Do You Play By The Rules?


Do you play by the rules?

We don’t always play by the rules. Society and the movies have taught us that we don’t get anywhere by playing by the rules. Of course, not playing by the rules can easily and quickly get us into trouble.

I recall a quickly-decided after-work football game we put together at the last minute of one department versus another. Anyway, we were deciding on the rules, and I was doing my best to get my way. What was my way? While most were talking about a flag game (where you put a piece of material in the players’ pockets and try to put it out to simulate a tackle), I was spouting tackle. Keep in mind, we only had a football. No equipment or uniforms; just regular clothes.

And no. We were not professional rugby players.

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Now I’m sure you are thinking, “Are you crazy?!”

The answer at that time was “Yes, and proud.”

PROVERBS 16:5 / 18-19

Needless to say, there was some heavy debate about the flag, but my cocky attitude won out. And now you are thinking, “Who plays tackle football without equipment (except rugby players who do get hurt)?” Those rules are there to keep you safe and avoiding broken bones or a concussion. “

Pride Got In The Way Causing Pain

To remind you once again, I was a cocky person, and I emphasize “Was.”

Anyway, back to the game. The first pass was thrown to me, and I was ready to drive easily to the goal. Wait… did I mention the other players all knew I was cocky and not a rules player? Oh, sorry. So, I caught the pass, took two steps (maybe three) and SPLAT!


Hold on, did I also mention the largest person on the opposing team was about 250, and I was 180.

So, there I was down on the ground in the first few minutes of the game, writhing in pain as the largest person got off of me, and for the next few minutes I had to be helped off the field (a local park, actually). The pain? Think of the worst pain you ever had and that was the pain I felt. Needless to say, the day for me was over and I was out of work for the day.

I insisted on my own rules and I paid the price. We wonder why our lives get turned upside down when we don’t follow the rules. Our lives have rules for a reason. It’s to keep us safe and away from evil deeds that drag us down. Of course, we always blame God for the bad decisions we make, but keep in mind that Satan is a major rule-maker that goes against our know-better thinking.

Holy Bible

So, Where Can You Find Help?

The Holy Bible has very good rules to make our lives better each day as long as we read it and apply the scriptures to our lives. How many rules, big or small, have you broken or insist on breaking, only to suffer the consequences later and wonder why?

God knows our will to sin, and it all started with Adam and Eve (Genesis). So, he put together the scriptures to help us get through life a little easier with many ways to avoid evil. These are not oppressing rules, as some (atheists) would lead you to believe, but rules to free your mind and soul from sin, and trouble. Today, sin is growing at an enormous rate with no end in sight, but that is for an upcoming sermon.

Genesis 6:5

Learning From Mistakes

I wouldn’t play tackle football without the proper protection, but I do keep the Lord with me for daily protection against evil. And it does work. There are times when evil still manages to slip through, but my constant prayers help keep it from doing me any irreputable harm.

I pray for you that sin stays far away, and you read the Holy Bible to help strengthen your faith, family and keep God by your side to keep evil and trouble at bay.

Romans 12:21

Your Rules Playbook

Remember my not following the rules? You have probably done something similar or might even be preparing to do something that will get you into a lot of trouble; although you might not be thinking it will. It’s your rule playbook, so why not change it for a better one? God’s Playbook. It has much better moves, and plays to make your life much more stress-less and pleasant.

For me, it’s the only playbook I use. Think about BAM! Now, pick up the Holy Bible and start reading. Where? Anywhere, but I will suggest you start with Proverbs in the Holy Bible. Of course there is much more of history, people, lives, prophecy (the future) and Jesus Christ to read about, but it’s a good place to start your adventure.

P.S. I did learn one thing from the football incident which was to get rid of my pride. Being prideful only leads to more problems in the end.

1 Peter 5: 5-6

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

John J
Servant to the Lord

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