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Every once in a while I need to be inspired. How I get inspired will depend on what I am doing at the time.

Inspiration can come from a number of things such as books, movies, life events and even the Bible. Yep. The Bible is probably the best place to find inspiration because of the stories of how many people were inspired by their own life events.

There are probably times when you are talking to someone and you get an idea from something that was said in the conversation.

Take me for instance. Not really but my inspiration comes from TV shows, books and even conversations.

The most important part is to remember or write it down because with all the external noise today it will be easily forgot.

Websites can also be a source of inspiration. Speaking of which…that’s right…we have such a page. Go figure.

Our page is titled Get Inspired. It contains 10 ideas to get yourself inspired by doing and helping others. Yeah, that is a little different then inspired ideas but works none the less.

Our Get Inspired page will give you ideas for Christian inspiration

This is where the talk is cheap comes into play. How many times have you wanted to help others but always came up with an excuse or just plain forgot?

Check out the page and see if it inspires you to make a difference in someones life for the better.

And if it does please let me know so I can pass it on to others who may be thinking about it but not acting on it.

For a better world.

Our Divided World

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