Our Enlightening Discussion With Mormons

H John Johnsen, Evangelist
Our Divided World Ministry

Our religious discussion with Mormons.

As you may or may not know, at Our Divided World Ministry we will discuss the Holy Bible with anyone, including non-believers, atheists, cults, believers of science (or Scientologists), and other religions or “religious” groups.

We are always willing to discuss religion, emotions, concerns, and life with others being Evangelists of Jesus Christ.

However, we do this with understanding, compassion, and a caring way, when we discuss the Holy Bible, another religions or beliefs. We believe that respect in the discussion is the best way to understanding and possibly start a friendship.

And, the Bible calls us to be imitators of Jesus as in Romans 15:1, “We who are strong must be considerate of those who are sensitive about things like this…”

The New Mormon Neighbors

We met our newest neighbors, who are Mormons, that just moved in across the street about a year ago. A very nice and friendly couple, with a teen son. After finding out they were Mormons, it led to a discussion at our home with them sending over (with our approval) 2 young males called Squires with the neighbor wife, who is a Mormon Sister.

We explained we already believe and have accepted Jesus Christ, and they explained they wanted to introduce us to Jesus, and His ways according to the Mormon belief. So we listened and asked if we could present some questions in relation to the discussion, during their conversation.

Book Of Mormon

They were very friendly, and gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon and some pamphlets and were open about my questions, and the one closets to me who was answering kept checking his phone to get more information. I guess they have a Mormon app?

It’s also understandable to refer back to your information because we can’t remember everything.

The meeting was very cordial and friendly, and I told them we could meet again at a later date. Actually, I enjoyed meeting and talking with them.

That date soon arrived.

A Second Home Gathering

We met again in my home after my boys (2 dogs) finally relaxed with the new guests. We had a fruitful conversation/debate. they would speak their faith and I would ask a question to better understand there meaning.

This time I did ask them why they came to visit. “We want to let you know about Jesus.” So, I said, “Well, we already know Jesus Christ, have a personal relationship with Him and read the Bible daily.” They commented that it was good, but had more to tell me about their faith.

I asked them why Joseph Smith prophecy about building a church Independence Missouri hadn’t happened.” The Sister said with a smile, “Not yet.” And that led me to say “Than anyone can predict building something, and someone can build it! Yeah, prophecy completed!!”

So, they paused, seem to think about what I said, and just re-directed back to their conversation.

It was getting late in the afternoon, so we decided to meet again at another time to be determined by all of our joint schedules.

I learned very quickly that Mormons like to quote Bible verses that make them sound right, but leave of the beginning of the verse and the end, which give a completely different meaning.

A Change of Mormon Missionaries

Recently, looking forward to the next meeting, I tried to call them since I had one of their phone numbers in my cell, but a female answered. I was very surprised since I was expecting a male voice. She told me that they (2 women Sisters) had replaced the 2 male Squires in my town.

I asked why, but she didn’t know. I was very surprised, but asked why she answered the squires phone.

She explained that the reason she answered his phone was because the mission president changed the “chip” in the phone. The vague explanation was to keep the same people the Squires already met with so the Sisters could follow-up.

I guess those phones are only used for “mission” work and not for friends or family calls, and that makes sense, if the Mormon institution is paying for them.

So, we started texting and had our first actual phone voice conversation.

Prior to that call, I read as much as I could about the Mormon faith because the Squires left me several pamphlets and the Book of Mormon for me to read. Then I did some more research, since I wanted to have a descent knowledge of their beliefs, so I could ask more intelligent questions.

Jean and I believe that you need to understand the others persons beliefs before you can have an intelligent, and non-argumentative conversation. “Learn then speak” is our motto, or at least one of them.

Scriptures tells us in Proverbs 2:10-11 “When wisdom enters your heart, and knowledge is pleasant to your soul, discretion will preserve you.”

How to Talk With Different Religious Believers

The most important part of my thinking was not to disparage, put down, judge or cause any stress to them, and to be compassionate and understanding in my communication.

Proverbs 15:1 tells us, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

I had a ton of questions but chose just a few to not be overwhelming. The one thing I noticed was that Mormons like to quote Holy Bible verses to answer a question, and that’s OK. But I have learned you need to read the verse before and the one after their quote to get the full meaning.

It’s like saying “The crops will grow.” But the sentence before says “Be sure to get the seeds first and” and the one after “but not for many years, so good luck.” So it actually reads Be sure to get the seeds first, and the crops will grow, but not for many years. A big difference when reading the whole verse.

That was done several times, but I read the Holy Bible and explained that the verse was completely out of context. Surprisingly, there was no reaction or comment!

One question I asked was about sin only led back to the conversation about believing in Jesus Christ but still no response to sin. I didn’t press the question. Just moved on.

So, I asked the sister about any other Smith prophecy, and she said “He predicted/prophesied tobacco would be bad for the lungs”. Strange, because that was already medically told before his time.

Once in 1761 when a German doctor linked lip cancer to the use of pipes and tobacco and in 1805 when Fang Yizhi told the dangers of smoking scorched the lungs. These are all predecessors of Smith.

Holy Bible or Book of Mormon?

The most compelling question was which book they truly believed and relied on, The Holy Bible or Book of Mormon and that answer was also vague.

They said they use both, but mostly the Book of Mormon. “Do you believe any of the Holy Bible?” The response was, “Some of it, but only when it references the Book of Mormon”. Why? Because the book of Mormon is subtitled “Another testament of Jesus Christ.”

Strange in my thinking, but OK.

But, my curiosity got the best of me to find out why. Simply explained by them was that Joseph Smith said Jesus told him to re-do the Holy Bible when He appear in person to Smith.

Of course, the Holy Bible makes no mention of Jesus appearing after the first time to anyone, and would only appear a second time during the future Rapture. That is two times, not three or any mention of Mormons, or there organization in the Holy Bible.

Besides God doesn’t hide anything, so that would make no sense unless it is not true.

Whose God?

The one issue I consider the largest, and most revealing is the one of our God, and the Mormon God. The Squires and Sisters would constantly ask me to speak to God to enlighten me about them. So, I did, but realized their God is different in that “He was a man in a former life and only became God when we accepted the Mormon teachings.”

So, I asked where did he live? No response.

The Christian God was always before anything else even existed as i n Genesis. Quit different when you actually understand the scriptures. So, how could Mormon or any teachings be before anything existed!

So, I commented with “My God is different than yours.” In John 4:24 it reads “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth,” and those words are from Jesus Christ.

I said to read Genesis in the Holy Bible, unless you don’t believe in that part either. Nothing existed, including Mormonism.” And, the only response I got was “OK. That’s fair.” Not sure what that even meant, but the subject quickly changed.

So, my understanding is that the Mormon faith is teaching in direct opposition to a lot of the Holy Bible. That’s OK for them. Everyone has free will, but I pray that they find that their is only one true God. The God of the Holy Bible for all believers.

If anything, it’s revealing to show they actually have taken many things from the Holy Bible, and Smith chose to eliminate many to fit his own personal vision just like the Jehovah Witnesses. They also use many quotes from the Holy Bible, but take them out of context to fit their particular conversation, needs and beliefs.

The sisters were very offended when I paralled them to Jehovash Witnesses and similar requirements.

Finally, I let the Sisters know they could contact me anytime if they desired to “discuss” theirs and our beliefs, without controlling the conversation, and ended with a blessing. I pray for them and hope one day they may find the God of the Holy Bible.

A Big Surprise

Several of the question I asked via text were not answered, but their plan was to discuss them when visiting.

I sent another text saying “Probably next Wednesday to get together. Let’s also talk about life.” I like doing that to get to know the person I am speaking with to understand them better.

The was her response surprising response!

“Next Wednesday sounds good, what time? As missionary who are set apart, we sacrifice our time, money and practically our lives to serve the Lord. We would love to talk about Christ and His gospel but we don’t want to spend the Lord’s time on talking about anything but Him. Of course, when we’re not set apart we do other things but we’ve promised to be on the Lord’s time and errand for 18 months of our mission…”

I was actually stunned!

At first I thought they were selling a product. Perhaps vacuum cleaners? And, I’m not trying to be vindictive or mean… just realistic.

How does any religious group not have time to spend knowing the people they are talking to for understanding who they are. I prefer to know a person before embarking on a religious journey of the mind and heart.

It would be like jumping into a pool of water and not testing it first to see if it is freezing or boiling, or if you are sitting in front of a serial killer who is considering his next victim.

Tell me something about who you are, and some of your thoughts about life, faith and belief, and then lets exchange religious notes and thoughts.

2 Timothy 2:24 exclaims “And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, in HUMILITY (my caps) correcting those who are in opposition.”

Apparently, the Mormons just want to get you to join their group, and don’t seem to care about you or your beliefs, and to me that becomes more of a cult than religious organization.

However, I am saddened by their decision not to contact me again because I was apparently wasting their time when I mentioned getting to know them better as people.

But, “Don’t ever dare to use Jesus to proclaim time wasting when speaking about yours or someone else’s life”. He spoke constantly with people about life and the gospel because that is basic attending or listening to what someone wants to say, something Mormons need to learn when trying to convert new recruits, instead of running in, hypnotizing and signing them up as new Mormons.

The final thing I can say is that I am glad I am a true Christian. The only thing expected of me from my Lord is to keep free of sin, repent, pass on the gospel to everyone, pray daily and live the best righteous life possible.

Just what the Holy Spirit guides me to do daily, and I thank God for that everyday!

The Mormons must follow many rules and restrictions such as salvation is only through the Mormon church for a perfect life of work, where the Bible tells us it is a gift from God due to His grace and love. John 1:12 tells us “

A Final Note

I never want to come off as upset, mean or condescending when listening or talking to people, but I believe these Mormons were working on membership quotas, and only concerned about that. I can only attribute that to being raised as a Mormon at a very early age.

My impression is that they use “Jesus” as a foothold to get in your door. The Squires were much more caring and friendly than the Sisters, and I am sorry they left the area unexpectedly notice.

Also, there is more of the texting conversation between myself and the Sisters that is not in this sermon/post. If you have questions I can answer them or send the original text copies to confirm my story, for any of you non-believers.

And, the reason for this story is to let others know how the Mormons operate, but not to keep you from joining their ranks.

Our Holy Bible is the one we accept and believe, while they would have you believe Jesus came down to only tell Joseph Smith about a new Bible version which I actually find interesting.

Jesus… or God, came down just for him. Why not for Mike, Sally or even me!! And, why a new Bible version?? Did God make a mistake with His words?


Because Jesus came down to teach us God’s word, suffer, die on the cross, defeat death, and tell us He would return in the future during the Tribulation (in Revelations) to judge the world.

And, after all that, He comes back to secretly tell Joseph Smith He wanted him to revise our Bible!

So, Jesus and God made a mistake with our current Holy Bible, and wanted Joseph Smith to fix it, and keep it a secret! As most know God does not make mistakes, and I can’t see Jesus sneaking down to earth to make changes of God’s word.

I also understand that most Mormons are told this story early in life, as we are as well, and grow up knowing only that one. But luckily, Christians are able to learn and decide what religious group they want to be part of, and as Christians only have to believe, have faith, accept Jesus, and repent for REDEMPTION!

We will continue to pray for Mormons and hope they find the true redemption promised by God, and we hope we can have a fruitful conversation with Jehovah Witnesses soon.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

H John J

Evangelist for Our Divided World

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