Our Belief Is Supposed to Wane

Believe it or not, our belief and faith is supposed to wane in these days of loss, hate, anger, virus and all the other things affecting our lives.

Why? Because God has a plan and has had it since the beginning of time.

And I would venture a bet that a large majority grew up with some religion or belief. Now, they have become so engrossed in the simplistic (dumb-down) thought changing attitudes taken from TV, movies and the news.

I know it is very hard to fathom. But, everything that has happened in the world always leads to some type of change…good or bad. And know it seems that the bad is growing increasingly stronger.

Climate change, earthquakes, storms, terrorism, hate, anger and a growing non-belief in God. Most likely because most would wonder why God would cause all these things to happen to us.

The fact is that God isn’t making them happen we are. But are we?

Recently I asked a few people if they might be interested in a peek of the future. And, before you ask, I am not a fortune teller. It’s from actual events that have been happening and will culminate into a much larger future event.

They declined. Why? Life is much simpler when you can walk around with blinders on and not be concerned. It is just like sheep without a Shepard and the sheep just walk around aimlessly and lost which is what the majority of people are doing.

“Are You Lost? Jeremiah 50:6”

Still, will knowing future events affect them anyway? Probably not. Most people are too engrossed in their own lives (good or bad) that they like the simplicity of not having to answer to anyone, including God, even if they do believe.

Depending on your view of global warming or God, you might want to consider that the planet may be the culprit in the weather disasters. I believe most scientists agree that our use of the planet contributes significantly to many unprecedented weather changes.

But let’s go a step further. Don’t worry you won’t have to change anything.

What if and I know some people like “what ifs”, God was causing the events to occur?

Now you may think God is vindictive, but consider how you would treat a child that wasn’t listening to your commands and you also loved the child enough to feel your emotional pain while dealing with their disobedience.

Could it be that God is saying STOP what you are doing, but not taking away our free-will to choose how we live our lives?

We punish our children when they don’t listen but God is giving us fair warning and we still aren’t listening. Now you can do pretty much anything you choose to do without consequence (unless it is really illegal). Why? Because if you convince yourself you don’t believe in God (even if you don’t) you have no one to answer to anyway.

“Try This: Proverbs 13:24”

Besides, we aren’t children. Or are we?

A look around all you see is greed, hate, anger, bullying and disrespect that has become a defensible and acceptable way of life thanks to those with their own agendas that has beaten those ideals into our minds for years.

We see someone who is down and thinks that they should be able to get themselves back up without any help. If you were in their shoes how would you feel? And don’t think for a moment it couldn’t happen. Look around.

We hear of kids being bullied and feel the parents should teach them to fight back. Why not tell the parents of the bully to help their child to stop bullying?

How about those who are suffering from mental issues? Do we just ignore and write them off?

We see people that are different and immediately make a judgment call. Do we have any idea of who they really are before judging? And I am not going to comment that one day God WILL judge us all.

“Or This: Matthew 7:1-29”

We watch TV news and yell and scream at the screen, but forget that they can’t even hear us and now our day is filled with anger and hate.

Oh, yes, hate. Hate is easy to transfer to our minds because we automatically believe what we hear and even who we hear it from. It could be our favorite talk-show host, friends and yes, even family members because we think they must be right, their family. But remember they get filled with the same fake news stories and unfortunately pass them on before really checking into the stories validity.

And, yes, you can check by just going on-line and taking the time to do a little research. But that brings us back to the original thought “Belief.” All that takes time and extra effort and we simply don’t have the time.

Why? Busyness. We like to think we have no time but the only thing taking it away are our devices. If you put down the devices, you will find a good amount of time to do other things. But using them has become such a central part of our lives we forget about anything else.

What would you do if all the devices suddenly stopped working? Would you be OK? Not likely. You can try to fool yourself, but you might want to look at the reality of device shut-down. Most would be lost because all their contacts are in their devices and not on paper. Also, probably all your notes and work are there also. Oops. No contacts or work.

It might be time to look around and take a real assessment of your life and what you truly believe…if anything.

Consider this. What would you have to loose if you started accepting God into your life? Would you loose friends? Not if they are real friends and not Facebook types. Would it be hard to explain to your family? Not if they were the type that wanted the best for you. I don’t want to attend church. You don’t have to because believing is not attending church but having faith.

“Perhaps This: John 3:16”

All this takes time and serious thought. It is not like having a cookie. Boy, this is good and now it’s gone. You can do it and if you prefer keep it to yourself and only tell the people closest to you if needed.

The most important step is to take the first step.

God has a specific plan and it is spelled out in accurate (scientifically proven) and detailed events that will have already happened and will happen in the future. These events are all written out in the Bible and explain future events that will occur.

God wants us to become better people and live by HIS word, so we can live a much better and fulfilling life. HE loves us and why wouldn’t he want that for HIS children just as any parent would.

After all we are created in His image.

“Please let me know your thoughts or comments. thank you for visiting our site. All comments are moderated before being posted, so please be nice.

Our Divided World


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