TV Shows Unexpected Inspiration

Most of the time I don’t watch TV since there is really not much of interest but I do watch recorded movies. Everyday I go to the gym and when I come home I relax for a half hour before getting back to the poster designs.

This is when I turn on the TV that has favorite channels and one show is Gunsmoke followed by the Andy Griffith Show from the early days. I find those shows less political then most today and don’t need my mind loaded with rhetoric or drama.

I usually don’t pay real attention to the show and kind of relax and even nap for about 10 minutes after working out. As Gunsmoke is coming to the end there is a scene with a cemetery, Pastor and 2 women who were burying their gunslinger father in a town that didn’t want him to be buried there due to past bad acts and killings.

Anyway I am kind of watching (drifting in and out of sleep) when then the Pastor spoke some words over the grave and it hit me as though the TV was drawing me to it and the only sounds around me were the words he spoke. “We practice religion, but not Christianity” I guess I was supposed to watch Gunsmoke because I actually started watching another show but switched back. Those words were obviously something I was destined to hear and put into a poster design. Once again Divine inspiration kept me on my path.

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