Grumpy & Tired From the Long Day?


Of course you are and who wouldn’t be. You are bombarded at work with more work; just fighting to get through with the work you already have to finish.

Then to make matters worse you have an issue at home to pile on your already wearing down self, You want to try to resolve it but you start getting verbally hit from all directions.

Or maybe you are having a problem with a relationship, and don’t know what to do but with your boss breathing down your neck you don’t seem to have room for anything else.

Perhaps you lost your job and have family members giving you their two-cents about what to do next or even out-of-sort-friends that want your undivided attention.

All of these scenarios can drive you out-of-control and bring you to a boil quickly. And you don’t want your anger to spill out on the ones you love because it can only bring more problems and pain to you and them.

Are any of these similar to your life?

At least you can’t say your life is dull…right?

I know how difficult it can be to function when things are upside down and have been down those roads many times in my past.

It is important to find a way off that road and pull yourself together to figure things out without any outside distractions.

So what can you do?

Find a place to be alone (if possible or wait until you can) and focus on the issue at hand. Work on only one problem (hopefully you only have one) at a time. If you can’t do it at home go the the library, coffee shop or park.

But don’t focus so much on the problem as finding a solution, and try to get your anger under control before going home, but just let your loved ones know you are figuring things out and will be home; soon so they don’t worry.


Maybe you have a spouse or good friend that will help you get through these tough times. I know I have and it has helped me cope and move on. A committed spouse and good friend is very hard to find.

Are you a Christian? You can do the same thing but you should also go to the Holy Spirit for guidance. As a Spiritualist you can go to God. Either way you can get help to calm you down and guide you in the right direction.

The Bible is a great source for comfort and calmness and ways to solve your problems. Don’t have one? You don’t have to buy one; just go to the local library and read it there.

You can also go on-line and search out a verse or parable about your circumstances and see what you find. You might be very surprised.

To God’s Glory!

Our Divided World

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