Into the Universe…Seriously!

Into The Universe… Seriously!

I have been hearing the words “Don’t put it into the universe” and always wondered where it came from, and what it really does. Allegedly, the phrase is supposed to stop something from happening if you don’t say the words out loud.

For example, if you don’t want an argument to start you don’t say the words “argument” or if you are sick don’t say “I am sick,” it just won’t happen. So, now you get the idea.

But, I am going one step further. If you have a real health problem and you don’t say the word out loud it won’t get into the universe and come back to hurt you.

I guess the believers in this really don’t say anything because even an “I have a cold” can cause irreparable universe damage. And if you have a serious disease and don’t talk about it then the universe will ignore it and it will go away. Where did this irresponsible phrase originate from? Not sure but I did some research and came up empty.

What I can tell you is that if you say something enough it will affect your thinking. If you say “I am not smart” it won’t affect anything except yourself. The same goes with “I have cancer.” If you think not saying it or talking to someone about it is going to make it magically go away, you’re wrong.

I know. Someone I knew did just that. Didn’t want to say the word “cancer” so it wouldn’t manifest in the universe. How foolish. Talking about something is a good way of getting past the issue and receiving help.

Maybe they believe the words are floating out in space and will come back in time and take up space inside them. Think! The words are just that words. If you have a serious problem and don’t talk about it, you will be living in a dream world that no one can help you out of.

Talking about the problem makes it easier to help fix the problem. It’s only when you constantly say to yourself “I have ——” that it becomes part of your thinking and that is manifestation. Discussing the problem can help you get past it and help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Think about it this way. You have a disease but don’t want to discuss it. It becomes part of a defense mechanism that you need to activate every time you speak to anyone that knows what you have.

So, whenever you talk your stress levels will rise wondering if that subject is going to be mentioned. So, you know have to preface all your conversations with “I don’t want to talk about ——-.”

Now magically the problem goes away. Really? I don’t think so, and as a matter of fact I know it doesn’t.

The universe doesn’t collect words and throw them back at you. Evil does. Evil wants you to think that saying the words are bad. This way you get no help and fall victim to your own thinking. Someone I know was so adamant about not talking about their serious problem that it overtook them and they are no longer with us.

Think about how much better it would have been if they discussed it and found a way to beat the problem. And how selfish they were by avoid friendly help and caring people. Believe what you want. You do have free will. But believe reality and not something that will not help you.

The only one that hears you words is God and Jesus. They are the universe.

If you have a problem serious or not, try praying for guidance. The person I knew finally found Jesus at the end and that was very good, but the end didn’t have to happen so soon.

Blessings to you,
John & Jean

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