Holy Bible Chapter Breakdowns

Our Holy Bible Chapter Breakdown for new and old Christians is compiled to help make it easier to navigate it’s pages.

Many people have told me the Holy Bible is too much to read, but they also manage to read a ton of paperbacks and hardcovers. Others have said it takes too much time, but manage to binge watch TV shows. Then there are those who say it has violence and hate, but watch movies and video games with killing, hate, sex and violence.

There seems to be a lot of lying and deceit about the Holy Bible. But if you are wanting to navigate it a little easier, here is the list of all sixty-six chapters in a synopsis form.

It is written for those who really want to learn whats inside the cover, and grow their faith and belief. Not those who just spew out they are a Christian, and never touch its pages, unless they want to change.

Sorry, about that but it does upset me with all the excuses. If you don’t want to read it… don’t. But stop lying about it by making those excuses.

OK, I did digress.

Here is the breakdown of the chapters to help you decide what you might want to read first. A note: some people tell you to read it from the beginning, but I will say to start reading wherever you want. Once you have a more solid faith and knowledge, you can start at the beginning.

Your choice, of course.

Just start reading!


This chapter tells in great detail about God creating humans and the earth, plants and animals. But it also tells of the fall of man through sin, starting with the forbidden fruit. It explains the Great Flood, Noah and his family, and what they had to do to survive even after the flood water receded. The second part tells about Israel and God’s people, and Joseph who showed great forgiveness to his brothers who sold him into slavery.

Imagine the history of the world and how it happened!


This book tells about the birth of Moses, freeing the people of Israel from Egyptian slavery, the flight, parting of the Red Sea, and how they survived in the desert for forty years with God’s help. It also tells us how the 10 Commandments came to be, and how the people suffered even though God stayed faithful to them. This book contains a lot of history and how Moses did all the miraculous things through God’s mercy.

How the 10 Commandments came to be and parting the Red Sea!


This is known to Jewish Rabbis as the Priests Manual regarding the sacrifices and cleansing rituals and why they were done. It also explains making the yearly Jewish festivals, moral and religious laws, obedience to those laws with strong penalties for disobedience.

Understanding the Jewish festivals that even Jesus practiced!


This is about God leading the Israelite’s to the promised land, but how their disobedience made the trip much more difficult and instead of going straight to the land trip, it lasted for forty years for the older generation. The younger generation had a much shorter trip because of their obedience to God.

How obedience helps keep your path straight without all the twists and turns of disobedience!


Is about Moses’ last conversations with his people, the Israelites, and being angry at them for breaking God’s laws and sinning. He warns them about false idols, and how to use Gods word to repel sin, and about the repercussions if they didn’t stop sinning. He reminded them about the 10 commandments and not to forget God in their everyday lives. He explained about the festivals that still take place today. Moses died and God buried his body in an undisclosed location. There is a lot of information about divorce, newlyweds, loans, kidnapping, illegal sex, pretending to be the opposite sex, rebelling sons, and much more.

Moses taught a lot about the Commandments and how we should live in righteousness through God!


With Moses now dead, the Lord directed Joshua to lead the Israelites to the promised land. They captured Jericho with the Lords help as the walls crumbled, and the battle at Gibeon when large hailstones decimated the enemy army. Once Joshua and his people where in the promised land it was divided between the twelve different tribes. Before his death he reminded the people of their agreement with the Lord for helping them win and how to worship and obey the Lord.

This is where the walls of Jericho really fell!


Israel at this time were all tribes and not a united country, so God appointed “judges” to rule, guide the people and lead them to battle when needed. There are fourteen judges, and a story told about how each one leads and their personalities. Now the threats for Israel are not from the outside, but the inside where sin continues to flourish.

How judges were appointed and how, like today many are corrupt and ignoring God!


This is a story of a loving, and caring person and God’s power. Ruth left her home and family to be with her widowed mother-in-law in Israel. She was a gentile and a caring person willing to take care of someone who needed help. She picked grain from a field where the workers dropped it and left it behind, The owner of the field told her she could take home what she needed. this show Gods power and grace for everyone, even Gentiles.

How a loving and caring woman was given the ability to gather grain without payment of harassment because of the field’s owners compassion!


Read how Samuel, Saul and David struggled with their lives, each other and God. And how they made Israel, a nation ruled by Judges, to one ruled by a king. Of course, God was reluctant to let Israel have a king because he was already their king. The results were a real tough learning lesson for the people.

How asking for something from God may not always be the right thing!


David was now the new king of Israel. However, with his promise to God, several military victories, and his eventual fall into sin with a married woman, a murder, his families implosion, and a visit from the angel of destruction for Israel, once again.

This is the story of David and his rule in Israel!


It tells of the kings of Judah and the kings of Israel and actually completes Samuel. Solomon was the king, asked God for wisdom, and finally builds the great temple David planned but never executed in his time. It was a magnificent structure that was described in great detail. Eventually Solomon fell by disobeying God and had his kingdom removed. After his death, Israel was divided and had at least 14 different kings. Elijah came to King Ahab as the Lord’s prophet and brought a dead boy back to life and made it rain when everyone saw no clouds in the sky.

How Solomon rebuilt the temple in great detail so you can picture it yourself!


A continuation of Kings 1 when Elijah became Gods prophet and met Elisha. Elijah was take to heaven and Elisha took his place as prophet. He received Elijah’s power and was able to open a dry path in a river to allow crossing, made water pure in Jericho, helped a poor woman and brought a rich woman’s son back to life. There are many more miraculous events recorded that Elisha accomplished in his time. It also continues the kings of Israel and Judah, with their personalities, rule and the battles that ensued.

This is how Elisha received Elijah’s power of the Holy Spirit before he died and made many miraculous events!


The genealogy of the Israel ancestor all the way back to Adam. It also includes David’s rule, wars and plans to build the temple which he entrusts to his son Solomon who, after Davids death, becomes King.

A who’s who of Israel


Continues with the building of the temple by King Solomon, furnishing it, and how he made his land and people prosper together with neighboring kings. It also chronicles the many kings of Israel and Judah and the struggles between them and the destruction that follows.

Imagine that, kings getting long with each other!


The people of Israel, now called Jews, were allowed to return to Jerusalem from their captivity in Babylon to rebuild their temple after 70 years with Ezra as their priest and leader. The altar was built before any homes and the King gave them gold and silver to aid in the building. There is a list of the people who returned, while many stayed in Babylon because they were happily content.

Ezra made a plan to end the mixed marriages because the women did not follow the laws of the God of the Jews, and their foreign Gods which would create problems with Gods word.

How a remnant of Jewish people returned home to build the temple then their homes!


Nehemiah loved and obeyed God, so his return to Israel explains his sadness of the destruction of the walls around the city. He received help to rebuild from King Artaxerxes with much opposition. Jerusalem is once again repopulated and this contains a list of the ones who helped in the reconstruction.

An interesting list of the people that helped rebuild the walls of Jerusalem!


A story of a king and his queen who disobeyed him, and his choosing of Ester, a Jewish girl to be his new Queen. The deception from Haman who hated the Jews and the influence of Ester to protect the Jews caused Haman to be punished by the king.

How this young Jewish girl saved the Jews from the sword!


The story of one man’s dramatic conversations with friends, asking God about why we suffer, where does it come from, and God directly speaking with Job not to answer his questions, but to help him understand by God asking His own questions and to explain how Satan helped cause his troubles. He also learns how to live with problems and unanswered questions to God.

A conversation with God with questions and answered questions!


Prayers, praise and poems for God’s help with sorrow, joy, revenge, hate, anger, forgiveness and every other possible feeling you can have or think about. While it is the longest book of the Holy Bible it is also a model for prayer, praise and trust in God.

A book of prayer and living with Christ!


Teaches wisdom and knowledge, and basically is a type of self-help book modeled from Jesus’s teachings for avoiding sin and living a more righteous life. Every possible issue or problem from life is described and explained. A wise person reads Proverbs while the foolish one ignores it pages. Wisdom and knowledge come from these pages.

Pages of wisdom and knowledge to build a better Christian life!


The story of the “Meaning of Life,” and is attributed to King Solomon, and is full of life’s mysteries and problems but as seen through a human viewpoint. Imagine all the knowledge and wisdom from Solomon who was given vast wisdom from God combined in this short book.

Simply stated The Meaning of Life from Solomon!


This book contains poems that seem to be written for a man and a woman with regards to marriage and coming together as one. It has also been attributed to the relationship between Jesus Christ and His church and the love we should also have for Him.

A book of beautiful poems attributed to Solomon!


There are many prophecies from Isaiah, the bad news about God’s coming judgment and the good news of His love. It explains how rejecting God can lead to increased pain and suffering for the Jewish people, and how God blessed His servants and punished sinners.

The many prophecies of Isaiah!


Jeremiah describes himself and his life to the people in Jerusalem, after he was called by God to be a prophet, but reluctant to do so because he felt he was too young. Jeremiah was to send warnings about Israel’s sinning and the coming punishment unless they repented. Unfortunately, the messages, and warnings were not well received and were ignored. The other message was that accepting Gods word brings life. Rejecting it brings disaster as was the case for Judah and Jerusalem… once again.

Jeremiah was sent by God to warn the people about their sinning but not listening!


Poems of grief and great sadness for the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple which is one of Jewish histories greatest tragedies. These are eye witnesses accounts to the events and how the people lamented the destruction.

The emotional struggles and pain with the destruction of Jerusalem!


Is a prophetic book that chronicles the work and dreams of Ezekiel. His prophetic dreams are mirrored in Revelations and as a watchman for God, he gave warnings to the Jewish people of what is to come if they don’t change their ways and turn from sin. Ezekiel experienced God’s glory and was told to act out the attack that was coming to Jerusalem in an unusual way. He was to build a model of how the city currently appeared and what would happen if the Jewish people didn’t change their ways. Imagine the reaction when the destruction came and the people realized Ezekiel was right and accurate!

Imagine a watchman for God!


A story of true faith and belief in God is shown by Daniel and his friends when they were persecuted and Daniel was sent into the Lions den, and when his 3 friends were put into a fiery furnace when they would not abandon God. Strength in faith that is tested to its limits. And Daniels vision to translate the kings dream when no one else could, gave him high positions in the kingdom.

How did he get the power to stop the lions, and his friends beat the fire!


This is a dramatic story of a prophet marrying an unfaithful woman as God commanded to show Judah and Israel how unfaithful they have been to God and how His anger and judgment will cause their destruction unless they turn back from evil, and He will forgive them.

The drama of a prophet and an unfaithful country!


Joel describes in great deal the invasion of the locust that stripped Israel bare of any food or crops. Many died and suffered by God offered His grace to bring them back from sin with His forgiveness.

How an invasion of insects caused destruction and how God wanted to stop them!


Amos was to preach to Israel and it’s neighbors about the judgment to come from the Lord. the neighbors because of how they treated the Israelites, and for Israel and Judah because of their treatment of their poor, and also for worshiping foreign gods.

Preaching to sinners doesn’t always get them to change!


This book contains the story of Edom, and why it was banished from their home in Petra and removed from history. The Edomites controlled Petra, a fortress carved from red sandstone and was a fortress with 700 foot cliff walls protecting it from invaders. God was angry with Edom because of their poor and cruel treatment of Esau (Israel) and Nebuchadnezzar passed through the valley defeated the Edomites. Israel eventually expended their lands after capturing several areas around Jerusalem.

A civilization that disappeared from history!


A story of keeping God to yourself, and how that could negatively affect you now and in the future. Israel did just that at a time when they were trying to figure out how to be more like God’s chosen people. They became self centered, had a non-forgiving attitude towards gentiles and anyone not Jewish. And it also tells how Jonah was asked by the Lord to go to Nineveh but tried to hide instead from Him by getting on a ship going in the opposite direction and encountered a storm and large whale.

Doing what God asks can keep you out of a whales mouth?!


Micah was a prophet in the time of Isaiah and Hosea in Israel. Micah’s task was to confront the leaders and deride theirs, and the peoples sin while giving warning that God would punish the unrepentant. He said that Samaria, the capital of Judah for their bad treatment of the poor, corruption, dishonesty, bribery, idolatry and more. He warned Samaria and Judah that it would fall if it didn’t change it ways and live up to what God expected. The Babylonia army captured and held captive all the people of Jerusalem just as Micah had prophesied.

Micah was a prophet who got it right many times!


The prophet Nahum had a warning for Nineveh of harsh judgment if they didn’t turn away from their wicked ways and turn back to God which they eventually did and God forgave them.

A prophet who warned a nation that changed it’s evil ways!


This is a somewhat heated conversation between Habakkuk and God about the injustice for Judah by a nation that is more evil than Judah. This is where prayers of faith, questions and trust can help build faith. Habakkuk wonders why God is slow to stop the violence and injustice and asks Him.

He questioned God and got answers!


A prophet who warns Judah that their continuing sins of worshiping idols, corrupt, proud, boasting,cheating the poor, following foreign customs are going to bring the Lords wrath. And it does to many cities around Judah, but it also brings a restored and rejoicing people.

Wrath and rejoicing because of Zephaniah!


Was a messenger from God to let the Jews know that they had not rebuilt the temple as they promised. Haggai warned them that the hard times they were experiencing was from their laziness and apathy and forgetting the promise that made.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep!


A prophet, priest and poet, Zechariah encouraged the people of Jerusalem that things would be better with Gods help and strength. He explained his seven visions from the Lord and of the future of Jerusalem, which is also told in Revelations, and how the Lord will become King over the whole world.

Zechariah and Revelations meet!


A story where Malachi is the mediator between God and the Israelites. He explains their living in sinful disobedience to God and His laws, so Malachi attempts to bring them back to the fold. Malachi’s name means “The Messenger”.

The Messenger tells his warning!


The disciple Matthew connects the old and new testaments. He talks about the birth of Christ and His ancestors, and all the miraculous events that transpired during that time. He tells how Jesus chose His followers, His preaching and hearings. This is also the Sermon on the Mount were Jesus explained living in righteousness and rebuking sin.

The old and new testaments meet!


This is about the life and facts of Jesus Christ by showing what He did and accomplished during His lifetime. This also contain several parables from Jesus that are The Sower, Seed Growing Secretly, The Mustard Seed and the Wicked Husbandmen. There is not much information about the first 30 years of Jesus ‘s life but it opens up the mystery of who He was, His baptism, the 40 days with Satan, choosing the 4 fishermen, the miracles, the future of God’s coming kingdom and His teachings.

The life of Jesus Christ!


He was a gentile and wrote an accurate account of two “miraculous virgin birth cousins.” One of Jesus Christ who was born through Mary, and the other of John The Baptist who was born thorough Elizabeth. And, oddly enough Mary and Elizabeth were cousins. Luke also gives more details in the life of Christ, and tells many familiar parables of Christ are only found in Luke. Also, how John the Baptist was born to pave the way to the people for the arrival of Jesus.

Amazing! Not just one but two miraculous births!


John tells us in detail who Jesus Christ is, and wants us to believe in and have a divine relationship with Him. There are also the seven miracles performed and how Jesus prepared for His final days before being crucified. And he gives us an account of the followers seeing Jesus after His death.

Who is Jesus Christ!


Written by Luke, Acts explains the story of Jesus from the beginning until He was taken up to heaven after his crucifixion and death. This is where you find out that Jesus wanted not just the Jews to hear the “good word” but the Gentiles (Greeks) also. The story of Saul, who became Paul is told about how he persecuted Jesus’s followers and then become one after the Holy Spirit changed his life after seeing Jesus.

The Jews and Gentiles hear Jesus!


What makes someone acceptable to God and how should a follower of Christ live his life are explained in Romans. Paul wanted to tell the new Gentile Romans that God loves and saves all who are faithful to Him and His commandments.

How to be faithful to God!


This is a letter from Paul to Corinthian Christians because they have a lot of questions and disputes that were separating them into different groups. Not unlike the people today.

Christians with a lot of questions!


Paul was concerned about his teachings in Corinth, so he sent some friends to check. He thought his teaching may have been too harsh. He found out he had some detractors, so he reminded them of forgiveness for sin and of God’s wisdom. He decided to make peace with any opposers and let the people know they could trust God and him, and also defended his being an apostle and how he suffered and struggled to spread the Word of God.

From harsh teachings to forgiveness!


Paul defended his apostleship with this letter to the Galatians. Some of who believe he was not a true apostle because of his revenge (as Saul) against the followers of Jesus Christ. He later converted after coming before Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. This letter was to help the new Christian converts understand that there are those who will try to deter you from God’s word.

Defending your belief and faith!


A letter to the church at Ephesus to help bring them to unity, and how Christ’s love and light will help them steer away from evil, how to behave as wives and husbands, slaves and masters, children and parents, and to fight against evil by using the “Armor of God.”

How to fight evil and succeed!


A letter from Paul while in jail to the church at Philippi describing his thanks and prayer for them. He explains what life in Christ means to him, about true humility, and gives them advice and encouragement.

An advice and encouragement letter!


A letter from Paul to encourage the Christians in Colossae (in Asia Minor) to strengthen their faith and be aware of false teachers everywhere near them, and writes them about how to have a new life in Christ.

Beware of false teachers!


A letter from Paul to the church at Thessalonica expressing his feeling for their faith in the Lord and his desire to return to visit although he is in jail. He further explains about the Lord’s return, and how to love and respect one another.

Watch for the Lord’s return!


Was also written by Paul while in jail to explain why some were listening to false teachers, and believing Jesus already returned and they missed it… but they didn’t.

Did we miss Jesus’s return?!


A letter from Paul to Timothy, whom he felt was like a son, for helping with dealing against false teachers and keeping true faith. Also, his advice to church leaders and how to love one another and fight the good fight of faith.

Fight the good fight for the Lord!


Paul writes Timothy this letter in a personal form to advise him to not be ashamed of his faith in the Lord. He also makes a future prediction of how people will be in the end and how many will be fooled by evil teachers and stray from Jesus Christ.

The future and how people will be!


Titus was a bishop in Crete, and Paul sent him a letter about the qualities of the church leaders, and about false teachers, what to believe, and how to live as God’s people.

How to live as God’s people and not to be fooled!


A letter to Philemon, a wealthy Roman Christian who held church meetings in his home. One of his slaves Onesimus escaped and fled to Paul. Paul sent this letter to Philemon to explain the circumstances of Onesimus plight, and asked Philemon to be understanding and make the slave a friend and follower of the Lord. Paul addressed the issue of slavery but not the abolishment, and that it is not the fruit of Christianity.

Compassion and understanding for another!


Explains what the new Christian faith is all about as a teaching book with answers to basic Christian questions. It also explains how Christianity is based on the Jewish religion, and how God chose Jesus to purify the world.

The new Christian faith!


This book is about how to live your life, avoid evil by following God’s laws and understanding your own fleshly desires. It gives you clear and to the point information regarding all types of human responses that can drive you to evil but gives you hope in Jesus Christ by following His ways and light.

The human response to sin!


This letter from Peter, one of the disciples of Jesus to people in Asia Minor about how suffering will happen for believers, how to live a holy life, and that there is hope in the Lord.

Hope in the Lord!


Another important letter from Peter for Christians, discussed false prophets and teachers, and tells of the Lord’s return in the future.

False prophet warnings!

1-3 JOHN

John wanted Christians to be encouraged in the Lord’s light, to avoid sin and the devil’s children who are the enemies of Christ. He wanted Christians to keep their hearts in Christ, and how God is love and that faith will bring victory over evil.

Avoid sin with Christ in your heart, and a tie-in to Revelations!


Jude was concerned about false teachers getting into the minds of the faithful to turn them from God. so he explained how to defend your faith because God will punish the wicked.

False teachers altering your faith!


The final chapter in the Holy Bible, and a tie-in to Genesis – the beginning. It explains the history of the seven churches, and the coming tribulation where God will judge the earth and everyone; Christian and non-Christian, and will create a new heaven and earth. It explains in detail the judgment that will befall the earth after the rapture of God’s faithful believers. The rapture is described previously in 1 Thessalonians 5:14. This book has a lot of strange imagery and symbolism, but it tells of of the great hope in our new lives and world.

The future and hope for the faithful, accepting Jesus and repenting Christians!

In closing…

The one thing I found out doing this compilation was that it makes it much, much easier to understand each chapter of the Holy Bible. Even for me, retaining it is much easier! Now, when someone asks me about a specific chapter I can tell them what I know.

Prior to this, it was explaining it bits and pieces or looking it up to find an answer to the chapter question.

I hope and pray that you will have the same wonderful experience of learning about all the chapters, and being able to pass this wonderful “good news of hope” to those who are just learning or want to know more about the Holy Bible.

The other thing I can suggest, is that you start reading Proverbs or James. These books contain all the information you need to start making your life better and hopefully more righteous in Christ.

Once your done with those chapters start reading the others. It can only strengthen your faith, belief and love for Jesus Christ!

Yours in Christ Jesus our Holy Savior.

H John J

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