UPDATE: July Divine Posters Completed

I know it should have been done at the beginning of the month. But working on issues at home with remodeling and roofing have created a time lapse and a temporary journey off my path.

I am actually surprised I finished these when I did. You know when you start a project and think its going to take longer and it doesn’t? That’s exactly how it felt.

But then I realized the Holy Spirit has been guiding me and got me through the designs.

As with all designs there are some that I really love and with others it’s the words that are more important.

Of course all the designs are to illicit a positive response for viewers which I hope it does.

Once again; I am not sure where this is heading all I know is that I am on my Divine path and need to stay on it.

There are many times; due to life in general; where I stray but the Holy Spirit brings me back…very willingly. No need to push or shove since I know this is my Divine path.

I hope and pray for all my readers that (if you believe) you find your Divine path since we all have one.

Please check out the July posters and let me know what you think. God bless you even if you are not a believer and I mean that very sincerely.

Our Divided World

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