Questions to Make You Wonder

Have you ever read a question and thought you knew the answer?

Ideas to make you wonder

Thoughtful Questions

Here are some questions with thoughts and ideas that may help you get through life’s ups and downs.

Or maybe give you a little guidance to help make things easier instead of always battling with others,

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Do You Think Scientists Believe in God?
And here are some names: Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Marconi, Pasteur, Faraday, Copernicus and many others.
So...Why Don't You?
Do You Believe Evil Exists?
Not Sure?
Look around at all the greed, hate, anger and wars between people and countries.
It's only a matter of time before it gets even more out of control.

To feel a true connection for a person in pain or need.

Look in the mirror first before deciding

Rely on God’s strength and wisdom to see you through.

Or are you really living?

Try controlling yourself.

What if God really does exist?

Do you accept correction, apologize, repent, be accountable and make good changes in your life?

You are if you you keep focusing on with “what if’s” and “why’s”

Try using love and compassion instead of hate and anger.

Encouragement and great comfort.

Try placing them with the Lord for true help and guidance.

Find hope in God’s grace and wisdom.

Pure destruction to your own life. Try understanding and compassion.

Get back to the Bible for help and guidance.

The Bible and it has been translated in over 1,000 languages.

Seek out Jesus for strength and remember what he dealt with just before being crucified.

Listen more closely.

Let it drive you to Jesus for healing and renewal.

And thank God for all you have and see.

If you woke up with the thing you thanked God for giving you today.

Or do you just sit, listen and leave without practicing what you heard.

After reading it do you put the words into action or just go on with your daily life?

The Bible can help you find guidance and deal with any issues.

Being lost doesn’t mean staying lost. There is always a way out and the Bible can guide you.

You have to decide if it is good or bad and you do know the difference.

Try volunteering your time, mentoring, teaching your craft or spend time with someone in need.

We will keep updating as we find new questions. Check back soon.

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