Is Evil Inside You?

Is Evil Inside You?

It’s everywhere on TV. The fake reality shows, shows about the devil, glorifying criminals and bad behavior, accepting killings, and being happy and overjoyed when the bad guy dies.

Are You Aware?

All these shows lead us away from God’s word. The Bible teaches us not to hate, kill, cheat and steal so why would we want to watch shows that advocate that kind of activity?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating to watch.
I’m asking how does it affect your life?

Are you obsessed with watching a show or even binge-watch series?

Who Are you…Really?

Now…here’s the real question. How does it affect your personality? And don’t be shy. Tell the truth. Perhaps you behave like one of the actors or even feel like you are exactly like them. But are you really?

Are you scoffing? Probably, but that doesn’t really matter. I’ve been there and all I am saying is not to let the TV shows control or change your life. And it happens easily and without you even knowing it.

I would almost bet you’ve taken on one of these new personality traits such as; acting tough, cursing up a storm, mistreating others and I could go on. And all because your mind adapted your personality to the shows.

Who Do You Imitate?

We all imitate someone. Who do you really imitate? Who would you like to imitate? You were born to follow a special divine path in your life. Don’t be fooled by the lure of TV shows that con you into believing what you see.

And, before you ask. I am not a shrink or therapist (only for myself when necessary).

It seems that everyone or at least a majority of people have become brainwashed and dumbed-down that they probably lost their real identity. Do you really know who you are without the acting?

The Lure of Television

Television entertains us because we have nothing better to do. And, yes you can use the Covid excuse but you could be doing other things anyway. And I know you are thinking, “Like what?” Try using your imagination to figure it out and perhaps it will lead you to your divine destiny.

I’m not telling you to stop watching; just become more conscious of what your watching and why.

I have been the one who acted like the TV show bad guys and was paying the price with a lousy and unproductive life until I realized what I was really doing. Not being myself. My true self.

As with me, think about what and how you say things to people around you. Be your own critique. Besides, it might save you a lot of future trouble and heartache.

Blessings to everyone,

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