I Am a Designer

It was brought to my attention quite a while ago that I was the posters creator. It took me a short time to realize that is not correct.

Why? Because the poster ideas are not coming from me. They are coming from the Holy Spirit inside me so that would only make me the designer.

How do I know? That’s easy. Being a designer has given me the ability to design advertising and marketing materials such as posters. However; it takes time to build a poster design because you need many elements such as colors, images, fonts and design layout.

I know with my ability I could design a poster in a few days to a week depending on it’s complexity. With the Divine posters they are coming out daily as one or two. To me that is very unusual because I also need to have to ideas for the posters to even start a design.

Getting ideas is not easy unless you have a client letting you know what is required. I guess I have a kind-of-client letting me know the ideas. The Holy Spirit. Think of this a having hundreds of clients all wanting a single poster design in one day each.

Yes…it’s like that. On to the next design. More soon.

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