Progressive Christianity VS The Holy Bible


27 Responses To A Counterfeit Progressive Christian Gospel? You Decide!

Ever since the beginning of Christianity some people made decisions to separate themselves from the main Body of Christ. A case-in-point are the Progressive Christians.

As time went on others decided to eliminate many of the Bible’s Laws claiming they don’t fit into our daily lives. Once again more scriptures, words, and verses are altered or removed from their teachings.

We have decided to find the differences in their beliefs and teachings that go against the Holy Bible. You will find how we responded according to our beliefs and keeping the truth of God’s word without changing or eliminating anything.

Please form your own decisions, and comment below. Comments are moderated.
John & Jean

1. Don’t Believe God Hates Gays

That’s correct. God doesn’t hate gays or anyone for that matter. God hates sin, and homosexuality is sin. Romans 1:24-27

2. Use Jesus’ Example To Reject Certain Passages & Theologies Of The Bible

Jesus did reject theologies of the Pharisees and Sadducees as in many verses, but none of the bible’s verses. The priests were using the Laws of Moses to their own advantage and power, and Jesus did rebuke them often and publicly rejected their theologies. But Jesus never rejected passages of the Bible because it was not produced in book form until 1454 AD. Perhaps it was meant to say the Laws of Moses. Matthew 23.

3. To Love God, Love Our Neighbors, And Love Ourselves

To love God, and our neighbors is number one, but loving ourselves is pride – Proverbs 16:5 & 21:4. However, to acquire wisdom is to love oneself – Proverbs 19:8.

4. God Continues To Shape Us As The World Changes

If God was changing us He would have dissolves “free-will”, and evil would already be gone from us. But we have “free-will”, so we change ourselves according to our lives and surrounding events. God can change us only if we let Him. Satan is the earthly world ruler and without God he rules us.

5. The Sin Of Sodom Was Their Lack Of Hospitality And Hesed (Lovingkindness) And Jesus Supports This View

Not sure where Jesus supports this view, but it is quite clear in Genesis 1: 16-33 that it was due to the lack of righteousness, and what is righteousness? Lack of sin. 2 Peter 2:6 / Jude 1: 4-7.

6. Not Necessary To Believe In Jesus’ Miracles

If you don’t believe in His miracles, how could you possibly accept the miracle of His resurrection?

7. There Are Many Ways to God

There is only one way to God, and that is through Jesus Christ. And Jesus tells us this in John 14:6.

8. We Remove Various Instances of Horrible Theology Such As Wrath, etc.

Perhaps warnings should be removed from power tools (cut, sever, loss of limbs, hospitalization), airplane manuals (doing this could cause the plane to nose dive and crash), gasoline (using gasoline this way could cause and explosion, severe burns, and death), and many more items not mentioned. Well you get the idea. The Bible has warnings for us not removing sin from our lives, and it is God’s wrath, and spiritual death. Heed the warnings or pay the consequences later. 

9. We Take The Bible Too Seriously To Read It All Literally.

You know that does make sense. I am learning how to fly a plane and take the manual seriously, but not literally (representing the exact words of the original text), so if I crash and die it’s my own fault…right? The Bible is a literal and serious guide to help you through life, and how to deal with sin and evil. Learn or be left behind.

10. The Overarching-Message Of The Bible Is Promoting Unconditional Love, And Full-Inclusion & Acceptance Of All God’s Children.

The true over-arching message of the Bible is about sin, and how to avoid it, and about repenting and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior. Sin is mentioned approximately 308 times in the old testament, and approximately 98 times in the new testament (406 in total). But that does not include the words that are sin (like murder, stealing, etc.) which you can imagine would be in the hundreds also. Love is mentioned 310 times. Accepting everyone as God’s children is something Jesus wants us to do in our daily lives. Who you include in your life is still your own decision.

Furthermore, the following words and how many times they are mentioned give a better over-arching message of the Bible. Murder-37 / Hate-86 /Hell-162 /Stealing-35 /Adultery- 40 / Homosexual-7 / Decieve-67 /Righteousness (meaning without sin) -568. The fact that righteousness is mentioned more than the other words is because Jesus wants us to live free of sin and have a more righteous life. That’s the Bible’s true message.

11. Marriage Equality For LBGTQ

Genesis 2:18-25 indicates God created a man and a women,  and their marriage as one.  God forbids homosexual activity Leviticus 18:22. Paul discussed this subject in great detail Romans 1: 24-32, Leviticus 20:13,  1 Corinthians 6:9-11 /18. There is also a way out of the sin of this act: Ephesians 4:20.

12. Anything In The Bible That Looks Miraculous Or Contrary To The Normal Functions Of The Natural World Is Not Factual, But Rather Mythological.

Well, it would seems that a good portion of the important parts of the Bible are being eliminated because they are not “normal functions of the natural world.” So, that would effectively eliminate Jesus’ resurrection (Matthew 28), Noah’s flood (Genesis 7), Jesus’ healings and other miracles throughout the Bible. And, that would also include God. 

Since He is a super natural being, He is also eliminated because God is not of the natural world. So, why bother reading the Bible at all, since the most important parts have been eliminated? Cherry picking is why. Take the parts you agree with and eliminate the rest. Remember the pilot in training? 

13. God Calls Our Congregation To Be The Church In New Ways.

God doesn’t recognize churches or religions, only individuals. He calls on individuals to remove their sinful nature and walk a more righteous path. Jesus never spoke about religion or churches, except that He is the “Church.”  Churches alone choose their own direction, and many have chosen to eliminate “sin” from their teaching to appeal to people that don’t want to know they are inherently sinful. Without repentance there is no salvation.

14. We Use a Hermeneutic Lens (As Jesus Did) Since It Allows The Spirit Of The Law To Trump The Letter Of The Law (As Jesus Did).

Jesus came to fulfill the law as in Matthew 5:17, so the law is more important than the spirit of the law (Jesus said so). What Jesus really did was to constantly test the Pharisees and Sadducees with their interpretation of the Mosaic Law from Moses. So, Jesus did use hermeneutics (a method or theory of interpretation) to make His point.

15. Revisionist View Of Scripture (Non-Traditional).

Not sure what non-traditional means in terms of the Bible, but it’s very easy to cherry-pick specific items and separate them from the bible’s true meaning in order to appeal to unregenerated believers and to fill the church seats. Once again, I refer back to the pilot choosing which pages of the flight manual he should use and which ones to eliminate. Also, the Bible is very clear on this subject of changing the Bible in Revelations 22:18-19.

16. We Changed “Original Sin” To “Original Blessing” And Avoid Sin Altogether And Replace It With Brokenness and Immaturity.

You might as well just eliminate Genesis altogether as well. If God wanted us to replace the words of the Bible, He would have given us blank pages to fill-in. There is no blessing in sin. It is something we have to discuss (repentance) and eliminate in order to reach heaven. The whole context of the Bible is about sin. 

The 10 Commandments are about sin, and sin is throughout the bible. But the Bible also tells us how to avoid sin, and if we just look away we are not accepting Jesus’ death (and resurrection) or the Bible’s truth. Also changing the words of the bible has it’s won consequences as in Revelations 22:18-19.

17. Jesus Didn’t Die As A Sacrifice, But How To Forgive Our Enemies.

The Bible and Jesus are very clear that He died for our sins. Once again the word “Sin” is removed from the cross, making His death inconsequential. He died the painful death we deserve for our sins. John 3:17.

If you want to forgive your enemies try reading Matthew 5:43-48.

18. We Don’t Believe People Of Other Faiths Are Going To Hell.

The question of going to hell will depend solely on the person wanting to go to heaven – no matter what religion. However many religions don’t accept the Bible. so, it is realistic to say those who don’t accept Jesus Christ according to the Bible will be judged.

19. Christianity Is Not The Only Truth In The 21st Century.

Agreed. Christianity has lost it’s truth when the clergy and churches decided to eliminate sin from their doctrine and change many of the truths of the Bible. That is the reason there are so many unregenerated Christians because they have not repented of their sins to Jesus Christ.

20. Jesus Submitted To The Cross Out Of Love.

Jesus submitted to the cross to save us from the punishment God wanted to bestow on us. He went through deep sorrow and distress, and prayed 3 times for God (His Father) to release Him from this obligation by asking “Let this cup pass from me if it is your will.” Matthew 26:36-46 / John 3:17. Was it out of love, not sure, but it was definitely because of our sin and sinful nature.

21. Creationism Should Not Replace Evolution In Public Schools.

Why would any Christian want evolution to be replaced with creationism? Creationism shows that there is a God, and that would only lead school children to the Bible and eventually believing in and accepting Jesus Christ. Satan is the ruler of this world, and he has the absolute power to control the minds of the deciders of teaching and learning. And, Satan’s goal is to try to rule above God.

22. Don’t Deny The Rights Of Women To Choose.

The Bible has nothing to say about women’s rights or abortion. However, it has a lot to say about life, and how precious it is to God. See: Genesis 2:7 / Psalm 139:13-16 / Psalm 127: 3-4 for a start. Imagine if Mary had an abortion.

23. Jesus Established A New Covenant.

Jesus did establish a new covenant, but it was specifically with the people of Israel and the House of Judah. He did this because they disregarded the 1st covenant made with their fathers as told in Hebrews 7:13.

24. We Honor Both Male And Female Images Of God.

There are no verses indicating God is female. God created man in His image is in Genesis, and Jesus always referred to God as His Father or He or Him throughout the Bible. John 6:35-40.

25. No Reading Of Any Text – Including The Bible That Doesn’t Involve Interpretation.

Have you heard about the airline pilot in training that decided to re-interpret the landing procedures. It’s not interpretation but truly reading and understanding what you have read. Still unsure? Ask God to guide you to for understanding and wisdom.

26. Hardly Anything In Christian Gospel Has a Verified Basis In History Corroborated By Sources Outside The New Testament.

There are dozens of sources that collaborate on the bible’s history including the Dead Sea Scrolls, Grandcanyonmovie, Amazing Bible Timeline, and many more sights about archaeological proof of events in the Bible. But as with all proof come faith in the proof, and belief in it’s truth. True regenerated Christians believe in the Bible through faith, belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Not proof. If proof is what you are looking for you will have to wait for the Tribulation.

27. Don’t Believe The Bible Is The Inerrant Or Infallible Word Of God.

How can the following occur without Divine intervention? The Bible is made up of 66 books, 40 different authors over a period of 1600 years, in 13 different countries and 3 continents in at least 3 different languages. Plus, 300 precise prophecies

in the old testament fulfilled in the new testament. It is scientifically accurate (Job 26:7 / Isaiah 40:22 / and many more) and historically accurate (a simple search will show the accuracy). 

Now, how you can you not believe the Bible was not dictated as a collaborative effort between God and man? 

This is the first of a group of pages that will compare several religious groups to the Bible so you will know the truth, and not what preachers or the clergy choose to tell you.  This way you can make you own informed decisions, and we include the Bible references. 

If you have any questions or comments related to the comparisons above please let us know in our email below. Please no rants or raves, or  nasty words since the post has to be moderated before being public.

We will respond within quickly. 
John & Jean.

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