A Personal Interview With Jesus Christ

A Personal Interview with Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior

OK. Some might think a personal interview with Our Lord and Savior is not possible, but I will say to you if you are a true follower of Jesus Christ, all things are possible. It was necessary to do this so He could explain what He wanted to do, what He did do, and what He will do.

The world has been growing darker and scripturally colder for quite a while, while many seem to be sleeping and not speaking up. All the signs of nature point to, not global warming, but God’s warning to us to change our ways and come back to Him.

Our sinful nature has destroyed our country, children, and lives. It’s time, before it’s too late to stop sinning and start praying and repenting! I am asking the questions, and He is speaking the answers, and I was trying to keep up with His words:

There are those who say you said “Do not judge.” Did you say this, and what does it mean?

I did, but have I also not told you to take the log out of your own eye before trying to remove the spec in eye of another? Truly, I tell you, it means if you are one who steals, don’t accuse another of stealing. If you catch someone cheating and you are also a cheat, don’t accuse them.

I tell you to rebuke sinners for sins that you yourself do not commit, and you will be right in my eyes. But rebuke with understanding and kindness, because rebuking with hate and anger is evil in my eyes.

Let’s clear up comments about you saying you came here as a friend and to make people happy. What would you say to them?

I only came here to bring my Father’s word, suffer, and die for the sins of humanity. All other thoughts or words are born of false teachers that I call vipers, and there are many of them and more to come.

I say to my children, beware of these false words. Take the time to truly understand the words of my Father so you don’t get caught believing the lies of those standing with Satan, and as I have said, there are many! They fall into his trap because they are not smart enough to know when they are being fooled.

I have warned you about false teachers and prophets from before, but you have not heard or learned! I will warn you once again that there are many false preachers, but take heed this time because it may be your last before the end times arrive. Beware and be aware of false teachers and prophets.

Why did you come, and who sent you?

I came only for the sinners and not for the righteous. The righteous don’t need my guidance from sin. I came from my Father, who sent me to pay the price of death that would have been redeemed upon all the sinners, in the hope that all the people He loves would turn away from sin and back to Him.

I tell you, I prayed several times to be released from this terrible death, but I accepted my Father’s will to suffer for the sins of mankind so they wouldn’t have to instantly pay the debt of death, as was in Noah’s time with the great flood.

To the sinners, I say that if you faithfully follow my Father’s commandments, they will lead you out of sin and into righteousness.

Why didn’t you just stop the crucifixion? You could have.

Truly, I say to you that I could have summoned 10 legions of angels to save me and destroy those wanting to kill me, but the prophecies of my Father had to come to pass, as others prophecies have, and will to come, and that would only happen with my crucifixion, death, and resurrection.

Satan tried desperately to get me to accept his many offers of riches and ruling to take over heaven, but my path was very clear as my Father set it in motion from the beginning.

Some have said you have two fathers, and God is non-binary.

I was born miraculously, as told in prophecy, and have no earthly Father. I have told you before that I am the Son of God! Truly, I tell you, my Father is in heaven, and Joseph was of great importance to my life. All other talk is that of Satan, and those who speak this are children of the devil who need to repent and come to me for forgiveness.

How do you respond to the worldly idea of changing from male to female and female to male?

I tell you this is evil and will come to pass, and those who walk this evil path will find no relief in the end times. My Father created a man and a woman at the beginning of the world, and told you so. Those who want to be deceived by the charlatans preaching this will find no peace. Their pain will exceed their foolishness. I say to them to come to me, and find your way back from the evil that has taken you over, and I will help restore and strengthen your faith and belief.

Who really condemned you to die on the cross? Religious groups claim each other’s fault.

My Father wanted to destroy mankind again because of their sinful nature, as in the days of Noah, but because He loved them so much, He decided to send me to suffer that price of death. But someone had to cause me to be condemned to die, and those who did not believe the words I spoke were the ones who pressured the ones in charge to crucify me.

The Pharisees saw me as a threat to their rule over the Jewish people, and the Romans wanted to avoid a battle with the Jewish people. So you could say it was the Jews and the Romans who crucified me.

Sadly, Judas betrayed me for some silver because he fell into the hands of Satan, and his faith and belief in me were very weak. But truly, I say to you, it was necessary for me to die for the sins of humanity; therefore, human sins were the true cause of my crucifixion and death.

Truly, I tell you, many of little knowledge of these events blame the Jews or the Romans, but they only played a small part in trying to bring mankind out of sin.

What is your comment to sinners, especially those who believe they are not sinners?

As I have said and say again, repent and leave your sins and earthly desires in the dust. Anyone who says they are not a sinner is a liar and belongs to Satan. Those sinners who have truly repented and have faith in the Father, belong to the Father, and are Children of God!

You will be brought up to heaven until the tribulation time on earth is done and a new heaven and earth are established. All the sinners who don’t repent and continue to sin are children of Satan and will suffer the same fate as he will by being thrown into the pit of fire and be tormented day and night. As I have told you, where the worm never dies.

But sinners have one chance to escape this terrible fate. Accept me as your Lord and Savior, repent of your sins, stop sinning, and give your life to me. At the end times you will have no excuse that will free you from suffering the worst fate known to mankind if you don’t do these things I have said.

Am I trying to scare you? Yes! You should be scared, as I have said the tribulation will be the worst time on earth! To those, I truly say, I love all sinners who repent.

Those who believe they are not sinners ask “What is a sin?” What would you say to them to clear this up?

You know what a sin is or you would not ask. You knew this from your beginning and know right from wrong. As I have said you are a sinner, and were born into sin. There are many sins in my eyes, and I tell you to repent of your sins or my death will have no meaning.

Repent of your sin and sin no more and I will forgive you and bring you into my fold. But if you continue to sin, I will not know you, and will be one of Satan’s children and suffer his fate.

To them, I also say, sin is unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, envy, hate, anger, murder, strife, deceit, cursing, backbiters, pride, lying, stealing, adultery, cheating, greed, boasting, devising evil, covetousness, untrustworthy, uncaring, unloving, unmerciful, men with men, and women with women leaving their natural for unnatural, of these things you know but ignore my Father’s words.

He gave you the ten commandments to guide you to a more righteous life, but you also toss them aside as a dead branch. Truly, I say to you, the fear of my Father is to hate sin, and the time is near to repent or suffer in the end times.

I love those who love me.

What would you say to the churches and preachers today?

To them, I would say, You brood of vipers! Have they never read or understood the words of my Father! You say you are preaching the word of God, but you change and add words to fit your pride and greed and the people. You have an unclean spirit!

Truly I say to you, those who speak truth declares righteousness, but a false witness, deceit. I also say to these hypocrites who honor me with their lips but whose hearts are far from mine, You worship in vain; woe to you in the last days! How is it that you truly don’t understand the words of my Father?

To the churches, I say, If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. You lead the people astray for your own gain, and speak words to make the people happy, but you do not speak words to make the Father happy. You concern yourselves with money to fill your coffers while the poor and homeless suffer.

You tell a false story about tithing to fool the people instead of collecting it and giving it to the poor, homeless, and widows, as my Father has commanded. You are of Satan and should repent and preach my Father’s words and not change or alter them as He has told you.

How is Satan and his earthly plan doing?

Sadly, I tell you, he has trapped many in his evil schemes and is bringing more into his fold with the help of false preachers, compromised and dead churches, and his ungodly angels.

He rules the clergy who teach the compromised and altered words of my Father. A lie to fool the people so they will be made comfortable in their sinful nature and unaware they are so.

He creates constant discord, hate, and anger that many feel this way is normal and acceptable. Many see Satan as a little evil character that fools people, but fail to truly understand he is a an evil being sending people to their ultimate death for eternity.

Truly, I tell you, this death is one of being awake and suffering forever! My coming was to free mankind from Satan’s evil grasp, but sadly, many have fallen into his trap of doing whatever they want and ignoring my Father’s words and commandments.

I have told you before to walk away from Satan before the end of days, when it will be too late!

What will you say to non-believers and atheists?

As you have been told, you have free will to do as you please. Right or wrong, it is your choice. My Father’s word was given at the beginning of the world He created, and many didn’t listen.

He was very angry at this and caused a great flood to destroy His original creation. Sadly, I say to you that sin has once again grown into the world, but my father created the rainbow to say He would never use a flood again.

This time He is sending warnings of destruction in the form of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and severe heat one after the other to give many a chance to renounce Satan and come to He who loves you.

Truly, I say to you, who I love, fight to remove Satan’s grasp, repent of your sins, and accept me as your Lord and Savior and I will guide you.

Atheists, come back to me for your not understanding the reasons you walked away from the Father, and I will bring you back into the fold, so you all will be saved from the horror that is truly coming as the world descends into chaos, wars, and final destruction in the tribulation as prophesied from the beginning!

Do you have a plan to fix humanity?

Truly, my plan was and is to have everyone saved through repentance and believing of Him who sent me.

Many are caught in Satan’s web and too lazy to find their way to the light. I am not speaking of the true believers, but of all of humanity.

The disciples purposely joined me to spread the word of my Father throughout the world. Many heard, and many wouldn’t hear. Those who listened might be dead but will rise again at the time of my return.

There will be scoffers, as I have told you, who walk in Satan’s path and will suffer terribly in the end days. I wish it wasn’t so, but I warned you from the very beginning.

You have chosen to believe the lies of false preachers and people who claim to know the age of the world and universe and are being deceived by Satan to lead them away from the Father and to their own destruction.

Only the Father knows such things of the world and universe! You have a chance to wake up before the end, but once you die in unbelief, you will return to suffer for eternity.

You question, what if I’m wrong? Truly, I say to you, you are wrong!

This is a silly question, but one I have to ask. Will America be saved in the end times?

I tell you this as I have told you before, nothing will be left after the tribulation time ends. All the cities and countries, save one, will be completely destroyed.

This America was once a flower of the Lord that was watered with His words, and the people obeyed His commandments. But in many years, it has been wilting and dying from the ignoring and forgetting of my Fathers words and turning to sin.

But I give hope to those who believe and have faith to be saved from the tribulation times, so that they will rein with me in the new heaven on earth, that is Jerusalem.

And truly, I say to all non-believers to come to me, and all atheists to come back to me, and be saved with everlasting life in the new Garden of Eden that will cover the whole of the earth. I say, come to me and be saved with my abiding and everlasting love.

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Peace to you from God our Father.
H John
Disciple for Our divided World Ministry

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