Imagine a World…

filled with hate and anger so much so that no one can say anything they believe or feel is good without being ridiculed or bullied. It’s not that hard to imagine since almost everything you watch or read is about anger, hate, killing and most of all social bullying today.

It’s Happening Now

Turn on your TV and what do you see; shows about killing, shootings, family dysfunctions, hate and anger. Read the newspaper and it is the paper’s agenda set to get you hooked into doing what they want…not what you should. It’s no wonder many are following the path that creates the darkness. Simply stated you are what you watch or read about consistently. Yep…just like you are what you eat. You are still taking in the information (or food) and it becomes a part of your life even though you may not want it to.

So…How Does That Make You Feel?

Do you get angry watching the news or hearing political rhetoric? Do you take out that anger on others?

Are you one of the social bullies or someone that is trying to change your own reality from the world’s darkness?

The Turning Point

The turning point for me was when I realized I was always getting upset and angry at the TV news and social media posts. But now I have done my best to avoid the news (TV and on-line), TV shows promoting hate, family dysfunctions and the social media hype. It is hard but it also is giving me peace of mind, happiness and a much more relaxed attitude towards friends, family and life in general.

Your Barriers

Trying to change is hard even on a small scale. Imagine how hard it was for the Disciples all those centuries ago. They were met with resistance (the same as today), stoning or even death. Luckily we live in a more civilized (?) society where you will be met with bullying and taunting on social media and possibly being pushed around physically.

Why Does That Happen?

Because people don’t like what they don’t understand or what doesn’t fit their own personal agenda; while others feel empowered through intimidation.

Believing and having faith (outside of scriptural or spiritual groups) can cause stress from negative reactions from people not religious or spiritual. Others even go as far as to force their agendas through the same social media intimidation and through even use the courts to be sure to force it further.

The Growing Crisis

It seems that many have forgotten (or chosen not to remember) that is critically important that we all come together in a very positive way to start the momentum of eliminating hate and anger.

Of course there will be those who will not budge from the personal agenda (political or paid by outside groups) course but as Christians and Spiritualists we can just forgive them and move forward to help those wanting help or enlightenment.

The Solution

Unfortunately; there is not one simple solution to fix the problems plaguing our world. But Christians have the God, the Bible and Jesus while Spiritualists also have God. Everyone else has their own way of fighting through be it anti-hate groups or leaning on each other for help.

My Personal Reducing Stress Solution

So how can you change your life for the better even if you are not a Christian or Spiritualist (and even if you are); by eliminating as much hate and anger from your life.

I started to think about the things that were upsetting me and getting me pissed off and realized it was also affecting my family and friends. So I started thinking:

  1. Do I really need to watch the TV news (other than weather and traffic) or dysfunctional family series?
    2. Do I need to binge watch hate and killing series?
    3. Do I need to watch political debates that get me angry or annoyed?
    4. Do I need to watch shows that have me yelling at the TV?
    5. Do I need to see what social media is complaining about just to get upset?

Many of the things we watch or read bring us hate and anger. Can we eliminate it? No, but you can keep it out of your life. Not sure? Try it for a while and see how your life will become less stressful.

Tip to Reduce Additional Stress

How can you tell if it is working? That’s easy. After a few weeks and realizing I felt better I would watch or partially read the things (TV news, news shows or even social media) that I eliminated and my reaction was almost instant. For me it was an instant reaction on the extremely negative side. Think of it like a burner on the stove. When it’s off it is cool but when it on…you get the idea.

So I was positive that was the catalyst for my anger and stress.

Of course other things in life such as work or family can create stress and those are hard to eliminate. But getting rid of the things you can will always make the rest a little easier. Why add more stress with TV news, hate and anger TV series, politics or social bullying to your life? Do you really need them to satisfy your life? If you said yes it might be time to find out why…psychologically. Or you might want to consider the Bible or joining (not on-line) a Spiritual group.

Sure I hear stories or see TV’s when I am out or at friends homes since there is no way (outside of being a hermit or living off-the-grid which aren’t necessarily bad; things just not for me) to avoid it but I do my best to ignore them or go into a different room.

And then you have about-the-news conversations; although these are harder to deal with but you can try to change the subject or even explain not wanting to discuss it and your true friends will understand. Who knows it may even help them eliminate the same stress. Imagine that, less stress.

Hope this works for those that want the change. Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for visiting and reading.

Our Divided World

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