Comment About The Faithful of Jesus Christ?

I can’t stand the righteous ones who fight me at every turn with Him at their side. But I am gaining good control on the church goers and hypocrites. They go to church and learn nothing and that is the best for me! Learn nothing good or righteous.

I especially like the so-called Christians rob, fight, argue and commit heinous crimes against each other as I love. But the best part is when they don’t pray to God or even repent of their sins! They don’t believe they are sinners because my voice in their heads tell them that so they are easily convinced they are not.

Those who walk away from God and Jesus are my favorite because I can cause them to go even deeper into their sins to eventually walk with me in hell and suffer as I will.

What Do You Have To Say About How You Are Portrayed Today?

I created those things and thoughts. I show them a side of me that doesn’t exist…the nice guy! It took quite a while for me to convince storytellers and writers that I’m not bad and to pass it on the mankind! Stupid people.

Keep telling them the lies so I have more minions for my eventual battle against God. Also, keep using His name in vain in movies and TV since it is still blasphemous even when you read it and that makes you even more of a sinner!

It is so easy to recruit more sinners than ever before with this social media. Keep telling the lies about God so you can join me in the dregs of hell.

Do You Have Any Involvement With global Warming?

It was my idea from the beginning, and the only way to have mankind disconnect from God. This started a long time ago when mankind knew God created the weather and to convince scientists that it was from a global warming idea. This working great and it really stuck.

Also, to eliminate God more completely I had to put the blame on stupid humanity and they really believe the lies. They believe the storms, earthquakes, floods and fires are the cause of global warming!

And I even get them to be greedy to find monetary ways of fighting a non-existent idea and that leads to more greed. This is all God’s doing because He is angry at mankind for their continuing and growing sinful nature and ignorance of His laws and commandments.

Even the angels in heaven know better. I have been working on this form many years and have large organizations, but I won’t say who, working at my bidding and changing the world for my takeover coming soon!

How Do You See The World Ending?

My answer might be too much for the non-believers and atheists but with death and eternity is the darkness which is hell. I’m not the good guy as some foolish ones think because they are really stupid and I can’t stand humans. I will make sure that all of mankind are complete sinners so I can defeat God and mankind can suffer as never before in history.

Do You Have a Favorite Angel or Human Quote?

My own. What God hates (sin), I want more! Sin!

Well, that was much harder than I anticipated, and it created a gap in my spiritual thinking. But my faith has kept me on my God given path. I hope you find some understanding and wisdom in this interview. I know I did and hope to pass it on the several believers and non-believers.
Grace to you and peace from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

H John J
Disciple for Jesus

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