Redefining God in 2020

Redefining God In 2020
Do you redefine God?

Of course you do and I will tell you why?

1. Because living a life with no restrictions is easier.
2. Living a life to do whatever you please is easier.
3. Ignoring the principles of the 10 Commandments is much easier.

The truth is, our lives are built on lies and deceit and you can find it everywhere. It’s on-line, TV, social media and even when talking with friends and family.



Building up ourselves to impress people is much more important than honesty and integrity. I know I was also there in my past.

We find it easier to be distant, angry, mean and just plain nasty then to try to think before acting out our frustrations and anger. Why?

“More Information: 1 John 2:9”

It seems that most of us weren’t raised that way and I really do feel bad for those who were. Many were raised with hate, anger and prejudice. But at some point as we get older we should have the wisdom to know it’s not a good way to live.

I learned that living that way creates constant problems, division, stress, physical and mental problems. It’s no wonder that half (or more) of the population is on medication for a multitude of mental issues.

The old hippies got it right with the “love” part but as they got older many fell into the corporate America trap and forgot their original thoughts.

And as I already mentioned lies and deceit become a part of our daily life and draw everyone who follows into the abyss. The only hope for revival is seeing your current life as it really is; not as you want to see it or have others to see it.

“Try This: Psalm 101:7”

When you think about changing how you live your life, it can only make your life better.

Of course, the real issue is do you believe in God? Or do you kind-of believe, but are not sure? Perhaps you don’t believe at all?

“Believe It? John 20:29”

Well, I can tell you I have been in all those positions in my past that I completely understand that type of thinking. Here is what I can tell you.

Having faith and believing in God is hard for everyone; pastors and priests included.

But when you look at the things that are and have been happening around the world there is one place that will show you those things before they even occurred. The Bible is the one proven source of what has happened and is going to happen.



Now I am not asking you to read the Bible (unless you want to) but to understand that the Bible is historically God’s Word written by man through the things that God showed or told them.

This is something I would like you to contemplate.

Many scholars, scientists, academics and in their past atheists believe that God does exist but not in a physical sense as we know.



Now if they believe God is real you might want to ponder the idea that God has also given them the abilities that they possess. Could it also be that God is much more clever than we think? Perhaps he has planted doubt in us as part of our free-will thinking.

My Father had the ability to plant doubt in our minds as children. We were lighting matches in the basement and when he came down, we knew we would be in trouble. But surprisingly he knew we would never fess up, so he said if something was burning he should call the fire department. As you guessed it, we told the truth and that ended our fear.

“How About This? Jude 1:22”

God can plant doubt in our minds to help us reinforce our beliefs and faith. And if he helps scientists figure out things he can surely cause them to doubt their thinking.

Redirecting our thinking about God and religion is something that has been going on for centuries. However, today there is much more money involved with keeping us into hate, anger and separation from God and the Bible.



Look at all the times there were attempts to try to remove “God” from any printed materials. And, the times when the 10 Commandment monuments were actually removed form public view.

Atheists? Probably, but just another way of attacking Christianity.

Does God want us to fight back? Yes, not physically, but with the right words.

Our Divided World

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