Hey Millennial’s – Your Comments With Responses

Hey Millennial’s. Responses to your Bible and church surveys.

There have been several articles about the name Millennial and if those in that age group like that name. This post is not about that name but the people it represents so don’t be offended. Thanks.

I recently found some surveys related to your age group and what they thought about church and religion. To my surprise many of the comments were the same ones I had back in the early 70’s. Admittedly I am old or should I say older?

Anyway back to the surveys. The comments were really not much of a surprise but some did jump out to get me thinking further.

Some of the comments were confusing at first, but made sense after thinking about them for a while and really trying to understand what was being implied. I will post my thoughts on some of those confusing ones later in this blog.

The one thing I noticed was that it seemed no one addressed the survey comments, so I figured I would and you can see my thoughts here.

Like I said; the questions have been around for many years and sometimes you can get an answer and other times you have to find it yourself.

For me, it was finding the answers for myself, since many had no responses or just gave a non-answered reasons. I can understand that many find some of these comments hard to answer being religious, but answering the comments can really enlighten everyone.

I read some of the Bible comments to a friend and the reaction was not surprising. It was “Wow, do they really think that way?” My reaction to my friend was to understand the comment first before reacting.

All of the comments in the surveys are thought provoking ones and that is why I had to add my responses. I hope they will help if you have these thoughts and maybe give you a little guidance from someone that has been exactly where you are with the Bible and church.

If you have any thoughts or comments please let me know by posting them below. Thanks for reading and posting your comment.

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